Random “Stuff” for the Summer

Happy Thursday !!

Summer is upon us and I am super excited to spend more time outside instead of being inside. So I decide to get a few random items that I feel are great to have in your make up bag and to help you prep your skin for the summer months. I didn’t even plan to shop yesterday, which is now consider my random shopping day.

My first stop was Old Navy. I found a very cute tribal dress that will be featured on my blog very soon. Then I also picked up a  Graphic canvas tote bag that says Salty and this Graphic Canvas Pouch “Stuff”.

The second stop was Tj Maxx. Let me start by saying that Tj Maxx always have me on edge. I always pray before I walk into this store because I know I can spend up a check in that store. I always walk out of that store with something. This time I came across the Bella Beauty Skin Solutions Cleansing System. I got this item because it was affordable. This came with a face brush, body buffer brush (two brushes I have featured below), a pumice foot stone, and a cosmetic sponge. I wanted to purchase the Clarisonic because I am not sure if I want to spend that much right now.

I going to try this product out tonight to see how it performs on my skin. I have really dry and I have to exfoliate a few times a week to get all the dead skin off. For the summer I really strive for my skin to be even and to have a natural glow.

Last stop was Ulta, another place I pour all my money into. I purchased the NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. I tried this product out this morning and so far so good. I put a bit on my nose to highlight and I must say a bit goes a long way. The other product I got was the Philosophy Purity Made Simple One Step Facial Cleanser (travel size). After I wash my face with one of my sensitive skin cleanser I go in and wash my face again with Philosophy. My mom got me hip to this stuff. It really gives my skin that balance I need. Lastly, I got my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in the color Kathryn. Now this liquid lipstick is worth the money. With one swipe you got a super vibrant and pigment lip that last all day.

Random shopping day are always fun.

What are you looking forward to this summer ?

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