Happy Wednesday!!

I wanted to share with you my new eye shadow palettes from Juvia’s Place. Juvia’s place has been blowing up.. some many Youtubers have been using her palettes and brushes.  I was introduced to her products my Alissa Ashley, very well know up and coming Youtuber.  Also this make up brand is black owned business !!

They have some bomb.dot.com eyeshadow palettes and oh so soft brushes. I have a few of her brushes and her first eyes shadow palette. Now,  I have purchased two of the most recent palettes that she has launched.

The Nubian 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place


This palette is the second edition of the original The Nubian palette. According Juvia’s Place this palette was inspired by Queen Nefertiti. The Nubian 2 palette has 8 metallic shades and 4 matte shades. Super pigmented and very easy to blend. (HERE)

The Masquerade Palette by Juvia’s Place


This is the newest palette. Now this palette I definitely need. I was so in love with the colors in this palette. I love how the first 8 shades are very bold and then the others are very neutral. I know this is going to be a go to palette. You can go from one extreme to the other with this palette. According to Juvia’s Place this palette was inspired was African festivals. The bold colors represent the costumes and the nudes represent the environment and the rich soil

Link one of my older blog post about the first palette that Juvia’s Place launched:  The Nubian Palette

Why Its is Important to Support Our OWN ?

Let me express how important it is to support or black owned business. I have heard the negatives about supporting black business all my life.  I have express some negatives thoughts about them before. However, buying from black owned business benefits me in the long run and my community.  The black community is one of the biggest consumers. The money that we spend daily benefits others more than it benefits us.  Only so much goes back to our black businesses. That is sad to me. I grew up in Detroit and my community was okay growing but it is getting worse and worse.  As a black women I learn at a young age that we as a people had nothing handed to us. We had to stand on our own two feet and make thing happen for ourselves. I am all for starting our own business.   If we put our own money (income) into our own we then can start to generate wealth. Then we can truly be free and flourish as a people.

Black Owned Makeup Brands 

  • Black Opal Beauty
  • Lena Lashes
  • Coloured Raine
  • Sacha Cosmetics
  • Aj Crimson
  • Fashion Fair
  • IMAN Cosmetics
  • Black Up Cosmetics

Go out ladies and support some of our black business today.

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