Happy Monday !!

I went to brunch this weekend with my sisters at The Hudson Cafe. This was first time eating there. They all looked at me strange when I told them I never ate hear. They were screaming at me saying “you work right down the street”. LOL

Anywho, the environment was really cool and had a very modern element to it. They have been voted the Best Breakfast or Brunch in Wayne County.

Look at all the food !! Where to start !!

I had the Cinnbunn Pancakes! They were excellent !! 

If you want to know where I got a few of my pieces from you  can certainly check out my Francesca’s Haul post

It was really laid back day and I enjoyed myself. I think I need to schedule myself more morning breakfast and brunch dates. Overall I had an excellent experience at The Hudson Cafe. The food was amazing. I would definitely recommend this place to others. Maybe I can try the Beef Harsh or the Salmon Croquettes.  Definitely 5 out of 5 !!

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