Happy Thursday !!

I wanted to share a few NYX products that I purchased from Ulta.  First, I want to say that NYX come up with some great products.  I always remind people that you do not have to spend an arm and leg on beauty products. I believe its fall back on skills and knowing what works for your skin.

NYX Sculpt & Highlight Face Duo $11.99ea :  The formula on this product is very nice. It blends well and have good pigmentation. Only thing I wish they had a better contour color is with the Sand & Chestnut shade. So I had to get two different shades. It gets the job done. In addition, this product comes in 6 different shades

NYX Liquid Suede $6.99ea: This is one of my favorite lip creams to use on my lips. I love the applicator and that it does not dry out my lip thought out the day.

NYX Double Stacked Mascara (Here) $14.99: I really love this product so for. It is one of my go to for the mascaras when I want to add length and a little volume. It is very quick and affordable.

NYX Glitter Primer (Here) $5.99 : Very affordable glitter primer on the market. It eliminates fallout and make it supper easy to apply your glitter to your eyes, lips, etc. It very long lasting and easy to take off.

I think NYX have some great products when it comes to going back to school. You can still get a nice look for a decent price.  Remember you don’t have to break the bank to look beautiful. You already are !  (Provided some back to school tips below)

Back to School Beauty Tips 

Sunscreen: Before apply any makeup to skin in the morning. Don’t to forgot a nice layer of sunscreen on your face. You want to make sure your sun is always protect.

Fresh Look: Don’t put on an over excessive amount of makeup. First, you are already beautiful so you do not need to layer on the powder, the blush, etc.

  • Find nice subtle blush that add some color to your face.
  • To hide small blemishes put a small amount concealer on your face.
  • Always go for a natural highlight for your under eye area
  • Don’t forget the setting spray
  • You can do a natural look or a bold look. But remember less is more !
  • Drink water and eat right

Blotting Paper: I think this is essential need through out the day to clean up your oily areas or T- Zone. To keep your face from looking oily, instead of adding more powder keep a pack of blotting paper in your make up bag.

If you got it, Flaunt it !!


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