Weekend Snaps #9

Happy Wednesday,

This past weekend I took some time out and visit The Heidelberg Project on the McDougall – Hunt neighborhood on the east side of Detroit. The Heidelberg Project is outdoor art space that showcase art made out of recycled material. This was design by Tyree Guyton and his grandfather in the late 80s.

When Tyree return from the military he noticed that his old block did not look the same after the Detroit riot in the late 60s. The neighborhood look like “a bomb went off” So he decided to take back the streets and turn into something positive. Instead of this being a place that people would be afraid to walk around he turn into to artwork. This project has welcome many people every year to witness something truly positive.

 Dotty Wotty House

Time waits for no one.

What is left of the House of Soul

On my blog I love to show the positive sites of the City of Detroit. I know the media shows it in a different light. But, it is my home and where I grew up in. This place shaped me and made me who I am.

If you want to learn more about The Heidelberg Project and Tyree Guyton or you just want to donate to cause please go to website. Remember if you ever visit the city of Detroit please put this on your go see list !!

Heidelberg Project: Changing Lives through Art 


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