Weekend Snaps #10

Happy Monday!!

This weekend snap is little different. I wanted to share my food instead!

My blogger friend, Lean, and myself went to The Block. It is a contemporary restaurant & bar with a global inspired menu located in Midtown Detroit. It had a nice laid back atmosphere with great food.

This delicious delight was Salmon BLT.  It was pan seared salmon with lettuce, tomato, with a side of lemon aioli. OMG !!! To stop it off they gave me the best thing ever FRIES!!! …

I learn from high school of mine to savor my food. We get caught up in life and forget to just taste the food and really enjoy it.

I was honestly upset that this meal was over however I will certainly return. This place is not pricey at all. You can get yourself a nice quality meal for a decent price !!

If you ever in Detroit. This is a good place to visit. Take my word I love to eat !

The Block | Menu



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