Happy Friday Eve !!

Today I wanted to share with you a new beauty gem that I found a the beauty supply store. It is Ruby Kisses Satin Kiss lipstick collection.  I am not sure if it is a new collection or not but they are the bomb dot com.

I have been loving lipstick lately because my lips need a break from the liquid lipsticks. I love the liquid lipstick but the downside to them for me is that they are super drying on my lips. Also, sometimes it is hard to touch your lips up after eating.

The formula is super moisturizing for your lips and infused with shea butter. It has a satin finish to them. It almost like a matte lipstick however it does not dry out your lips and leave you lips with a nice smooth creamy look.



(Up to Down: Cardinal, Camellia Pink, Flush, Carmine, Vermilion, Wine, Adriatic)

My current favorite right now is the Flush and Vermilion.

What do you like to buy from the beauty supply store??

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