Just Let Go


(Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography – IG: @ richelle.mphotos )

Ladies before you walk into 2017 release yourself from all of your fears, past hurts, and emotional baggage. All of it just let go and let it flow. Just let go… it sounds so easy to do but why it is so hard for us to let stuff go.  I know for me I think I let fear and overthinking causes me to stale when letting things go.

I have had a bit of a reality check a few days ago. I was hanging with my friend and we were playing a game of truth or dare. Now I m not going to get in the specifics of the game but I learn that I have a lot of past hurts, fears and emotional baggage that made it difficult for me to play the game.

Yes so it made realize that I can get to where I want to go when I let the past dictate me. So Im telling you all right now let it go and live your life.


Do yourself a favor when you go into 2017 don’t get caught up talking about the past. Take some time to heal, take a deep breath, and let it go. Get caught up in making some the best moments and memories.



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