10 Ways to Become Confident

Happy Monday !!

I wanted to share with you all how I work on my confidence everyday. Confidence is sometimes really tricky to master. We are human and we have our days sometime we don’t feel our most confident. I remember every day that I was place on this Earth for good reason.

You is kind, You is smart and You is important.. According to the movie “The Health”.  Always remember you are super important and that will boost your confidences.

10 Ways To Become Confident

1) Smile: Always smile it will make you feel good and others

2) Write something you think you did well.


3) Listen to happy music. It improves your mood

4) Imagine you are in a confidence bubble.


5) Love what you wear

6) Make eye contact: Engage the person you are talking


7) Start a conversation with someone

8) Clear out clutter


9) Walk with a purpose ! Walk like you know you are important

10) Stop comparing yourself yo other people !!


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