Love Found Within

Boudoir Inspired

Happy Valentines Day y’all!!

Before you start feeling down about not having a Valentines… Let thinks differently about this. Not everybody has a partner that they can call there Valentine. Little do you know You have and had a Valentines all along.. its yourself. The person you look at everyday in the mirror. Love yourself and let that love resonant.

This Valentines prompted me to do a Boudoir type photoshoot. I wanted take pictures that really showed off my body. Yeah most of my picture are going to be private but it was quite liberating. I was so nervous as first butI lighten up the more I took the pictures. I did this for myself. No these pictures are not a gift a significant other. These pictures I took are my Valentines gift to myself. Loving yourself, your body, mind, and spirt. These are the things that make you super special and not like anyone else.


These are some of my smalls task that I do when I need to find love within myself.

Positive affirmations – I repeat a few affirmations to myself throughout the day. This keep in mindset to create a positive change in my life. This is my way to keep my mind on a positive note. My little act of self love.

Stop being so hard on yourself – We as women need to stop being so hard on ourselves. You were made special. So when you feel yourself being hard. Think of some positive things about yourself to replace those negatives thoughts.

Take care of yourself – You can do small things like eat nice healthy salad or get a manicure. Smalls steps into living an healthy lifestyle can make you feel a lot better and can spark that love within yourself.


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