How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

Happy Friday!!

Have you ever had a photoshoot and you wish you did more to prepare. When I first started taking pictures for my blog I would come with my outfit choice at the last minute. However,  the end result was good but it could have been better.

The first photoshoot I had it was great.  I was so ready until the end. I felt sick. I had a throbbing headache and I felt nausea. I realized that I drink enough water and I did not get enough rest the night before.

1 : First and foremost drink lots of water. 

Think of yourself as a grape… without water you dried up raisin. You need water to keep you going through you photoshoot

2 : Dress Rehearsal : Try on your clothes.
Please make sure you try on your clothes prior to your photoshoot. I normally try on my clothes a week before and the day before the photoshoot. I want to make sure I love the outfit I’m in to kill the photoshoot.

3 : Get plenty of rest.

You do not want to have shopping bag under your eyes or lack luster.  No!! So that is why I make sure I get at least 7 hrs of sleep. I want to feel great at my photoshoot


4 : Be prepare 

One thing I learn from being in the girl scout was to be prepare. I love to take pictures outside.. so you know you can never plan for the weather.  I

So have a umbrella..and the show must go on..

5 : Touch up bag

Have a makeup bag on deck to keep your makeup looking fresh all throughout the shoot.

6 : Bring healthy snack

Storytime- At my first photoshoot I got very sick. I was so excited that I forgot to eat and drink water before the shoot. My advice is to remember to pack a few healthy choices with you to keep your energy up during the photoshoot.  Juice, trail mix, whatever you need to keep your energy up.

7 : Being and encourage friend

I love bring my friends along to a photoshoot. They give me great ideas and they keep that positive sunshine over me instead of that great cloud.


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Special Thanks to Richelle Marie who always slay the photo game !!
(Photo credit: Richelle Marie Photography – IG: @ richelle.mphotos )



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