Happy Thursday !!
Spring is finally here…. Well it not really here for Detroit, the weather is so crazy right now. I must say it is sometimes hard to figure out what to wear when the weather is all over the place.  Bare legs or tights? Open or closed shoes? What do you do ?!? Lord help me lol
So I say play with some of your winter clothes and pair it with you new springtime wear. Pair your favorite winter sweater with a pleated skirt. Or maybe a Fatigue jacket with pastel pants. I feel during this time you can have some much fun with fashion. You can play with some many different styles during the transitional period.


Camo was one of my favorite prints to wear during the winter time. So I since I could not quite release my grip I decided to jazz it up with pastel spring time color. With the camo shirt I decided to pair it up with this cute pastel dusty rose pink dress.  This dress is everything because you can certainly dress it up or down. Bare legs or with tights… Open or closed shoes. The look is so flirty with a slight edge to it with the camo. So my style !  I got this awesome outfit from my favorite store FOREVER 21!


“Im Hungry, Im Starving, Remaining a Topic never an option, Got your Undivided Whenever I’m Plotting” – Kehlani

Shop My Look:

Dress: Dusty Pink T-shirt Dress// Forever21 (LINK)

Shirt: Graphic Camo T-shirt//Forever21 (LINK)

Shoes: Old

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