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For the spring I was given the opportunity to collaborate with PinkBlush as a Style Ambassador, so fancy right. PinkBlush is company centered for expecting mothers. They give an expecting mother a stylish look for a special time in there live. They not only sell there beautiful style to expecting mothers but they also cater to woman of all sizes and shapes. So awesome right !! That is where I fall into the equation.


Because it is spring I think linen  would be best. I decided to get this perfect Off Shoulder Linen Dress from pink blush.  I definitely fell in love with the pattern. The blue and white is soft and springy. Sidenote: A little birdy told me that vertical stripes make you look smaller and a bit taller. This dress I thought was flattering on me.

PinkBlush definitely get my FashionLayn stamp of approval of having super stylish brand. If you are looking for a super fresh look Pink Blush would defintely be a hit. Also, mothers day it right around the corner so yeah I suggest spending your coins. Sidenote: When that day comes when it times for me to become a mother I will sporting my looks with PinkBlush.


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Dress: Blue Striped Off Shoulder Linen Dress// PinkBlush (LINK)

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Special Thanks:

Special shout out to PinkBlush for colloborating with me. It really warms my heart when I see great brands such as PinkBlush reaching out to me to work together especially being a small blogger. Sidenote: Let me tell you collaborating with PinkBlush was such a breeze. They were always avaliable and timely when I had a question. They are definitely about their business and it really says a lot about them as brand.

PinkBlush: Instagram | Twitter 

And to my bomb dot com friend who is my awesome photographer Richelle. Please follow her on social media platforms

IG: @ richellemariephoto

Facebook: Richelle Marie Photo

Website: RichelleMariePhoto.com

Photocredit: Photo Credit: Richelle Marie Photography

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