Golden Moment for all Woman

and for men…..

I am late to the party. Honestly I normally don’t watch the Golden Globe Awards. It always seem middle age and boring to me. I had to watch Oprah accept the Cecil B DeMille Award. I wasn’t prepared for Oprah to make a remarkable, powerful speech.  Lord she really brought the house down and I am glad that I was able to witness and hear this speech today.  I am the young woman sitting in front of the tv : “cheap seats” absorbing it all being inspire by the movement. My voice is powerful and my truth is my tool. Its one of those speeches that I will carry with me.. I printed it out of course. The movement and Oprah’s speech made me feel comfortable telling my ME TOO story. 


I remember being at a college party with some friends. It was so crazy I was on my way out  I got pulled in the bathroom by this guy that was at the party. It was an apartment party off of campus.  The guy was there the whole night and he was drunk and I remember not really paying any attention to him.  While in the bathroom he was feeling all on me and kissing all over me. I can remember saying stop and no and in my head I DID NOT want this at all. I remember trying to say calm… don’t make a scene. I was frozen.  Thank GOD my friends were there and they were able to get me out of situation.  Thank GOD nothing else happen.  How did I condition myself to just brush it off. What the hell was I thinking? It took me awhile to really understand but this was sexual assault. It was not right.  I didn’t even realize that actually happen to me.   I think about how many times… too many times I brushed off men making me uncomfortable. Putting me in a bad position.  Just saying men will be men. But enough is enough. Me too & Time is Up.


Ladies stand up !  LISTEN UP !! I’M TALKING No matter what somebody has to say stand up and speak you truth. You are powerful. Lets make it point to change the norm. This is great day for woman, a great day for change. Understand this we still have a lot of hurdles to get over. But it forces us all, women and men to have the conversation. We need the conversation !! 

OPRAH 2020 ??

Well, lets Oprah live her best life.

speak you truth

push forward.



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