Go Home Roger ! Why I enjoy going home ?

Transparency: I love my life and where it is headed. I love that I have my own website and all the cool people in it.  Being me I get lonely often in my apartment. Its just me! No boyfriend, no cat, just me !  When the lonely hit sometimes I really get all the way in my feelings.When everything gets to be to much in life, I go all the way home. Don’t judge me! I literally live 15-20 minutes away from my parent’s but I have to go home and think . I affectionately call  my parent’s house..  my momma’s house.  But it something about the walls, the smell, everything about it.  almost everything cool has happen to me in that house. I find myself going to my favorite spots. Going to my old room, sitting in front of the heating vent getting blasted by that old heat that fries off my face. Just a good feeling! Anywho going home always makes me feel so much better. Having those long talks with my mom truly get me all the way right when I return to my abode. I really cherish those conversations with my mom. I just feel so much comfortable being my all the way real self. You know we get so caught up in chasing our dreams, grinding, social media all those things that can have you losing your mind. Go home sometimes!

The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go and not be questioned

-Maya Angelou

Remember home for me is my parent’s home. It doesn’t always have to be your parent’s home. Go to that place that you feel at peace and comfortable to be yourself. Just go home, where ever that is at, and I guarantee you that you feel so much better when you go back into the world.

Sitting on my Momma’ s porch !

Fashion Tip:

I wanted to highlight this tee that I got from ZARA a few months ago. I think I got this shirt at the Zara on the Michigan Ave. I love the color, the stripes and the 90s new york look it gave me. Mind you this would be something I would have had on when I was younger. I just love the aesthetic. Just Life !

Unfortunately the shirt is no longer on the site.

More to come to the blog. More Fashion pieces, better quality ! Just continue to rock with me.

Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: My Mom 🙂



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