Michigan Central Station: A Photo Tour

Since the day I was born til yesterday I have never seen so many people in front of the historic Michigan Central Station. Its closed back in 1988. This building has been abandon for years. Now, I always admire architectural style of the building however I never been this close until Friday. Friday was the day that old station enter into its new phase.  If you haven’t heard Ford Motor Company is now the new owners of  old train station.  Ford has as plans to turn this building into a mobility focused lab. I can see new housing, retail shops coming to Corktown . So great to see this building be used after standing vacant for year.. Lets bring some jobs to the city, I am for it !

So on Friday I got the chances to take a self tour of the old train station. Take a glimpse into the past.

Little history

This building was built : June 1912 -December 1913

Architect: Warren and Wetmore

Style: Beaux-Arts

Location Corktown, Detroit MI

Take a look at a few of my pictures I capture….. Practicing a bit with camera this past weekend!


Waiting in line …..
Familiar Face – J. Millhouse – Local photographer





DSC00513Small Selfie Break





Location: 2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48216






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