Event Recap: Enjoying Somrus at The Peterboro

Recap: Summer of Somrus w/ Once Upon A Dollhouse

Sippin the “Achchha” aka GOOD

On Tuesday I was invited by Caitlin and Danielle to hang out and test a few cocktails from Somrus.  Summer of Somrus  was the invite to be at at on Tuesday. I had so much ! Any who Caitlin and Danielle came all the way from Chicago to hang out with Detroit’s very own bloggers and influencers in the area.  I had a blast networking, eating great Chinese cuisine, and tasting Somrus drinks.  It was only right that that I give you inside tour of what went on at the event.So the cocktail I had was called the ” “Achchha” It is the Hindi word for “good” Let me tell you the the drink was so good. It had the Somrus Mango Cream in it. The other beverage was called the Bahai Bramble.

Outfit Deets: I got a lot love on this outfit so its only right that I give yall the deets and links. Let me tell yall Old Navy is giving me life with these cool prints. This multi color floral print is so bomb ! And currently they are on sale for $25 bucks. And of course SheIn a has the deals. I this top is so bomb to me. I am in love with the caged look.

Pant: Mid- Rise Pixie Ankle Pants – Old Navy  On Sale !

Shirt: Caged Yoke Solid Tee- SheIn

Less Monday More Summer 


Let me tell yall  a bit about Caitlin and Danielle. There blog is called Once Upon A Dollhouse. They are best friends from Chicago who inspire there readers to live a healthy, and happy life. By doing so they showcase there love through yoga , music, wellness, fashion, and so many other things. Please do not hesitate to check them out. 

Hey !!Caitlin & Danielle

Back to the story.  Now I not going to lie I was bit nervous when it comes to eventing. I think I made eventing up. I define eventing as the action of going to events. Yes so I was nervous. I always get a little anxious before the event because you already know I want everyone to like me! So I lay the pressure on hard. Anywho, Caitlin and Danielle were super nice host. They help me take some pictures of myself. I just love that they came to Detroit just to hang out with a small blog community . Also getting a chance to meet other bloggers, and influencers in Detroit is so awesome to me.  I just felt so great to be in room with some many talented  women , and men !  It open my eyes how important it is to network and also to just to have a good time.


The Peterboro….

if your ever in Detroit, you have to check this restaurant out. It is located in Detroit’s Historic Chinatown.  The Peterboro is serving us fine American Chinese food and great drinks. It really something for everyone. They fo. The aesthetic in the building is so beautiful.  Check out the picture for yourself.

Bacon Wrap Shrimp and Veggie Spring Roll

So while your there if your palate has taste for fine Chinese cuisine then you need to check out The Peterboro. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls were bomb and the bacon wrap shrimp!


So beautiful in there !!


So much good food ! 


The Bar shelf was so cool to me !!


When sun hit you just right ! Glow !

Photo Booth Fun ! 

F is for friends who do stuff together… U is for you and me.. N is for …. Let me stop !

FashionLayn (Me) and Once Upon A Dollhouse 

Location: The Petersboro | IG: @thepetersboro

420 Peterboro

Detroit, MI 48201

Special shout to Caitlin and Danielle for the invite. They really don’t understand how much fun I had.

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