Event Recap: Millennial Wine Down

So finally I got this post up. It was a must that I provided a recap a really creative event that I was invited to by an awesom friend. I had the opportunity to be one of the Media Sponsor for the  Millennial Wine Down.  The event took place at the Baltimore Gallery in New Center Area of Detroit.

IMG_2578Millennial Wine Down was all about creating an atmosphere for millennial professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs can come together and network, and potential collaborate. In addition, also to come together eat great food. Lastly, a commonality of a millennials is there love for WINE !.

Created by Lauren aka Elle the Foodie, Millennial Wine Down was the official launch party for her beautiful website called Millennial Meets Stove! Let me tell you about my sis, Lauren. She is making an effort and putting the right foot forward to put herself out there. She has two brands that she is representing, Elle the Foodie and Millennial Meets Stove. On top of those brands she also has created an event space for millennial like me to come together. Shout out to you sis, Lauren you are doing your thang hunny. I really admire you !!

This event was so lit. There was wine and networking everywhere. I can say I made few connections myself.

Collaboration over competition. Lets help each other become successful 

Food Details…

So yes wine on top of wine was the main course. When we first arrived at the event. We were given a glass of wine to write our name on it. Once the wine glass was in my hand…. I made myself at home at the wine bar. (sidenote: I am not alcoholic… just love wine !) You here glasses clicking every where.  If you want to know my favorite type of win is Riesling or any type of Moscato. What stole the show for me was the Hennessy Glazed Wings prepared my Lauren herself.   Omg these wings were the bomb. I think I went up to the food table a few times just loving on these wings.


Hennessy Glazed Wings made by Elle the Foodie


Omg is that shrimp !!


If you looking to create some bomb food. I would definitely recommend following Lauren on her new blog to Millennial Meets Stove. Also don’t be a stranger to her blog. I sure you will have a lot of bomb Instagram worthy food on your table in no time.

Millennial Meets Stove


Litte sidenote…..

i had so much fun at this event that i really did not get a chance to get a good picture lol. i have to represent my birth year since I am a millennial and all. anywho i want to come in here to say that if you are looking to elevate and create something; you should align yourself with great people. i like to be around people that inspire me to go for what i love. people that inspire me to be and do better. so yes sis get you a nice circle of friends, mentors, or whoever you need to get you inspire. 


Special Thanks…

Congrats to Lauren (aka Elle the foodie)for laughing her new blog, Millennial Meets Stove. I laid out early in this blog how much I admire this girl. She is doing her thang and I can not wait to see more that she has to offer to the blogger community. Thank you so much for allowing me to cover the event sis. Keep shining !

Follow her on IG @elle.thefoodie | IG @millennialmeetsstove | Website: www.millennialmeetsstove.com

Congrats to Brandi for being an awesome friend putting me on to this event and trying to help me bump up my brand.  Man she is like my little sister, and I really want her to know how much I admire her drive. You go girl and be the best publicist you can be. I know Ryan see you girl flourishing lol!

Follow her on IG @branncherie

So I can say that I have some go getter around me. They are stepping out on faith and putting the right foot forward to get them to where they want to be in life. I must say this generation is so creative. So …

If you could align yourself with anybody who would it be to elevate you ?

I know for me I would love to align myself with all these great people at this event. If I had to pick one person then I would say that I would want Hayet Rida in my circle. Hayet Rida is blogger who had elevate so much. I meet her a year ago and I learn she is full time blogger, a millennial, and she works full time job. She motivates me everyday through her instagram and her blog. She is amazing. So that is the type of people that I would align myself with.

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