It’s November

There is literally 2 months/9 weeks left in 2018. So we have to make the last few days left  count. November is one of my favorite months because of Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to eat my mom’s home cooking. Dressing (aka stuffing), Collard Greens, Chicken,  and Sweet Potato pie. Omg my mouth is watering right now. Another reason why I love this month is because I really get to focus hard on gratitude.  Now yes we are supposed to be thankful everyday, but this month really help put things into perspective for me. I have a lot to be thankful in general however this month I have a whole lot to be thankful for. So with that being said what is to come to FashionLayn this month?

Fashion Note

So on the fashion tip  In Style Magazine spills all the tea on the latest fashion styles and trends. According to In Style Mag, November edition, trend report is military/utilitarian outfit, all red or blue outfit, leopard booties, of course plaid, and over sized cardigan. This month I still want to focus on bright colors, and mixed prints. You already know the holiday is around the corner and the velvet, and the real glitz and glam looks are on the rise.


Blog Note

October was by far a great month for me as a blogger. I have so much to be thankful. I had the opportunity to work with an awesome photographer. I took some amazing portrait pictures. I can’t wait to create more magic with her.  The best part by far was working with Forever21. Omg it was so exciting and I was thankful that I was given the opportunity as a small blogger/ influencer.  As a blogger I always express how important it is to network. So I keep showing up to events and talking to people. I attended 5 events this month.  I can really say I  learned so much at these events.  Going to so many events have really lit a fire under, I am so inspire to improve my blog. I  have been brainstorming everyday so be on the look out.

On another note, I going to be apart of this amazing campaign this month. Femology Detroit, an innovative workspace dedicated for woman, is putting on a campaign that recognized 100 Female Blogger Detroit. I am one of them, so I can’t wait to share this with you all. If you want to stay up on what happening with FashionLayn please make sure you subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Personal Note/ Goals

Lastly, on a personal note I have been really feeling good. Actually I feel great! I have been taking the must needed time to get myself together mentally. I have been praying, reading, and taking all the necessary steps to keep my mental health intact. I can not complain. Again, this month I want to focus my being thankful.

  1. To continue writing in my Gratitude journal- This has be really helping me find comfort in what I have. Being thankful for little things
  2. Start saving money for and iMac
  3. Brainstorm ideas for Youtube and other endeavors
  4. Drink more water
  5. Eat less meat- I want to low-key become an vegetarian. So let me start doing my research for substitutes

What are you looking forward to this month?

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push forward.




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