Top 10 Things I Hate About Blogging

Top 10 Things I Hate About Blogging

You know… being a fashion/lifestyle blogger and an influencer sucks at time for me. Being an online entrepreneur is hard to maintain. I love it, but I really don’t know why I do it? Why do I put myself through the stress?  I have to think of content, schedule content, plan photo shoots, drive, be active on all my social media accounts, and so much more. It can get really stressful at times.  I reached my breaking point in my career after I had 4 photo shoots planned last weekend (2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday– back to back).  Let me be honest, my feeling have been building up after 4 years into. I started noticing how people change and sometimes you don’t get the recognition. I went to Instagram and unleashed my feeling. I even got some of y’all involved in conversation.  I did not notice how many bloggers were feeling the same way. So in today’s post I want to talk about the things that are never really discussed in blogging. The cons of blogging. Today I am listing  my top 10 things that I hate about blogging.

The Cons of Blogging

(Disclaimer: This is only my opinion)

1. Creative Depression

Creating content is fun, but what happens when you run out of things to create and talk about? Constantly creating can leave a blogger exhausted. I hate this!  I have to remind myself that it is okay to not have a clue. II stop putting so much pressure. When I apply to much pressure I become uninspired and then my blog suffers.  So now I focus on scheduling out my content. Also I look at old post that responded well and expand on that. I also get my audience involved. You guys give me some great ideas.

2. No One Cares About You

Trying to get people to pay attention is super hard. You have to put a lot of hard work into tailoring your blog for your audience.  I have to constantly remind myself….Its not about you sis. You are a problem solvers! If you are not trying to help solve a problem for your audience then in all honestly they don’t care!  This is something that I struggle with all the time. Somethings I want to go to my blog and type out my feelings, however I have to remember that this blog is not for me anymore.

3. Endless War With Algorithms

I don’t know about you but trying to get head of the algorithms on Instagram is an endless war. It always changing.. sometimes for the good, but it seems like it always for the worst. Currently, not everyone that follows me can see my post. That results in less likes and engagement. As a blogger it is important for us to get our audience to engage with us. Likes are great but engagement is so much more important. The more people engage with your post the better it will perform. Being on Instagram is like a job now and I hate it!

4. Free Content

As a blogger of 4 years I have noticed that endless amount of brands reaching out and asking for free content. Now let me be clear I am not totally against “free content”. However, it becomes annoying when they give you all these guidelines with no compensation. Post this here and put that there. I hate that!

5. You Can’t Sit With Us.

Being a blogger can be a lonely field to be in.  So it is very important to me to try to find some like-minded bloggers. I noticed that some people really don’t deal with you unless they can gain something from you. Also, if you don’t have the numbers to match then you can’t sit with us. No clout no love.  Yes the blogging community can be “cliqued up” and this bothers me so much. It really nothing that I can do with that. I try to align myself with bloggers that really want to build a relationship with me.

6. Being Overlooked

I swear I see the see the same faces over and over on social media. Let me be clear there are some blogger that work very hard to get to where they are at and I am not trying to shade them. Not at all! However, it is very discouraging when you feel like you are being overlook based off followers. Can you give the small bloggers a chance?! Can you take a chance on me. Just know this… the right brand and business with align with you. Keep going those brands will notice us.

7. No “Real” Support

Simply people only support when it is benefiting them.  Those individual will do so much. Help you here and help you there. Soon as you say no…. where are they? Also, there a lot of dry haters. They really don’t want to see you succeed. I really hate this. As blogger you have keep your eyes open to this.

8. My Time Matters Too!

Blogging is a business. I might not sell an actual product but I provide a service to my audience… I am a problem solver. In addition, as a blogger we work with brands that have us on a time schedule as well. People forget that blogging is a business and that our  time matters too. Time is money! So when you respond late or show up late it affects what we got going. I am here to say that I want people to take bloggers more serious. I pride myself on being timely. I show up on time and respond with sense of urgency. It gets quite annoy when others do not do the same.

9. Taking Pictures 

People think that blogging is so much fun when it comes to taking pictures. Do you know what we go through to get that photo? Do you know what the weather was like when I took this picture? It not always glitz and glamour. A lot of times we are doing this all by ourselves. We don’t have a team behind us. The only team that I have is my momma.

10. Blogging Success Does Not Come Fast

Blogging success may come fast for some blogger but not for everyone. Not every blogger make money in the first go round. This is such a hard and long process. You definitely will feel like your words are falling on deaf ears. But I hear to say just keep pushing forward. Over the course of time you will succeed.

“Blogging” is tough, but so are you !

I love being a blogger and I will not stop just because a few things I hate. I will not let any of these things stop me for being all that I can be as a blogger. You should not let the things that annoy you stop you from being great.

Photographer: Malaika Hilson | Instagram: @malaikahilson

Location: Downtown Detroit

If you are blogger what is something you hate about blogging?  If you are an online entrepreneur what annoys you the most ?

Join the conversation and share with me your thoughts in the comment section.

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push forward.


Chapter 3… March Goals

Chapter 3… March Goals

It is that time again, a new month… time to start fresh. I always feel so much joy when a new month starts. February went very well. I met a lot of great people,  stuck to my blog goals, and finally I was able to participate in group photo shoot. Call this Cardi B growth! I got the ball rolling and cross thing off my to-do list.  Honestly, I feel like February was the month were a lot of doors open up for me. So thankful!!

So yes it is March and I am ready to get this party started right. Yes more daylight and sunny days !! Good mood approved.  I like to say that March is the month for women.  International Women Days is on it way, so I feel it right that this month we focus on well-being for the working women. More self-care, more fashion tips… all those good things that have us at out best. I stress time and time again,  that women do so much for other people however we have nothing left for ourselves. So we need to change that. How can we be more whole? Overall I just want us sis, to be better.

On the flip side, I am thrilled to announce the brand new ”The Gals Club” Podcast! We have been doing so well that I have to share it on my platform.  I am 1 out 4 co-host and we go live every Thursday at 7pm. If you want to listen to the last 4 episodes you can check us out on  In addition download the SMD Live app to listen as well. You also can click the The Gals Club avatar on the right had side of my website, underneath the Quote of the Week!

Fashion Note

I love March because the stores start swapping out winter clothes for spring fashions. Yes honey, put away all your dark colors. It time to trade them in for bright neon colors, or dusty pastels & neutrals, yellows, and different hues of pink. I am all for it. Finally the magazines are giving the full tea on Spring time fashion. According to March issue of Harper Bazaar & Instyle magazines the spring fashion styles to keep an eye on are pleated midi skirts, beyond basic trench coats, tie dye, belted purses,  statement pendents,  and straw bags.

To spruce up your spring fashion get confident with playing with different textiles and textures. Crochet, fish net, fringes, and cascading ruffles were all up and down the New York Fashion Week runway! If you are a trendy girl then you might like the  minimalist safari cargo looks , short and sweet dresses,  or saved by the bell themes. All on the trend report according to Instyle Mag.

For myself I want to play with bright neon color, and light dusty pastel color. I am not sure how I am going to do but it doing to be done. Just keep an eye on my different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter I always showcase a lot of outfits first on those platforms.

Blog Note

Like I was saying before. I have dubbed March for the ladies.  This month I want to focus tailor my focus on the well-being for woman. Making sure we treat ourselves kind, living a stress free life, being intentional and happy. So this month is for you sis!

I am so excited announce that I am a new brand ambassador for Not Sorry Apparel. I was so happy when they reached out to me letting me know that my application was accepted. So keep an eye out, I will definitely share more about the brand.  Also I have a lot a great content planned for this month ladies. I am so excited to share!

Personal Note/ Goal

February was a great vibe however I want to elevate! I want to come out at the end even better. So this month I want to focus on calm. I have remember to speak to myself and tell me that I am okay. My anxiety makes me so anxious something to the point that I am super squirrelly. So I have to remind myself to CALM down! Mediate and vibrate on high frequency. If I am not at my best then everything around me,  falls.  So my personal goals are:

  1. Keep Calm
  2. Drink more water
  3. Building more relationships Reach out and nurture those relationships
  4. Continue to keep going with blogging plans & stay organize
  5. Deep clean my apartment
  6. Think positive


What are you looking forward too in March? What fashion styles are you here for? What trends do you want to go away?

Share with me in the comment section.

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9 Tips to Mastering Flat Lays

9 Tips to Mastering Flat Lays

Hey, I am back, and this time we will be talking about how to create flat lay.  I took a poll on my Instagram stories.  I got alarming amount of “YAY” votes; 100% of you voted for me to spill some tea on how to create and master flat lays.

As a blogger I find flat lays to very beneficial when they are added to my social media platforms.  It is a clean clutter free way of showing off products and concepts.  It is visual appealing and normal the driving force of Flat lays have became a very popular way to showcase products, tell a story, or make up for times you can’t post a fashion photo. Guilty !

Now creating a seems so simple, it even looks simple, however it can be quite tricky to put a perfect flat lay together.  It is a lot of different elements that you have to know in order to get flat lay photography. Let me tell you right now, flat lay photographer is creativity, and like creativity you have to practice at it to become a master at it. Today I will be listing 9 tips you need to know that will help you become a master with flat lays in no time. These are all the things that I learn over the course of time that help me improve.


1. Get Inspired | Study Flat Lay Photography

Get inspired! I know there is someone out there that you admire for their skills. I got into flat lay from a girl name Mandy Fergurria, formerly a beauty blogger over the A Girl Obsessed Blog! Her beauty flat lays were amazing and I have to say I was obsessed with them!  The depth and dimension was amazing. She would then play with different textures and angles too.  All the element, she was a master in, created  the perfect flat lay. So I starting replicating her picture and then I fell into my own groove. Note: Take a look at Pinterest or #flatlay hashtag on Instagram to get inspired by the art.

2. Composition is Key 

Composition is simply balance in a photo! I learn that you want to use the “Rule of Thirds”. (Still working on this).  You want to look at your photo as 9 square grid.  Simply. 3 squares across and 3 squares down. 9 grid!  This will help you with placement and create natural lines. Also understanding negative space, dimension, and depth will also elevate your flat lay game.


3. Select A Theme | Tell a Story

What do you want to say in your picture? What story do you want to tell? Stick to a color theme and product theme. Choose your color palette and find products that gel well with your color scheme.  Scoops up a few props  A few props you can use are make up tools, iphones,  laptops, magazines, faux  flowers, beauty tools. Whatever you have around the house will work.   Next, figure out the style or layout you want. Do you want to free form , grid style , minimalist, diagonal, or texture.

Remember you are telling a story. What message do you want to convey to your audience with your flat lay.  Simply build upon your theme have fun. Note: Remember to keep it balance and don’t over clutter the image.

4. Good Lighting is Important 

Lighting can make or break a photo.  Have you ever took a picture in probable light? Yeah it came out yellowish or too blurry, right? So shoot in natural light. It can help your picture come lively and bright. Note: You can fun around with editing app. I normally toy with exposure, saturation, brightness, and highlight to get the right quality.


5. Shoot High or/ Bird’s Eye View 

Make sure you take your picture from above which will give you 2D effect. Use a tripod with 90 degree arm for DSLR camera. If the camera is too much use your phone and use a step stool to capture the shot from above. Note: With your phone use 2 hands and shoot in a Square frame.

6. Use Solid Color Background | Simple Background

When I first got into flat lays I would use a poster board from the dollar store.  I since then graduated to 1 1/2 yards of white fabric from Joann’s Fabric as my background. No specific fabric just make sure it thick enough and see through.

White background is the best to use in order for your theme to pop. However, I am experimenting with other solid colors. Remember to keep your background simple. Do not use a background that is going take away from the story telling of the products.


7. Work from Big to Small

Use 1 to 2  big a clear items as your  focal point.  It can be in the center or off to the side. Then use small items to fill up small spaces.

8. Reposition Products

Make sure things don’t look too staged. Stagger your products around! Fluff some things out. Note: For those products that love to roll away, tape them down.


9. Edit Photo To Your Liking

Even if you get the prefect lighting and composition it never too much to edit your picture. Find and editing style that work for you. I prefer bright and vibrant colors. I fun with brightness, saturation, and other lighting. Note: Resize your image to square frame (640px X 640px). My favorite editing tool is VSCO app.

Like so many things in life, the more you practice the better you become. So the more you practice flat lays the better you will become. I hope you found this post on flat lay photography to be helpful. If you have any other questions, leave me comment. I will also share tips in the future about props  for flat lays in the future.

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Chapter 2… February Goals

Chapter 2… February Goals

I know I know… February is when you are going to start fresh?! Right?! I have been seeing this meme going around social media where a lot of people are claiming to start there New Years in February.  I guess January was tough. Hmmm, I know for myself January was kinda hard sis. However, I am so thankful for all the goals I was able to cross off my list. All the doors that open up for me. Another birthday I was able to see and celebrate. I made it through, here we are now at the month love. Wow time really has gone by so fast.

February I have a lot to look forward to. It is the first day of BLACK HISTORY MONTH!  To be frank, Black history is celebrated every day. It is a special month because it is a time to acknowledge the history, excellence, and enjoy how far we have come.

On top of celebrating I find it is very important to remember self. I know for me a get a little down in because I am a single woman. Can I not celebrate valentines because I’m single? So, a little self love and self care goes a long way. I try to find ways to keep my spirits up. Of course Valentines Day is right around the corner and I dread seeing all the post on social media. I guess I can share my thoughts on love on the new podcast! Yes I said podcast!! I am thrilled to announce the brand new ”The Gals Club” Podcast ! I am one out four co-host! IMPORTANT: The first episode will premiere on Feb 7th at 7 pm, every Thursday, every week! Going LIVE on Also download the SMD Live app to listen as well. Will be up on the Apple Podcast app soon!

Fashion Note

New York Fashion Week is on its way, and I cannot wait to see all the new things that are coming to the runway. (Feb 8- Feb16th) Already the magazines are giving us the inside scoop on Spring fashion. According to February’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar & InStyle magazines that studded bags, ruffles, plaids, neutrals, dark floral prints, etc. I also noticed that acid wash denim might be making a come back! Yess ! If you want me to create a spring fashion cheat sheet, let me know in the comment section!

This years spring/ summer colors, according to Pantone,  different hues of beige, navy, and browns. Neutral shades are definitely in for this spring season. On the colorful side of things neon colors, marigold. magenta, orange, & cobalt blue. You can also get away with pastel colors. Textiles and patterns: Crochet, fishnet, tie dye print, and artisan pieces. The trend that I am loving is animal print. Snakeskin is on my to do fashion list!

I am super excited this month to step outside my comfort zone a bit. Since love is going to all through the air it is only right that I play with some reds, and pinks in my wardrobe. Lastly what has been my go too in my wardrobe has been blazers! I must say the blazers are the power player last month! Keep a watch out for my Instagram… a few of best blazers are going to be making preview or two.

Blog Note

During this month I want to talk about being single coming from a single person perspective. Ha We are going to dive into my love life, and fish through my thoughts. So all next week is for the single folks! Those that are in relationships, of course, Y’all can read it too! We don’t discriminate here. I can’t forget about fashion. I know a few of my readers are going to be doing some special things for valentines day. You I am going to help y’all out… Showing Y’all how to dress for any occasion, up or down. I plan to take myself out, so yeah I am getting dressed up for it! Hmm, feel like a beauty post is coming too! Definitely, planning on patronizing a few black own businesses in the process.

I currently don’t have any brand partnerships or collaboration at the moment. So I have a lot of great content coming to the blog. So stay tuned. Also don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I make a lot of great announcement on my social media platforms.

Personal Note/ Goals

I made a lot of changes for the better of self in January. I am keeping the same energy from January and bring it with me this month.

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Save money for airfare for NYC trip
  4. Pay off my dentist bill & my mother back
  5. Continue to keep going with my blogging plans & stay organize
  6. Think positive


What are you looking forward to in February?

Share with me in the comment section.

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push forward.