Event Recap: Femology Detroit Blogger Bash at Grand Circus!

Event Recap: Femology Detroit Blogger Bash at Grand Circus!

Last Sunday I went to event called “Blogger Bash” it was the first of it kind by Femology Detroit .  I heard all about this event through the last event I went to … remember the yoga event. This was the networking event for the season I had to be there.  fullsizeoutput_21f4 I have to be honest tho I was super nervous about going to this event because I am socially awkward. I felt like a little girl again going to new school.  Scared to put myself out there however The next thing I know I was talking and introducing myself to everyone.

Femology Detroit is a modern business workspace created for women to interact, work, and thrive! founded by Meagan Ward.. shout out to you sis !

 This event took place at the Grand Circus. Soon as I walked on the floor I was in heaven.  Balloons, cotton candy, and vendors were everywhere. It was so LIT !  When first walked in I made my attention at the table filled with fruits, cupcakes, and cakes and so many other decadent treats to eat. Then there were cotton candy and yummy drinks.  Special Shout to Balloon Haus that had a beautiful  display of blue, lavender, and pink balloons. It was a highlight. My favorite in my opinion was the DJ. She was playing some of the latest hits. When Ciara’s song Level Up came on I had to dance! 

Soon it was time for panels.  The panels consist of Detroit’s top bloggers, Youtubers, and influencers. They gave some real tea on how to level up on our consistency, engaging with out followers, and how to make sure we get all our coins in this  business. This event was what a new blogger, such as myself needed.  Networking was key at this event. I love the fact that dived in there and made some connects. SO sis be on the look I will be sending out some emails to get together for lunch in the futue .  To be honest I was stun to see how big our community is. To see so many women try to come up in their careers is awesome. Thank you Femology for that !



Dreaming of being a panelist at the next Blogger Bash 


My Outfit deets…

I knew I was going to be at this event. However I was in bit of a dilemma. I was broke. I had no money. So this what I did.. I shop the clearance rack at  Target and found this $6 skirt. Then I shop my closet. You may have seen this off the shoulder top before, however I used it again. It fit perfectly with this skirt. Added a pop of color to my toes and feet with the pink block heel. It was perfect.  Awesome part of it all that I match the event ballon colors at the event.  Blue, Lavender, and pink Wow !

Asymmetric Blue and White woven skirt // Target **Clearance** (Similar)

Off the shoulder white top// Forever21 **Clearance**

Magenta Krysten Block Heel Pumps// Target (LINK)

Monstera Leaf Drop Earrings // Forever21 (LINK)

Beautiful Cake from JaeElleBee Cakes 


I see you Meagan girl !


little sidenote….

i work my tail off as blogger. i was so happy to be at this event that i prayed to God. i had to explain to the most high how thankful i was to be blogger and to be at that point. my heart was filled with joy. anywho i wanted to let yall know and understand to be appreciative of where your at. you not be where you want to be but i know you are gearing up for successful.  

Damsel in Detroit and FashionLayn .. We are so cute !!

Collabs Over Competition

-Meagan Ward Founder of Femology  Detroit

PowerHouse Panelist

When you post you have the ability to impact

-Meagan Ward Founder of Femology Detroit 

Cotton Candy Joy from Spun Sugar Detroit 

Hit a little shimmy for yall !

So yes sis I had a lot of fun a learn a lot! I hear to tell yall if you have dream it never to late to live it. Go out, post, and impact

Special shout to Meagan, panelists, all the helpers, vendors, and sponsor that came together and brought us this event. I am so ready for this event again. It was awesome and I am so thankful to be there!

How will you impact the world today?

Well for me I am going to start by giving all my reader, you guys, motivation. Feeding yall motivation ! I really want yall to be great ! 

Let me know below in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading and don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe to my blog.

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push forward.


Event Recap: Enjoying Somrus at The Peterboro

Event Recap: Enjoying Somrus at The Peterboro

Recap: Summer of Somrus w/ Once Upon A Dollhouse

Sippin the “Achchha” aka GOOD

On Tuesday I was invited by Caitlin and Danielle to hang out and test a few cocktails from Somrus.  Summer of Somrus  was the invite to be at at on Tuesday. I had so much ! Any who Caitlin and Danielle came all the way from Chicago to hang out with Detroit’s very own bloggers and influencers in the area.  I had a blast networking, eating great Chinese cuisine, and tasting Somrus drinks.  It was only right that that I give you inside tour of what went on at the event.So the cocktail I had was called the ” “Achchha” It is the Hindi word for “good” Let me tell you the the drink was so good. It had the Somrus Mango Cream in it. The other beverage was called the Bahai Bramble.

Outfit Deets: I got a lot love on this outfit so its only right that I give yall the deets and links. Let me tell yall Old Navy is giving me life with these cool prints. This multi color floral print is so bomb ! And currently they are on sale for $25 bucks. And of course SheIn a has the deals. I this top is so bomb to me. I am in love with the caged look.

Pant: Mid- Rise Pixie Ankle Pants – Old Navy  On Sale !

Shirt: Caged Yoke Solid Tee- SheIn

Less Monday More Summer 


Let me tell yall  a bit about Caitlin and Danielle. There blog is called Once Upon A Dollhouse. They are best friends from Chicago who inspire there readers to live a healthy, and happy life. By doing so they showcase there love through yoga , music, wellness, fashion, and so many other things. Please do not hesitate to check them out. 

Hey !!Caitlin & Danielle

Back to the story.  Now I not going to lie I was bit nervous when it comes to eventing. I think I made eventing up. I define eventing as the action of going to events. Yes so I was nervous. I always get a little anxious before the event because you already know I want everyone to like me! So I lay the pressure on hard. Anywho, Caitlin and Danielle were super nice host. They help me take some pictures of myself. I just love that they came to Detroit just to hang out with a small blog community . Also getting a chance to meet other bloggers, and influencers in Detroit is so awesome to me.  I just felt so great to be in room with some many talented  women , and men !  It open my eyes how important it is to network and also to just to have a good time.


The Peterboro….

if your ever in Detroit, you have to check this restaurant out. It is located in Detroit’s Historic Chinatown.  The Peterboro is serving us fine American Chinese food and great drinks. It really something for everyone. They fo. The aesthetic in the building is so beautiful.  Check out the picture for yourself.

Bacon Wrap Shrimp and Veggie Spring Roll

So while your there if your palate has taste for fine Chinese cuisine then you need to check out The Peterboro. The Vegetarian Spring Rolls were bomb and the bacon wrap shrimp!


So beautiful in there !!


So much good food ! 


The Bar shelf was so cool to me !!


When sun hit you just right ! Glow !

Photo Booth Fun ! 

F is for friends who do stuff together… U is for you and me.. N is for …. Let me stop !

FashionLayn (Me) and Once Upon A Dollhouse 

Location: The Petersboro | IG: @thepetersboro

420 Peterboro

Detroit, MI 48201

Special shout to Caitlin and Danielle for the invite. They really don’t understand how much fun I had.

EveryBody Get Yo Yoga On !

EveryBody Get Yo Yoga On !

FashionLayn Hangs out with Femology Detroit & LuluLemon

Who  knew that simple  breathing, body posture, and meditation can bring you so much good feelings to your life. Yoga is that special thing I need in my life to help me heal.  Long story short. I use to do yoga once week for a few months when I first started working downtown. I would take my yoga class during the lunch time since it was free. Wellness is a big thing where I work at. The perks of my job. Any who I switched to a new position, got really busy and yoga was not apart of my life anymore. SAD !


So last week Wednesday I was invited to this women only self care event hosted by Femology Detroit and LuluLemon:  Self Love Yoga. It took place right after work for me and it was hosted at Lululemon Detroit on Woodward Ave.  Sidenote: Femology Detroit is a modern business workspace created for women to interact, work, and thrive! founded by Meagan Ward.. shout out to you sis ! Back to the story:    I believe this was calling from GOD.. I am actually so grateful that I attend because I needed to be surrounded by other women and learn how to get center again.  I have been unbalanced for awhile now. So there you have it. When I first arrive I was really nervous because I have been out the yoga game for awhile. And I have bad habit of holding my breath around people… scared that I breathing to hard. Yea… I really got a lot of hang ups. Sidenote:  the yoga teachers were Adria and Rachel. They were some of the world nicest yoga instructor ever.  Please follow them on IG — Social accounts linked below ! 

Anywho I got the hang of it again.  I let go of everything and let my body melt right into my mat. I focused on my breathing. Took full breaths and let my heart and my other organs just relax. I was healing myself ! As women we put so much into other things ! We are planning launch party, managing our careers, and take care of our children…… we forget to take care of ourselves.  So use some of that free time and take care of yourself. If it not yoga just take a few minutes and be silent and just rest.  That is mediation. Sit and and bring your focus back to your breath. 


Positive Vibrations !


Hitting that warrior pose !


Got a chance to hang out with a few other women from the city ! Enjoying Yoga together !

Inside view of Lululemon Detroit !!


Special shout out to Meagan founder of Femology for putting together the event ! Thank you Lululemon for hosting and accommodating everyone!

Femology: IG: @femologydetroit

Follow the Yoga instructors and learn a little about their journey

Thank you Rachel and Adria

Adria  IG @adriamoses

Rachel  IG @rachelvurpillat

Thank you Femology Detroit !


My lovely readers remember to take care of your of yourself. 


Eloquii Found A New Home in Detroit !

Eloquii Found A New Home in Detroit !

Recap: Detroit Store Opening Party !

Yes, this is not a pop up shop ! This is the real deal. Eloquii finally made a home in Detroit. YES  YES  your girl is super happy. On top of all the excitement  I was invite earlier last week to the Grand Opening Party. Omg did i just get invited ?? Yes sis I was in the building with some many other ladies celebrating Eloquii, our sizes, and style. This is Eloquii’s fourth store,  located inside the Twelve Oaks Malls in Novi (metro Detroit area). So yes Detroit is winning ! The Grand Opening Party was so much fun. It was photo booth, champagne, decadent goodies, and a store full of stylish collections. All the ladies I know had an awesome time.


Omg Eloquii is in Detroit !


Getting started … Let the festivities begin !


Such a fan of the latest New Leaf and Botanist Collection!

Today is perfect for a perfect day.


All goods from Terri’s Cakes ! The strawberry cupcake was so delicious !


Doing what I do best shop ! I needed a little retail therapy that week!


Fitting Room Pictures ! Had to get a picture in front of the Eloquii Detroit Mural !

I tried on this printed shirt dress.  I was so in love with the dress and the print, however it didn’t fit so instead I got the neoprene skirt in the same print ! Still winning ! I can’t wait to style this skirt. Sidenote: I got some more goods.. stay tuned I will showcasing these looks on the blog and instagram )


Leah V, the creator of Beauty and the Muse  and myself holding up the booth ! Gotta get the pics right !


#XOQ Photo Booth  with Detroit Candid Co.

Seriously, I never had so much fun. I am really digging going to events now. I was kinda shy and scared but I have been bit by the event bug and I want to go to more. Love being in the building with other blogger, influencers, brands and etc. I really do enjoy the networking experience. That evening was awesome. So all my curvy ladies in Detroit take some time out and visit the new store. You will love it

Location: Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi MI – On Nordstrom side Across from Sephora

Special shoutout to Natalie Shell, she is part of  brand/marketing team member  with Eloquii, she is such amazing spirit ! Thank you so much for talking with me.. 


So all my curvy ladies in Detroit take some time out and visit the new store. You will love it !