Chapter 5: May Plan and Goals

The time is literally flying by. Sheesh I am trying to hold on to all my edges. LOL  This time around last year I was dreading May because I had to get my wisdom teeth extraction. Well now I got so much to look forward to this month. The month of April was a total roller coaster. It was up and down, but I ended up right where I needed to be.  God really was working on me overtime,  and that I am so humble and grateful for.  Yes ladies, let get this month started on the right foot. Fashion Note I don’t have a lot of new trends, fashion alerts to post this month. As a Detroiter, we are still stuck in that in between weather. Not really knowing what to do, or how to be stylish when the weather is bipolar. One minute it is super cold, then not so warm, or then it too hot to handle. LOL  If you want to see a post on how to style yourself during the in between seasons, let me know in the comment section below. FASHION REPORT: According to May’s issue of InStyle Magazine a few style trends and …

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