Struggling Blogger Chronicles #1

Building Relationships Hey y’all, So I have been blogging for quite some time now. Honestly I have not pick up as much traffic as I would like however I’m gonna keep going. The more I keep learning the more I will progress as a blogger. So y’all bare with me I am learning as I go. I wanted to start this blogger chronicle space that I talk about all the things I learn as a blogger. I love to share what I learn. Recently I went to the Dream Big Curvy Girl Conference in Chicago (Sidenote: If you want to read about click here) and learn about the importance of building a relationship as a blogger. It very important when you are trying to grow your blogger.   Importance of Building Relationship as a Blogger! You are not alone in your  blogging niche. So make friends get to know others bloggers. You can definitely learn something from other bloggers. Do’s and dont’s to blogging.It is important to build relationships with others bloggers because you never have to worry about not feeling inspired. Lastly they have you back and you have theirs. So be genuine ! No one wants a fake friend …

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