EveryBody Get Yo Yoga On !

EveryBody Get Yo Yoga On !

FashionLayn Hangs out with Femology Detroit & LuluLemon

Who  knew that simple  breathing, body posture, and meditation can bring you so much good feelings to your life. Yoga is that special thing I need in my life to help me heal.  Long story short. I use to do yoga once week for a few months when I first started working downtown. I would take my yoga class during the lunch time since it was free. Wellness is a big thing where I work at. The perks of my job. Any who I switched to a new position, got really busy and yoga was not apart of my life anymore. SAD !


So last week Wednesday I was invited to this women only self care event hosted by Femology Detroit and LuluLemon:  Self Love Yoga. It took place right after work for me and it was hosted at Lululemon Detroit on Woodward Ave.  Sidenote: Femology Detroit is a modern business workspace created for women to interact, work, and thrive! founded by Meagan Ward.. shout out to you sis ! Back to the story:    I believe this was calling from GOD.. I am actually so grateful that I attend because I needed to be surrounded by other women and learn how to get center again.  I have been unbalanced for awhile now. So there you have it. When I first arrive I was really nervous because I have been out the yoga game for awhile. And I have bad habit of holding my breath around people… scared that I breathing to hard. Yea… I really got a lot of hang ups. Sidenote:  the yoga teachers were Adria and Rachel. They were some of the world nicest yoga instructor ever.  Please follow them on IG — Social accounts linked below ! 

Anywho I got the hang of it again.  I let go of everything and let my body melt right into my mat. I focused on my breathing. Took full breaths and let my heart and my other organs just relax. I was healing myself ! As women we put so much into other things ! We are planning launch party, managing our careers, and take care of our children…… we forget to take care of ourselves.  So use some of that free time and take care of yourself. If it not yoga just take a few minutes and be silent and just rest.  That is mediation. Sit and and bring your focus back to your breath. 


Positive Vibrations !


Hitting that warrior pose !


Got a chance to hang out with a few other women from the city ! Enjoying Yoga together !

Inside view of Lululemon Detroit !!


Special shout out to Meagan founder of Femology for putting together the event ! Thank you Lululemon for hosting and accommodating everyone!

Femology: IG: @femologydetroit

Follow the Yoga instructors and learn a little about their journey

Thank you Rachel and Adria

Adria  IG @adriamoses

Rachel  IG @rachelvurpillat

Thank you Femology Detroit !


My lovely readers remember to take care of your of yourself. 


Eloquii Found A New Home in Detroit !

Eloquii Found A New Home in Detroit !

Recap: Detroit Store Opening Party !

Yes, this is not a pop up shop ! This is the real deal. Eloquii finally made a home in Detroit. YES  YES  your girl is super happy. On top of all the excitement  I was invite earlier last week to the Grand Opening Party. Omg did i just get invited ?? Yes sis I was in the building with some many other ladies celebrating Eloquii, our sizes, and style. This is Eloquii’s fourth store,  located inside the Twelve Oaks Malls in Novi (metro Detroit area). So yes Detroit is winning ! The Grand Opening Party was so much fun. It was photo booth, champagne, decadent goodies, and a store full of stylish collections. All the ladies I know had an awesome time.


Omg Eloquii is in Detroit !


Getting started … Let the festivities begin !


Such a fan of the latest New Leaf and Botanist Collection!

Today is perfect for a perfect day.


All goods from Terri’s Cakes ! The strawberry cupcake was so delicious !


Doing what I do best shop ! I needed a little retail therapy that week!


Fitting Room Pictures ! Had to get a picture in front of the Eloquii Detroit Mural !

I tried on this printed shirt dress.  I was so in love with the dress and the print, however it didn’t fit so instead I got the neoprene skirt in the same print ! Still winning ! I can’t wait to style this skirt. Sidenote: I got some more goods.. stay tuned I will showcasing these looks on the blog and instagram )


Leah V, the creator of Beauty and the Muse  and myself holding up the booth ! Gotta get the pics right !


#XOQ Photo Booth  with Detroit Candid Co.

Seriously, I never had so much fun. I am really digging going to events now. I was kinda shy and scared but I have been bit by the event bug and I want to go to more. Love being in the building with other blogger, influencers, brands and etc. I really do enjoy the networking experience. That evening was awesome. So all my curvy ladies in Detroit take some time out and visit the new store. You will love it

Location: Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi MI – On Nordstrom side Across from Sephora

Special shoutout to Natalie Shell, she is part of  brand/marketing team member  with Eloquii, she is such amazing spirit ! Thank you so much for talking with me.. 


So all my curvy ladies in Detroit take some time out and visit the new store. You will love it !



The World Is Your Runway

The World Is Your Runway

CoCo Chanel said… “Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runaway” .  With that being said…..

FashionLayn Goes to Urban Cinderella Fashion Show !!

Yessss I was invited over the past weekend to attend the Urban Cinderella Fashion Show at the Ponyride in Detroit.  So exciting ! This show focus its attention on 3 totally different brands…. Design, Makeup and Hair and 1 fashion show. Three brands, three ladies that collaborated together to bring us the fashion show for the season.  Let me tell you sis the whole show was serving black girl magic on a silver platter. 

The Fashion Show gave us all denim inspired looks for the spring. The looks definitely came with a urban twist. Pearls, Ruffles, Distress that what the designer was giving me, a one of a kind looks. I really was at lost for words when I witness the designs on the runway Truly Goodness I witness !

Stunning !!

….. And where there is goodness there is magic ! 


I really enjoyed this fashion show so much because three black women came together with their passion and flourish. I love when black women come together and slay. Then they created a fashion show that highlighted black women in the city. Our Urban Cinderellas and gave them a full beat from head to toe. Making all women from all shapes and sizes feel good inside and rocking out the ultimate denim design ! I have to be honest I was so excited to be the official blogger for the event!! Yes we dripping black girl magic and sauce everywhere.

A few look from the show ! 

Can you tell which one is my favorite ?

Serving us Face !
My favorite look out them all !

I love this outfit so much! I can see me going outside rocking this fit. I love fanny pack with a all the different color beads, and pens! OMG the distress is on point !

Yessssss !

The Ladies Behind the Brands..


First we have Dominique Rickett the founder of “Who’s Beating Your Face?, LLC. She invited me to this fab event.  She gave us lashes, eyeshadow, bold and nude lips to the scene. Sidenote: She is a freelance traveling makeup artist in the metro Detroit area.  She is serving us looks and making us feel good about ourselves  inside and out ! To learn  more about her, events, and to book your beat appointment socials link below.

Facebook |Instagram @whosbeatingyourface |www.whosbeatingyourface.com

Then we have the mastermind behind the designs. Eliza Bee owner of Prettiy N Piynk. Yes she is definitely a talent and an awesome designer. Giving us extraordinary denim looks ! Check out her latest designs on IG. Social link below

Instagram @prettiynpiynk | Email: prettiynpiynk@yahoo.com

Hair, Wigs and getting those edges right was from  Kyra Nichell owner of Crown Fantasy Hair, LLC. She deliver at the fashion show with the slaying of the wigs. So if you looking for bundles, wigs and more social links listed below.
Facebook |Instagram @crownfantasyhair | www.crownfantasyhair.com

On the Fashion Tip

So about my outfit… my outfit came through for the event. I had no clue that the focus of the event was denim inspired. So yes I came through with the denim distressed jacket.  This whole look came out of my closet. So no money spent. On another note, you already know that I love my bodycon dress. So I served the dress up with denim jacket… Umm it still cold outside lol. The clear booties were a bonus. The denim jacket and the nude tank body con dress is from….. you know it.. FOREVER21!


Special Thanks !!

Special Shoutout to Dominique for the inviting me to the event. You know we have to put each other on  and help one another out. I really appreciate you and allowing me to be the official blogger for the event.  Thank you ! Thank you ! You keep flourishing hun !


Let me know what events you have coming up in the future?

Thank so much for reading yall. Please like and provide a comment below! 

push forward.