Lavender Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from Forever21

Lavender Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from Forever21

Omg I have been away from the blog for like whole week! AHHH  I am back and I am NOT suffering from writers block anymore. So lets get back on the fashion train.  Before I do that , let me tell you a bit about my weekend. I found myself networking and shopping at Ferne Boutique with Femology. You can find this store in the New Center area in Detroit ! Omg this boutique is now my new favorite store….but let me save all the details. I had a great time at the event! I got a chance to  meet the owner, hanging out, and SHOP! I can’t wait to show sis all the pieces I bought!

Lets get into this outfit sis ! This by far one of my all time favorite looks!  Wanna know a secret….. come close…  I did not plan to where to this at all. I came up with this outfit 30 minutes before the event.  LOL!



FashionLayn Outfit Deets….

I was so excited to wear this Shaggy faux fur Coat in the color Lavender. This was the statement piece of the year  ! I was giving you fall flavor with hint of  lavender unicorn glam. I was gifted this item from Forever21 after collaborating with them. When I tried on this jacket I had to have it ! This faux fur coat features a hood, open front,  and patch pockets.  I tried on a size large.  It did , in my opinion, run big enough for me. So keep that in mine when you are looking at this type of coat.. (sidenote: below I linked a bigger size for my more curvier women) DSC00904

Faux Fur and the teddy bear faux fur effect are on trend for the fall. I feel like for trendy looks you should not pay top knot dollar. Keep that mind . Do you really want to invest all your coins into something that is only going to be in style for season? With that being said this faux fur cost $43 at Forever 21.

So in order to compliment the jacket I wore a  mustard ribbed jersey top from H&M. To finish the look I added a  mustard color bucket bag, black legging with my over the knee boots. Its a look ! Done !  Oops almost forgot. I tied a cute little color block scarf  to help tied all the colors together!

So yes I decided to be daring and play with colors.  It paid off sis I got so many compliments on the coat and the colors.  It was Eye Catching ! Popping ! Fun! Had so much fun with your looks ! Don’t be afraid to bring bright or bold colors to your wardrobe! Have Fun !

Lavender Fuzzy Faux Fur Coat// Forever21 (Similar)

Ribbed Jersey Top// H&M

Colorblock Square Scarf// Forever21

Mustard Bucket Bag// Francesca’s  (Similiar)

Have you ever had to come up with a outfit 30 minutes before an event ? If so, what did you do ?

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push forward.


This jacket was gifted by Forever21. All opinions are my own.



Entrepreneurial Tips From A Female Millionaire and more

Entrepreneurial Tips From A Female Millionaire and more

Event Recap: Female Millionaire Detroit 

Connecting Female Entrepreneurs with Real Women Millionaire

On Sunday evening I attended an event called Female Millionaire created by Femology Detroit.  Femology had this cool idea to link entrepreneurs, business owners to a 3 women who were killing the game from all angles.

femaleFemology Detroit is a modern day work space design for women. They are all about created an environment for women to collaborate and empower !

So again, Femology had an idea to connect a female millionaire, along with others to share the ends and outs of entrepreneurship to women like me who are just getting started.  I can really say that a fire was lit inside of me to think of creative ways to build my brand, and create a product that founded off of my principles as a blogger.  Ever since I was younger I always wanted to own my own business. I want to be my own boss so it was only right to be present at this event. Get a early start on building the foundation to creating a service or product to offer. With all that being said let me spill the tea.

Below I am going share each panelist and list the best entrepreneurial tips they provided.


First panelist was Laura Horworth, Owner of Ferne Boutique, provides contemporary clothing and accessories at an affordable price in Detroit and Bay City, Michigan. She express some of the pros and cons she experience as a business owner of 2 stores.

  • Timing Is Everything
  • Stay Relevant. Always be wiling to learn
  • Understand how to deal with failure: She says wine (lol jk) and  positive affirmations help overcome her failures
  • Remember to be you and do it the best that you can.
  • Create a business plan, and don’t be afraid to speak to consultant
  • Secret Sauce: What set you apart from others?


Next we have Alexa Williams, the Creator/CEO of Glamorous Planning. She turn her passion for organization and design a straight forward 17 month planner that promotes organization in every women life.

  • Save up your own money: She saved  up her own money (capital) to help launch her planner
  • “Invest Money To Make Money” this is major key
  • Move at your own pace : There is no race to start up a business. Timing is everything !


Special Guest was Farah Merhi, Founder and Designer of Inspire Me Home Decor.  Her back story, she was 3 semester from graduating with a degree in political science. She decided instead of finish her degree she was going to go for passion. First she had to figure out what that was…. self discovery phase.  With the help of her family and others she realized that interior design was her calling, her passion. She created Inspire Me Home Decor. She want she was passionate about into career and got a bag(check).  Farah  was so inspirational and down to earth. She spoke from her heart and gave us all gems we can take with use to jump start our entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Have a team – Understand has a entrepreneur we can spread ourselves way to thin. It is okay to have a team to help
  • Self care is important because you can easily can become unmotivated if you are not taking care of yourself first
  • Innovative thinker- Find ways to keep elevating your business, don’t get complacent
  • Stay true to who you are
  • Be consistent
  • Follow Up

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Omg the decor by Francisca Heyiam/

@franciscaheyiam was beautiful

Just adore this Floral Wall by @blumfloral

 Femology knows who to call to design such a beautiful spread !


FashionLayn Outfit Deets!

I have to be honest I was looking for an outfit at the last minute for this event.  Of course my money was a bit limited so I had to rely on what I already had in my closet.  Shopping you closet in my opinion is an excellent way to save money.  I wanted to pair these cute gingham ankle pants with a bold color sweater. I wanted to go for a red sweater but I found a this  cable knit mustard sweater instead.  This sweater cost $25 bucks!

Plus Size Cable Knit Sweater// Forever21

Plus Size Gingham Ankle Pants// Forever21 (old)

If you were to open up a business, What would you your business be ?

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It’s November

It’s November

There is literally 2 months/9 weeks left in 2018. So we have to make the last few days left  count. November is one of my favorite months because of Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to eat my mom’s home cooking. Dressing (aka stuffing), Collard Greens, Chicken,  and Sweet Potato pie. Omg my mouth is watering right now. Another reason why I love this month is because I really get to focus hard on gratitude.  Now yes we are supposed to be thankful everyday, but this month really help put things into perspective for me. I have a lot to be thankful in general however this month I have a whole lot to be thankful for. So with that being said what is to come to FashionLayn this month?

Fashion Note

So on the fashion tip  In Style Magazine spills all the tea on the latest fashion styles and trends. According to In Style Mag, November edition, trend report is military/utilitarian outfit, all red or blue outfit, leopard booties, of course plaid, and over sized cardigan. This month I still want to focus on bright colors, and mixed prints. You already know the holiday is around the corner and the velvet, and the real glitz and glam looks are on the rise.


Blog Note

October was by far a great month for me as a blogger. I have so much to be thankful. I had the opportunity to work with an awesome photographer. I took some amazing portrait pictures. I can’t wait to create more magic with her.  The best part by far was working with Forever21. Omg it was so exciting and I was thankful that I was given the opportunity as a small blogger/ influencer.  As a blogger I always express how important it is to network. So I keep showing up to events and talking to people. I attended 5 events this month.  I can really say I  learned so much at these events.  Going to so many events have really lit a fire under, I am so inspire to improve my blog. I  have been brainstorming everyday so be on the look out.

On another note, I going to be apart of this amazing campaign this month. Femology Detroit, an innovative workspace dedicated for woman, is putting on a campaign that recognized 100 Female Blogger Detroit. I am one of them, so I can’t wait to share this with you all. If you want to stay up on what happening with FashionLayn please make sure you subscribe to my blog, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Personal Note/ Goals

Lastly, on a personal note I have been really feeling good. Actually I feel great! I have been taking the must needed time to get myself together mentally. I have been praying, reading, and taking all the necessary steps to keep my mental health intact. I can not complain. Again, this month I want to focus my being thankful.

  1. To continue writing in my Gratitude journal- This has be really helping me find comfort in what I have. Being thankful for little things
  2. Start saving money for and iMac
  3. Brainstorm ideas for Youtube and other endeavors
  4. Drink more water
  5. Eat less meat- I want to low-key become an vegetarian. So let me start doing my research for substitutes

What are you looking forward to this month?

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push forward.



Event Recap: Millennial Wine Down

Event Recap: Millennial Wine Down

So finally I got this post up. It was a must that I provided a recap a really creative event that I was invited to by an awesom friend. I had the opportunity to be one of the Media Sponsor for the  Millennial Wine Down.  The event took place at the Baltimore Gallery in New Center Area of Detroit.

IMG_2578Millennial Wine Down was all about creating an atmosphere for millennial professionals, influencers, and entrepreneurs can come together and network, and potential collaborate. In addition, also to come together eat great food. Lastly, a commonality of a millennials is there love for WINE !.

Created by Lauren aka Elle the Foodie, Millennial Wine Down was the official launch party for her beautiful website called Millennial Meets Stove! Let me tell you about my sis, Lauren. She is making an effort and putting the right foot forward to put herself out there. She has two brands that she is representing, Elle the Foodie and Millennial Meets Stove. On top of those brands she also has created an event space for millennial like me to come together. Shout out to you sis, Lauren you are doing your thang hunny. I really admire you !!

This event was so lit. There was wine and networking everywhere. I can say I made few connections myself.

Collaboration over competition. Lets help each other become successful 

Food Details…

So yes wine on top of wine was the main course. When we first arrived at the event. We were given a glass of wine to write our name on it. Once the wine glass was in my hand…. I made myself at home at the wine bar. (sidenote: I am not alcoholic… just love wine !) You here glasses clicking every where.  If you want to know my favorite type of win is Riesling or any type of Moscato. What stole the show for me was the Hennessy Glazed Wings prepared my Lauren herself.   Omg these wings were the bomb. I think I went up to the food table a few times just loving on these wings.


Hennessy Glazed Wings made by Elle the Foodie


Omg is that shrimp !!


If you looking to create some bomb food. I would definitely recommend following Lauren on her new blog to Millennial Meets Stove. Also don’t be a stranger to her blog. I sure you will have a lot of bomb Instagram worthy food on your table in no time.

Millennial Meets Stove


Litte sidenote…..

i had so much fun at this event that i really did not get a chance to get a good picture lol. i have to represent my birth year since I am a millennial and all. anywho i want to come in here to say that if you are looking to elevate and create something; you should align yourself with great people. i like to be around people that inspire me to go for what i love. people that inspire me to be and do better. so yes sis get you a nice circle of friends, mentors, or whoever you need to get you inspire. 


Special Thanks…

Congrats to Lauren (aka Elle the foodie)for laughing her new blog, Millennial Meets Stove. I laid out early in this blog how much I admire this girl. She is doing her thang and I can not wait to see more that she has to offer to the blogger community. Thank you so much for allowing me to cover the event sis. Keep shining !

Follow her on IG @elle.thefoodie | IG @millennialmeetsstove | Website:

Congrats to Brandi for being an awesome friend putting me on to this event and trying to help me bump up my brand.  Man she is like my little sister, and I really want her to know how much I admire her drive. You go girl and be the best publicist you can be. I know Ryan see you girl flourishing lol!

Follow her on IG @branncherie

So I can say that I have some go getter around me. They are stepping out on faith and putting the right foot forward to get them to where they want to be in life. I must say this generation is so creative. So …

If you could align yourself with anybody who would it be to elevate you ?

I know for me I would love to align myself with all these great people at this event. If I had to pick one person then I would say that I would want Hayet Rida in my circle. Hayet Rida is blogger who had elevate so much. I meet her a year ago and I learn she is full time blogger, a millennial, and she works full time job. She motivates me everyday through her instagram and her blog. She is amazing. So that is the type of people that I would align myself with.

Let me know below in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading and don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe to my blog.

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