9 Tips to Mastering Flat Lays

9 Tips to Mastering Flat Lays

Hey, I am back, and this time we will be talking about how to create flat lay.  I took a poll on my Instagram stories.  I got alarming amount of “YAY” votes; 100% of you voted for me to spill some tea on how to create and master flat lays.

As a blogger I find flat lays to very beneficial when they are added to my social media platforms.  It is a clean clutter free way of showing off products and concepts.  It is visual appealing and normal the driving force of Flat lays have became a very popular way to showcase products, tell a story, or make up for times you can’t post a fashion photo. Guilty !

Now creating a seems so simple, it even looks simple, however it can be quite tricky to put a perfect flat lay together.  It is a lot of different elements that you have to know in order to get flat lay photography. Let me tell you right now, flat lay photographer is creativity, and like creativity you have to practice at it to become a master at it. Today I will be listing 9 tips you need to know that will help you become a master with flat lays in no time. These are all the things that I learn over the course of time that help me improve.


1. Get Inspired | Study Flat Lay Photography

Get inspired! I know there is someone out there that you admire for their skills. I got into flat lay from a girl name Mandy Fergurria, formerly a beauty blogger over the A Girl Obsessed Blog! Her beauty flat lays were amazing and I have to say I was obsessed with them!  The depth and dimension was amazing. She would then play with different textures and angles too.  All the element, she was a master in, created  the perfect flat lay. So I starting replicating her picture and then I fell into my own groove. Note: Take a look at Pinterest or #flatlay hashtag on Instagram to get inspired by the art.

2. Composition is Key 

Composition is simply balance in a photo! I learn that you want to use the “Rule of Thirds”. (Still working on this).  You want to look at your photo as 9 square grid.  Simply. 3 squares across and 3 squares down. 9 grid!  This will help you with placement and create natural lines. Also understanding negative space, dimension, and depth will also elevate your flat lay game.


3. Select A Theme | Tell a Story

What do you want to say in your picture? What story do you want to tell? Stick to a color theme and product theme. Choose your color palette and find products that gel well with your color scheme.  Scoops up a few props  A few props you can use are make up tools, iphones,  laptops, magazines, faux  flowers, beauty tools. Whatever you have around the house will work.   Next, figure out the style or layout you want. Do you want to free form , grid style , minimalist, diagonal, or texture.

Remember you are telling a story. What message do you want to convey to your audience with your flat lay.  Simply build upon your theme have fun. Note: Remember to keep it balance and don’t over clutter the image.

4. Good Lighting is Important 

Lighting can make or break a photo.  Have you ever took a picture in probable light? Yeah it came out yellowish or too blurry, right? So shoot in natural light. It can help your picture come lively and bright. Note: You can fun around with editing app. I normally toy with exposure, saturation, brightness, and highlight to get the right quality.


5. Shoot High or/ Bird’s Eye View 

Make sure you take your picture from above which will give you 2D effect. Use a tripod with 90 degree arm for DSLR camera. If the camera is too much use your phone and use a step stool to capture the shot from above. Note: With your phone use 2 hands and shoot in a Square frame.

6. Use Solid Color Background | Simple Background

When I first got into flat lays I would use a poster board from the dollar store.  I since then graduated to 1 1/2 yards of white fabric from Joann’s Fabric as my background. No specific fabric just make sure it thick enough and see through.

White background is the best to use in order for your theme to pop. However, I am experimenting with other solid colors. Remember to keep your background simple. Do not use a background that is going take away from the story telling of the products.


7. Work from Big to Small

Use 1 to 2  big a clear items as your  focal point.  It can be in the center or off to the side. Then use small items to fill up small spaces.

8. Reposition Products

Make sure things don’t look too staged. Stagger your products around! Fluff some things out. Note: For those products that love to roll away, tape them down.


9. Edit Photo To Your Liking

Even if you get the prefect lighting and composition it never too much to edit your picture. Find and editing style that work for you. I prefer bright and vibrant colors. I fun with brightness, saturation, and other lighting. Note: Resize your image to square frame (640px X 640px). My favorite editing tool is VSCO app.

Like so many things in life, the more you practice the better you become. So the more you practice flat lays the better you will become. I hope you found this post on flat lay photography to be helpful. If you have any other questions, leave me comment. I will also share tips in the future about props  for flat lays in the future.

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Single Life Series: Love Letter to Self

Single Life Series: Love Letter to Self

(Simply take my name and put yours!!)

I’m going to keep this post very simple and straight to the point. Love yourself. I really use to dread Valentine’s Day. Nobody special to share it with. Look at all the gifts on the timeline. I have learn over time that I don’t have to be bitter. I can celebrate too. What I take from Valentine’s Day is love. Not love for a lover or a significant other. Simply love for myself. I love me and everything that makes me … me! I have stated countless time before you can’t expect to love someone else when you don’t love yourself. It’s the truth sis ! It not easy. I have bad days, but I don’t let my bad days define Alayna ! So don’t speak down on you.  Love you and everything that makes you…you! Had to say it a second time. So slay the day hun ! Love on yourself . Hug yourself . Tell yourself your beautiful! Know who you are! Change the narrative on yourself ! Speak kind words to yourself! Shower yourself with Valentines today and everyday because you are a gem that can’t be replace.


be enough for self first, the rest of the world can wait 



Photographer: Malaika Hilson | IG: @malaikahilson

Location: Riverside Park- Detroit River

How Are You Going to Love Yourself Better?

Share with me in the comment section.

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The Monochromatic Option for Valentines Day

The Monochromatic Option for Valentines Day

What are you wearing for Valentines Day?  Valentines is 2 days away, lol you have some time to get on board ladies.  If you know me I am keeping this look budget friendly for the girls that are conscious about their coins. So I have this cute inexpensive monochromatic look.   When it comes to creating a “one color” look, simply keep to one color and add different textures, and gradients. I decided on blush pink, one of my favorite colors for the season. To be honest, I have been quite obsessed with monochromatic fashion. So I decided to experiment with it this time around.

My look is clean, casual, chic, but still bringing a little wow-factor to the table. Guaranteed it will have your love interest trying to shoot their shot.. So if you want the tea on how I put together this  look… keep reading.


FashionLayn’s Outfit Deets…

I decided to branch outside of my quirky street theme and come with a monochromatic, feminine look. Creating a outfit based on one color can be a bit boring, to some. If you incorporate the right elements, and understand a bit of depth and dimension, I guarantee you will pull it off. To style the perfect monochromatic look, you want to bring different shades of the color, and textures. Adding depth and dimension to your look.. you should play with different textures.  Remember to keep your approach clean and simple. If you have any other tips to monochromatic look, let me know in the comment section below.

So I again I was not trying to do the most for Valentines Day this year. I took my all time favorite light pink jeans and pair it  with my fuzzy knit sweater. All from Forever 21, coming straight from my closet. Note: Jeans and sweater were the same color but different texture. If I wanted to add a bit more dimension and depth, I could have added cream/white button up underneath. Simple right. Last element to look is the nude pumps. Nude and blush pink to me are still in the same color scheme. To polish this look, it was only right to add a pump.

Blush Pink Fuzzy Knit Sweater// Forever 21 | Similar: (Forever 21), (PLT), (PLT)

Blush Pink Denim Jeans// Forever 21 | Similar: (LaneBryant)

Nude Valentino Inspired Pumps// Charlotte Russe | Similar (DSW)

I think the next time I come up with a monochromatic look I will add one more layer, a better background, and go for vibrant color…. hmmm maybe magenta next Valentines.

Always dress well but keep it simple 







Location: Westside Detroit

Photography: My Mom… she is the best and she always come thru for me at the last minute.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions? 

Share with me in the comment section.

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Single Life Series: 6 Things You Need To Know, If You Don’t Like Being Single

Single Life Series: 6 Things You Need To Know, If You Don’t Like Being Single

How did we get here? How did being single person turn inside outside.  I am trying to figure it out. Our society put so much emphasis on being in relationship, and finding that special person. It know it has a single person, like myself, dreading it. Some days I day dream being a happy, healthy relationship with a man. Then I come back to reality and I wonder what is going on, why is it taking me so long to find that person. Am I unlovable?

Single Life = Negative opinions and thoughts on the single life. How can we change the narrative of being single?  So I started searching and results I found on being single was compelling. Here are six ways that can turn your unhappy thoughts on being single to hopeful, and positive thoughts.

  1. Your circumstances will change. I have been single since my senior year of high school. That mean I have been single for 11 years. Real facts! So understand this, it is going to happen for us. We are going to meet that special someone. You need to remain positive and get out of your own head and way and let the universe work.
  2. Your worthy so keep your standards high. Please people keep your standards high when your single, or whenever. Now I am not saying to keep them so high no one can reach them. One thing that I learn as a single person is that you can not let your loneliness cloud your judgement. So many people date and settle for the wrong people because they are lonely. I’ve done it. So you have to ask yourself why do you hate being alone? Once you figure that out your mindset should start to shift. You will start saying to yourself they are stupid if they don’t want to be around me. Don’t chase anyone. Remember you are the sh*t and anyone that wants to be around you will. So DO NOT settle for anything just because you are afraid of being alone.
  3. Time to get to know & work on yourself. While your single you are given time to get to know yourself. I built a blog, and have tons of things with my life. So now I do not have time to cry over spilled milk. I have respect, love, and value for myself while being single. I ultimatly think this time that GOD has given to me to get loser with myself and make me right for the special someone that he is taking time to make for me. If you are single this is not a time to draw away from yourself, it is time to get closer and self discovery.
  4. Understand that patiences is key. Remember I told you, I have been single for 11 years. Small bumps on the road but hey, I don’t claim them because they only last for 2 months or less. Getting to that right person take a while, but understand that Beyonce was not successful star over night. She worked for year and took time to perfect her craft. So that special person, it make themselves right just for you… they don’t know that. Be patient… that special person will come soon.
  5. Love yourself the way you want your partner to treat you. Self love people! How do you expect someone to love you if you can’t love yourself. Treat yourself kind and with respect first. Be that model so your partner will know. Self love is key, I can’t stress that enough.
  6. Enjoy your own company. Learn to enjoy being around yourself. This was something I really had to work on getting comfortable. For a long time I hate being by myself.

Single Tip…
STOP thinking YOU are unlovable and you’ll never will be married. Here’s the TRUTH about YOU! YOU are SO amazing it took extra time to create your mate. Relax! Trust God’s timing! He hasn’t forgotten you. He just wasn’t ready to share you yet !

Feature Photo: Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography  IG: @richellemariephoto

So, how are you feeling about being single? 

Share with me in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading and don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe to my blog.  I hope this blog post can help you change your mindset and find value in being single. I know these tips have help me of the course of time. I found self love and make time everyday to work on myself. Let me know what you wanna see in the future on the blog ! I am here for y’all!

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