Beauty Talk: FashionLayn Must Haves !!! ** Fall Edition**

Beauty Talk: FashionLayn Must Haves !!!  ** Fall Edition**

Hello Beauties, I am back with another Beauty Talk. I am so excited to be doing this again! I decided to bring Beauty Talk  back because this one of the most successful blog post I ever did on my blog.  Inside of showing y’all my favorite products, I thought it would be cool to show y’all my favorite products for the FALL SEASON ! So, let’s have a little Beauty Talk on the blog. Remember makeup is simply a enhancer to all the beauty that your already have !

Favorite Skin Care Products

Fall season leaves my skin super dry I need my skin to feel like a baby’s bottom


(left to right)

  1. Upper Canada Green Tea “Detoxification” Face Sheet Mask : 5 pack $11.50 Upper Canada
  2. Pearlessence Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum : $5.99 TJMaxx
  3. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator: Starting Price $12 Sephora **Trying the tester size
  4. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray: $25.50 Sephora  ** Tying the tester size

If you read my last Beauty Talk post you already know about my hostile dry skin !! It can be really combative in the fall. So first I have been trying out these tester size Clinique hydrator  and the face spray to bring back the moisture to my face . I got them out of Beauty Insider Clinique Box from Sephora. I use it morning and night and  I like using this product under my eye. My under eye area is very sensitive and it gets very dry. It been working really well and help change the texture of my skin in that area.  Next, I am in love with hyaluronic acid  and vitamin C facial serum from Pearlessence! Jackie Ania one of my favorite YouTuber got me hip to hyaluronic acid. So yes I love hyaluronic acid because it improve the skin texture, adds brightness and moisture to your skin. Also the drops come with vitamin c that packs that extra brightness that I am looking to bring to dull dry skin !  I am near 30 and I feel my skin getting a little loose lol. Lastly, have you ever had your makeup on for too long or have you make that mistake and slept with your makeup on. Yes I have done both of these. So when that happen it has my skin feeling dry and it looks dull. It is officially time to detox my skin. So I bought these green tea face sheet mask from Upper Canada. Omg these masks leave my skin feeling like it got all the things it need to bring it back to life. It really has your skin soft and it also states that it reduced inflammation , and simulates circulation to your face. I love how it gives my skin a nice glow after I use it ! After treating my face with what it needs it is time to enhance my already beautiful face with makeup !

Favorite Beat Products

In other words my favorite makeup products for my face 🙂


(left to right)

  1. Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable Medium-To-Full Coverage Foundation (Chai): $39 at Ulta
  2. Clinique High Impact Mascara: $19 at Sephora 
  3. Clinique Lash Building Primer: $17 at Sephora **Tying the tester size
  4. Morphe Continuous Setting Mist: $15 at Ulta 
  5. Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer (Chestnut): $29 at Ulta

Did I tell Jackie Ania is my favorite YouTuber…. LOL I think I did. Well on her YouTube channel she told us about her partnership Too Faced and how she was able to extend their shade ranges to their foundation collections. She added 9 more shades in the medium to deep dark range. Shout out to you sis. Since doing so I decided to try out Too Faced Born This Way foundation and I also heard great things about. So I got the foundation shade in Chai. So to complete the family I also go the TooFaced Born This Way concealer in the color chestnut. I absolutely  love the formula of both products. They both don’t leave my fave feeling extra heavy. Also it last long and doesn’t look like a totally mess at the end of the day. The two products work well together and both have some wonderful benefits in the bottle. Coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid !!! Also the Clinique lash primer with the mascara is great together. The primer gives my lash extra length and the mascara takes my lash up a notch. Great combo together. Lastly, I am in love with this Morphe setting spray. I love that it doesn’t leave my face after spraying super-duper wet. It really sets my makeup into my skin flawlessly !

Favorite Eye Products

Ooou your eyes are so pretty ! 


  1. Colourpop “Take Me Home” Shadow Palette: $12 at Ulta

Can we all agree that Colourpop is bomb!.  I got introduce to Colourpop maybe 3 years ago when I got into makeup tutorials. Their eye shadows and lippies are so bomb. The “Take Me Home” palette is just for all the ladies that want to keep their eyes basic but also want to give a little glam. This palette makes it super easy to create looks for everyday and the colors are so bomb for the fall ! Also easy to blind and super pigmented Sidenote: Colourpop is super affordable brand so definitely check them out !

Favorite Lip Products

Lips need love too! Pucker Up ! 


(top to bottom)

  1. The Lip Bar Lip Gloss in the Color ” Class Act”: $14 at The Lip Bar
  2. Clinique Chubby Stick in the color ” Woppin Watermelon: $18.50 at Sephora
  3. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the color “Club Hopper”: $6.99 at Ulta

Last but certainly not least. I decided to show y’all my favorite fall color, lip balm, and gloss. So first I had to show love to the Black Women owned business that hit the scene. Melissa Butler, the owner of The Lip Bar, is Detroit Made entrepreneur so we have to show love to her and the city. Yes, this lip gloss called “Class Act” is so bomb. It glides on very smoothly and the color is so beautiful on my brown girls.  Next, we have this Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm that gives my lips a cute tint. I love this lip balm because it is super moisturizing for lips in these dry months. I think I am going to try other colors because I really enjoyed the formula. Lastly my favorite lip color is NYX Lip Suede in the color “Club Hopper”. It is a perfect bold purple mauve color. Also I enjoy the formula because not so matte that it leaves your lips super dry. It is also brown girl friendly too !

So these are some of the products that I have been reaching for pretty much every day.  They are my must have and I quick to run to the store when I am running low or run out.

What are some of your beauty must have products ?

Let me know in the comments !

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Remember beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.




70’s Inspired Look From Forever 21

70’s Inspired Look From Forever 21

Lately what has been on trend are things from the 70’s have been showing up in the stores. In the “Its October” post I was telling y’all that in Forever 21 they had a big section dedicated to 70’s prints, and style.  Bell Bottoms, Patches, Geometric prints, and corduroy, etc. I think 70’s were super unique and powerful time in our history.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

Lets get right into the fashion details. In this weeks outfit I am giving y’all a bit of the 70’s in this look.  The mini skirt with the zip panel, a cozy mustard sweater with thigh high boots. Instead of going for the A-line skirt I decided to show up my curves this look a little update and wear a skirt that is more form-fitting. Both pieces I am featuring in this picture both come from Forever 21.  This mini skirt is super cute for the fall months. You can pair this with colorful stocking and booties or over the knee boots like I did.  The mini skirt is corduroy texture skirt with a front zipper with a pull ring. Definitely giving me 70’s vibes. This mini skirt is true to size and fits nicely on any frame. I paired this skirt with a mustard color fuzzy ribbed sweater that I got from Forever 21 at the beginning of the year.

I am telling you sis, that you do not have to spend all your money to look a certain type a way. You can cut the corner to look like million bucks. This look only cost me $18 dollars. I  only bought the skirt. I was able to shop my closet and pair the skirt with this mustard color sweater that gave it a warm cozy fall vibe. Also I wearing my thigh high boots that I got for Christmas last year. Thanks Mom Winning ! Remember you can recreate and reinvent ! 

Rust Plus Size Corduroy Zip – Front Skirt // Forever 21 (Similar Style)

Mustard Plus Size Fuzzy Ribbed Knit Sweater // Forever 21 OLD

Black Over the Knee Boot// Lane Bryant (Similar)


little sidenote:

i want to talk to you sis about being intentional. i had a guy that i really admire as person. now this guy i met him at work. he is a really positive individual and because he was so positive his energy was contagious and powerful. i remember him talking about “being intentional”. i have to be honest i did not have a clue what he was talking about. however he explain to be that in life we a have tendency to just drift through life. next time we look we are 10 years older and we have not done anything. do you really just want to exist and not life. GOD intend for us to live are life .  so i choice to be intentionally happy at all time, i choice to be intentional thankful.  the definition of intentional is done on purpose or deliberate. it means to actively engage with your life. so i am consciously going to show my happiness. i am consciously going to be thankful. i am consciously going to live my life 

here are few things that i think can help you to living more of intentional life.

  • understand that life is full with many choices, evaluate your surroundings and examine yourself
  • decide that you’re going to live your life- lets say your best life, then put it into motion. define your purpose so you have clear understanding and something that you go back and look at if you drift off.
  • set your goals, and try to stay focused on them. remember its okay if you mess up just remember your  purpose and attack it again. lastly surround yourself with some good people to learn from. 


Location: Dearborn, MI

Photographer: My mom ! I love her because she wants to see me win and she is always willing to help me with my blog. Thankful for her. She helps keeps me consistent.

How are you going to live more intentionally ?

First I am going to start by slowing down through out my day and just breathe. Take focus on my breath and meditate. Be in that moment and value that moment. That is how I am going to start why living my life intentionally.

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push forward.



It’s October!!

It’s October!!

Happy October. Omg can you believe it… we are in the 4th quarter of the year ! I can even keep it up. Every time I look it up we are in a new month, almost a new year. Shesh !  So this month is about HEALING ! The focus on healing myself inside and out , and mentally. Last month I hit a big bump , you know that big bump is called life.  The experience really left me feeling really low. I want to help us understand that we make messes in life but we can clean them up. Our flaws and wounds are apart of us but they  don’t minimize the good within us. We are still good people sis and the MOST HIGH still loves us regardless.  So with all that being said I want to focus on healing this month for you and for me, and still bring yall some bomb fashion to mix !

Your purpose is hidden within your wounds.

-Rune Lazuli

Fashion Note

So on the fashion tip this month I notice that the whole 70s trends is back and in full effect. I was at Forever21 the other day and I notice that bell bottoms, bold prints, and wrap dresses were out in display. This is all resembles the 70s one way or the other. It definitely a look and I have been inspired this month to bring the 70s to the fore front. And sense Halloween is near I think I am going to 70s inspired Fashion look as my costume for this halloween season. I can’t wait to show yall what I am working on as my costume this Halloween

Brands that I want to get my hands on this month of course more SheIN, I just need to get   more of understanding with the sizes! Asos Curve, FashionNova, and Pretty Little Things! Speaking of PrettyLittle Things have you seen the new plus size collection that added featuring Ashley Graham. My little heart can’t take it omg!!! So cute, I saw a few pieces I want and need to get my hands on


Blog Note 

For the blog, you know how I feel about continuing to bring quality content an info to the blog for yall my readers. Yall are my friends and I think I want to something special for yall. How about a GIVEAWAY !!. Yeah I feel in the giving spirit so yes it is coming yall way. So stay tuned for that! I will announce it on my BLOG and INSTAGRAM.

Last month I went to another Femology Event: Robes and Rosé! I had so much fun at this event ! If you want to here more about this event check out the Robes and Rose recap. So with that being I going to a 2 more events this month. I love eventing!  Yes I made the word eventing up. When I go to events it get me out my comfort zone. It get me comfortable to talk to other people. So to all my sis out there that are building business and brands—– NETWORKING is very important! COLLABORATING is very important. So that what I am doing !


Personal Note/ Goals

Now for myself! As a blogger I have to keep some things in balance. I have to remember to make sure Alayna is A1. If I am not all together then how can I continue to deliver.  So for myself you already know that my focus is on healing my mind, body, and soul. By doing so I have been searching for a therapist in my area. However, find a black therapist is certainly a hard task.

  1. Find a Black Woman Therapist to help me cope with something in my life
  2. Drink more water and eat less meat
  3. Start reading Sister Souljah- Midnight book
  4. Take my vitamins everyday – because I forget lol
  5. Start Christmas shopping this month so I want be caught slipping at the last minute


That is what is to come for FashionLayn this month ! Happy Healing Everyone !


Event Recap: Femology Robes & Rosé Event for the Ultimate Social Gathering

Event Recap: Femology Robes & Rosé Event for the Ultimate Social Gathering

Last Sunday I attend an event called “Robes & Rosé”.  I must say it was  ultimate social event for like mind women to come together network and make some connections.  Its funny I say connections because Femology Detroit, a modern-day business work space for women and Supernatural, a lingerie store for modern and “magical women.


These two different business platforms came together to collaborate for  founders, CEOs, bloggers, vloggers, business owners, influencers, and more to come together to socialize and make some connections.  I am all for making connections with women. We need more events like this to bring women together. Female Camaraderie ! Check out post on the importance of  female camaraderie.

At the social event we got a chance to meet the female founder, Carlie the Women Owned Business called Supernatural Lingerie.  She is based out of her hometown Birmingham, MI . She shared her journey with us on how she got started and why she felt is was important to have actual lingerie store. She stated, that she was actual store for women to come in to try on and feel the pieces on.   I also got a chance to introduce myself to Carlie, I asked her a questions about plus size items.  She express that a few of her pieces bra sizes range to 36G and panties and other bottoms range to 2X. Not bad So if you find yourself in Birmingham and you some new imitate wear, Supernatural is located on 303 E Maple Rd and they are open from Tuesday through Sunday from 11-5.


Carlie in the middle with super support system.

Her mom(left) and sister (right)

Back to the event, so again it took place at Supernatural. When I walked into the event I was greeted with familiar faces from Instagram, past event and tables full of sweet treats,  tasty finger foods , rose bouquets and rosé everywhere.  You know Femology really knows how to put together event with some much class and femininity.


Beautiful Spread By Gourmet Platters



Sweet Tooth Treats By Terri’s Cakes




Ladies showcasing their best lingerie inspired looks at the event


My Outfit deets…

So this event inspirational look that Robes and Rosé were going for the ultimate lingerie look. Lingerie, robes, fuzzy pumps,  lacy body suits, and more to spice up the fun. I decide to take it a different route. I expect everyone to wear a lacy bodysuit and robe however I wanted to be a bit more comfortable. This weekend I had a bit of a cold and I was not in the mood to expose my chest to the in between weather lol. So I took the Boohoo black graphic, that says “WOMAN” and paired it with Red and Blue Kimono from Forever21.  The look came out cute. Also because I am so ready for fall I put on my super comfortable thigh high boots from Lane Bryant. This look a bit of street style theme and little bit of flirtation with the robe. Serving looks all day!

Plus Size Tropical Floral Kimono// Forever 21


Meagan and myself taking a selfie !

little sidenote: 

consistency is key. the more you put yourself out there and keep producing quality content the more people see you. you never know when people are watching you grow. when i was at the event. Meagan,  the founder of Femology, approached me and told me i was doing a great job. she was like i see you doing your thing. so i am here to say that keep going, don’t stop you never know who is watching your growth. 



So yes it was another successful event with Femology.   I again met some wonderful women. Always  special shout to Meagan and her team for bring this delightful event to light.  To know more about Femology Detroit do not hesitate to visit their site Special shout to Carlie for being such a nice host, your lingerie pieces are super magical !


Carlie the store owned turn her dream of having a lingerie store. So my question to you is…

If you could own your own business what would it be ?

I want to be a successful blogger and work with large campaigns and brands. So I will ultimately want a street style fashion store for curvy women sizes ranges from 12-28.

Let me know below in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading and don’t hesitate to like, comment and subscribe to my blog.

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push forward.