Taste of Summer| Hawaiian Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

Taste of Summer| Hawaiian Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own.

Festival season is in full swing. If I was at Coachella right now I would be wearing this Hawaiian shirt, representing my city, and being unapologetic about. I love to look at all the fun outfits and colorful look that are inspired from Coachella and all the other festivals to come.

Now when I initially went to the Not Sorry Apparel’s shop, a festival inspired look was not on my mind. I was clueless… I had not the slightest idea on what I wanted to do. So I started flipping through the racks and there it was.  I stop right at this Hawaiian, tropical print shirt. The light went off in my head and my inspirational juices started to flow. PARADISE!

“Find paradise wherever I go”


fullsizeoutput_2c3cSo with this look  I decided to skip over spring and jumping straight into to warm summer vibes. This over sized Hawaiian shirt from Not Sorry Apparel is just want I need to put me back in my fun-loving spirit.  Definitely having a tropical state of mind!! Yo So this weekend my mom and I went downtown to get a couple of photos of this festive top. If you didn’t know I partner up with Not Sorry Apparel showcasing a street style look.  Not Sorry Apparel know as a brand that rebrand and upcycle pre-love clothing to help rid the world of pollution! Please make sure you check them out on Instagram @notsorryapparel and NotSorryApparel.com 

So yes I have sprang forward, giving y’all a taste of summer, honey.  I might not be at Coachella or on topical island… but I giving y’all a bit of paradise in the city. Natural and tropical/ botanical prints is on trend.  So I naturally thought a Hawaiian shirt would go well with cream color linen pants. It not so warm in Detroit just yet so I decided to go for thicker bottom. So I went for these Universal Thread cream denim jean from Target. These jeans are high-waisted jeans that fit perfectly to my silhouette. The jeans are super stretchy and provide a comfortable fit. I got these jean in a regular fit however for my curvy sis you can get the same exact jeans in plus size! Such a great fit and they retail at $27.99. Let now focus on the shoes. I added to the outfit were yellow slingback block heel sandals from Old Navy. These shoes were also comfortable and easy to wear. You will see these shoes in a lot more outfits for the season.

Hawaiian Shirt// Not Sorry Apparel

High Rise Button Fly Fray Skinny Jeans// Target

Slingback Block Heel Sandals // Old Navy


The last element added to this look were plant inspired gold jewelry and natural aesthetics. The gold monstera leaf drop earrings from Forever 21 was just want I needed to complete this tropical look.  I purchase these roughly a year ago so I do not remember how much I spent on them. However if you are looking for a similar, check this pair from Forever21. To add a extra kick to the fit I added my favorite new bamboo pendant necklace from Trinkets and Such. If you want to learn more about the necklace, check out previous post.  If you want to see a post on all my favorite jewelry, let me know in the comment section. Lastly, the structural straw circular bag was the natural mix that I was looking for. I purchase this bag for $25 at Burlington’s. No need to spend all your money on trends.




Location: Detroit Institute of Arts Museum (DIA)

Photographer: My Momma! & Editing done by me!

Do you like music festivals? If so, What festival have you gone to? If you have not been to one, which music festival would you like to attend? What would you wear to a music festival? Lastly what are you thoughts on this outfit? 

Share with me in the comment section.

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Weekend Haul At Sephora| Fenty Beauty Product Review

Weekend Haul At Sephora| Fenty Beauty Product Review

Over the weekend I did some well needed retail therapy. My week was nonstop work and I needed to take some time and just walk up and down the mall and just shop.  I had my mine set on adding a few new products to my makeup collection. So I headed over to my local Sephora at Somerset Collection Mall.  I went in and the next thing I know I was cashing out on quite a few of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty products!  If you are makeup lover, like myself, you probably already knew about new releases that hit the shelf last week. I finally got my hands on the new bronzer and highlighters. So its only right that I share with you all my “Fenty Face”. On today’s post I will be showing off what I bought and provide a mini review over all the Fenty Beauty products I purchased. HAUL TIME !

Left to Right: Foundation, Concealer, and Gloss Bomb

So Rihanna has been killing the game lately. I really do miss her music but her beauty and lingerie line has been making major head way. First and foremost I really do appreciate that Rihanna for pushing diversity and inclusion since the beginning. Fenty Beauty definitely change the game when they first launch their line of 50 shades of complexion products. THEY DID IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.. no shade! So shout out to her. She had everybody shooked and I appreciate her for doing this.

So, I went crazy in Sephora this past weekend. I was watching a lot of Youtubers, and a few of them that I watch went to private party with Fenty Beauty. They met Rihanna!!! So of course they took to their channels to tell about the products and how shook they were to meet her. I heard so many good reviews about the bronzers I had to get my hands on it.  So I had to join the wave.   I spent up all my work points (we get points at work to buy things)  to get four  $25 gift cards for Sephora.  The plan was to do some serious shopping and spending.



This was the most anticipated products out of the all. The Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer is another banger from the Fenty brand. I purchase the shade Mocha Mami, which is a deep dark red undertone bronzer. The bronzer comes 8 other different shades. Now bronzer is my go to. Honestly I prefer to bronze than to contour.

Sidenote: Bronzing is the art of warming the face and contour is define and add shadow to the face.

This product does it for me. It definitely warms up my skin and leaves my face with nice tan finish around the perimeter of my face. On the site it claims to be transfer resistant and it live up to the hype.

On the flip side,  Mocha Mami was definitely dark enough for my complexion, however I do wish they will extend the shade range for my deep dark sisters. We still have a lot of work to do in the beauty industry!  This retails for $30 on Fenty and Sephora sites.  This product gets FashionLayn’s stamp of approval and definitely worth it


Next on my beauty list was the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter in the shade Penny4UThots. Auntie Ri had me at the name alone. This is a metallic burnt copper highlighter. Super glittery ! Now, this product, I have to be honest, I am a little underwhelmed with this one. It has big flakes of metallic chucks, kinda  like confetti. In my opinion it add inconsistencies to my face. Then the product does not pop my cheeks, it is a bit too subtle for my taste.  I am girl who love for her checks to pop and it did not do it for me. If you are a girl that loves silvery undertone highlighter and loves to be subtle then this product is for you. It made me look a little gray.

The best thing about this highlighter is that you can use this product anywhere on your face. So I am not going to take it back to the store, instead I am going to pack this on my eye lids. This highlighter retails at $36 at Fenty and Sephora.


Up next on the list was the Fenty Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder. I purchase this in the shade of “Honey”. This superfine milled loose setting powder comes in 8 different shades use to set and brightening. This product is super sheer and definitively has a soft brightening effect to the skin. Let me tell you “less is more”. You do not need to add touch much on you face because that will leave yon super dry. This product is super comfortable on the skin and think it best applied with a sponge!  This setting powder retail at $32! I am a fan of this product I want to go back and get another shade because the honey shade works well to set the rest of my face not my under eye. I prefer to be a bit more brighter and love a yellow undertone! This product gets FashionLayn’s stamp of approval and definitely worth it ! 


So most people already know that the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation has been the star of the show for quite sometime. It is a medium to full coverage foundation that comes in 50 other shade ranges. BOMB ! A year ago a did a separate review on this product and I still feel good about this product, here is what I said.  I still love the formula. I love the way it melts in my skin and it is easy to apply. On the flip side I do need to go back to find my exact match. I have been searching for the right  match to balance out my face and chest. Currently, my I have foundation in the shade 420 (deep tan, warm undertone)  and I do think it is bit too warm for my skin.

My Fenty Face

In addition this shade is my “summer shade”, so that could also be the issue. If you have super dry skin this product is still not for you however you can pair this product with hydrating primer or mix it with a dewy foundation. Maybe Auntie RiRi might come out with dewy finish foundation. That will be lit! This product retail for $35 on Fenty Beauty and Sephora. This product gets FashionLayn’s stamp of approval and definitely worth it ! 


Finally I got my hands on the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer. Rihanna few month gave the ladies a 50 shades of concealer to go along with the foundation.  The concealer like the foundation is medium to full coverage. It glides on very creamy and fell super hydration. The concealer claim to be longwearing, light,  and creaseproof. Man some super bold claims!  I wore this concealer for three days straight and I must say it lives up to the hype. It is very comfortable and lightweight on the skin. It it stay put! I started creasing once I was made it home after working a 12 hours shift. So I must say I was very impressed by the concealer. On the flip side I purchase the concealer in  shade 390 (deep tan, yellow undertones). My plan is to go back to get lighter shade that will brighten up my under eye area. I do wish the bottle was a bit more bigger. This products retails for $26.


These gloss bombs are by far my favorite products of them all! This is high shine universal lip gloss.The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzer are so amazing! I have them in the shade of Fu$$y and Fenty Glow. They are so longwearing and sit comfortably on my lips.I have nothing to say bad about this product. I have like 2 of them in my purse and I stock up every time I go to Sephora. Each lip bomb retails at $18 a piece. This product gets FashionLayn’s stamp of approval and definitely worth it ! 


“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.

But cosmetics are easier to buy.”

-Yves Saint Laurent


Location: Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: Me Myself and I

Do you like Fenty Beauty Products? Have you tried Fenty Beauty? What are you favorite products from this brand? What is you least favorite products? 

Join the conversation and share with me your thoughts in the comment section.

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For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

This post was done in collaboration with Trinkets and Such – but trust, all opinions are my own. #trinketsandsuch™ #sponsored

Do you love jewelry? Lately, I have had my eyes focused on jewelry and accessories. Those little dainty pieces alone can add so much class and flavor to a look.  Did you know I am a big fan of gold jewelry?!  I was exposed to gold jewelry at a young age. I was once allergic to costume jewelry so the only thing I could wear was 14kt gold. Since then I have grown out of my allergy and I can wear whatever I want. However, my love of gold jewelry never went anywhere.  It increased over the years because the selection has expanded.  Anklets, bracelets, earrings, and chains. So I almost lost my mind when I was given a chance to collaborate with Trinkets and Such, that has so many beautiful GOLD pieces and more that I admire.

Trinkets and Such is a gift shop for taste makers based in the city of Detroit! Curated by Daisha, a Detroit native, prides her brand on giving shoppers quality collections, and effortless essentials. What really make them stand out from the rest are their hand stamp semi fine jewelry and the complimenting pieces. On today’s blog post I will be sharing my love of gold through these super cute statements from Trinkets!


I guess you can say I am the millennial version of  Austin Power’s Goldmember. Does anyone remember that movie? LOL Gold represent so much to me… success, elegance, and confidences. I love it! Also,  gold jewelry really complement my complexion.  It add warmth and completes all my looks. So is not surprise how easily I fell in love with the bamboo pendant.  This necklace can stand on it’s one or you can layer it up with other simplistic necklaces or a hand stamped bar necklace. I am thinking about layer this necklace with other. Do you want to see how I layers my necklaces? Let me know in the comment section below. I really love this necklace because it is not super heavy on my neck. Also the pendant comes with adjustable chain which is a plus.  You can get any letter of your choice. Of course I went with the letter “A” for Alayna, my name. 🙂   You can get this necklace for $22. Not bad at all! My favorite!

Lastly, I love earrings.  These linked earrings are an edgy and cool addition to my everyday street style fashion. I feel like this earrings can bring value to white shirt and jeans kinda day.  Maybe you can add them to a polish look. You know! Anyway these earrings definitely stand alone.The earrings are super lightweight and they come with disc earrings backs. You can get these earrings for $12 dollars!

Olivia Bamboo Pendant// Trinkets and Such

Rashida Link Earrings// Trinkets and Such

Make sure you check out Trinkets and Such website and take a look at their cute trinkets and compliment pieces. Sidenote: A little birdy told me that she will have some new products are coming soon. Make sure you follow @trinketsandsuch_ on Instagram to get the latest updates on products and more.


” Jewelry is like the perfect spice- 

it always complements what’s already there.”

-Diane Von Furstenberg


Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Myself/ Alayna aka FashionLayn

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Daisha, for collaborating with me and being so kind! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this post.

So I hope you all enjoyed my mini review of these products. So thankful that I am able to align myself with a brand that wants to give their shoppers a great experience. That what I want for y’all, as the readers.

Do you where jewelry? What kind of jewelry/ accessories do you love? Do you like statement or simplistic pieces? Do you love gold or silver jewelry? 

Let me know in the comment section. Lets have a conversation about it.

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OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

Finally, I got a chance to show off  my legs with a denim mini skirt and a matching cropped jacket from Missguided. Spring has sprung in the city and I do not know how to act.  The forecast hit the city with 68 degrees and sunny weather. The sun definitely boosted my energy and put me in a good mood all weekend. I finally felt comfortable to stripped off some of my layers and hit the city. If you know anything about Michigan weather, it can be very wishy-washy during the transitional season. When we get beautiful weather we hit the streets and have a good time.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

Source: Pantone

So one day I was at my desk and I was watching a video of Youtuber having a try on haul of all the clothing she bought from Missguided. Well I felt compel to check it out myself and they also had a plus size section. Missguided is online based retailer, located in the United Kingdom. Price points ranging from $10-$70 dollars.

I was finishing up on website when I came across this super cute cream denim set both pieces featuring silver metal details and contrast stitching. I just love distress hem on both pieces. What I really love the most is the color. It reminded me of  “Sweet corn”, a 2019 Pantone Spring/ Summer Fashion colors.

I caught both pieces on sale,  $14 for the mini skirt and $17 for the cropped jacket.  OMG what a steal.  On top of it I did not have to pay for shipping. BOOM!

COUPON CODE !!!  Each peace has return to its original price. The mini skirt is $33 and the jacket is $52.  Make sure you apply the code “heynew”  to get 40% off your purchase.

Now I have to admit I was going in blind when I order from Missguided. I have heard anything about this brand. I order the denim skirt in a UK size 20, equivalent to size 16 US. In addition order the cropped denim jacket in UK size 1, equivalent to a size 14 US.  I love how the cropped jacket fit however the denim mini skirt was pretty tight around my hips and lose around my waist line.  No stretch material so I would suggest to go a size up for a better fit. In addition, if you have small waist the mini skirt comes with belt loops… So belt can help.

On the flip size I was trying to have some fun this weekend. I decided to wear this denim set and pair it with some bright pieces. First, I got this tie dye shirt from a little business woman name Sydni of Silly Kid Shirt. She designs tie dye shirts using many different patterns and colors.  Prices range for $5 and $7 dollars piece. Can you believe is she is only 6 years with an awesome business. You go girl! Lastly, I added my new favorite shoes. They are silver platform oxfords from Chinese Laundry. If you want me to do a review on these shoes, let me know in the comment section below.


Jacket: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Cropped Jacket// Missguided

Skirt: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Mini Skirt// Missguided

Shoes: Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford// Nordstrom

Shirt: Tie Dye Shirt// Silly Kid Shirts (local own business)



Location: West Side Detroit, MI

Photographer: Mom

How was your weekend? What was weather like? Have you shopped from Missguided? What are your thoughts about this brand? What are you thoughts on this outfit? 

Let me know in the comment section

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