$13 Dollar Neon Orange Set | SHEIN

$13 Dollar Neon Orange Set | SHEIN

I have been totally obsessed with neon colors. I love how popping it makes my skin looks. So that way I was in totally shock how cute this  crop cami top & bodycon skirt set from Shein looked on me! Giving me Channel Orange vibes! Can you believe this set only cost me $13 bucks? The girls are all for saving a few coins. If you want to get into the neon trend check out retailer, like Shein, Boohoo, of FashionNova. You do not need to spend all your money on trends that do not last. Neon is the trend I am loving and those retailer I listed works for my pockets.  On today’s post I will share all my thoughts on this set from Shein.


So I think it is safe to say that Shein is one of my favorite stores. Is she replacing Forever 21? Ugh I don’t know sis. Y’all know I love Forever 21 but she has been a bit hit or miss for me lately and Shein has been making those 3’s. LOL

My new routine now  is to check to see what new on Shein, probably every other day. I came across this crop cami top & bodycon skirt set and press the order button with the upmost quickness. My first thoughts about this set was love the bright orange color, and the cami crop top.  I do not recall seeing a set like this.

Since Shein is inexpensive online retailer, I always make a habit to size up when I purchase anything that fits tight to my frame. I have experience when I purchase XL or 1XL from inexpensive brands the clothes fit super tight. So, I applied my rule of thumb. In this case I wish I would have sized down. I decided to order this crop cami top & bodycon skirt set in 2XL. The cropped cami fit perfectly, and it featured it adjustable straps. Perfect ! However, the skirt was a bit loose in my waist.  Y’all know how much I love my skirts to hug my frame. On the flip side this set is very comfortable and soft to the touch. (Please note: The material is a bit on thin side. It is see through) So just keep that in mind if you thinking about ordering this set. Set is available on the Shien website for $13 dollars and the size run from OXL-3XL (12-18 US).

Neon Orange Rib-Knit Crop Cami Top & Bodycon Skirt Set // SHEIN


I can absolutely picture myself wearing this outfit at a summertime festival or summer nights out with the girls at The Belt Detroit. The color along is so stunning and has a flirty/ edgy feel.  These are all the elements I love to bring to my looks.

On today’s outfit of choice I added an acid wash denim jacket from Forever 21. I bought this jacket so long however, this jacket brought bit of edginess to this look. So acidic! Lastly, I add animal print which have been taking over the celebrity events. The snakeskin pointed ankle boots were it. Hmm, I think snakeskin is replacing leopard/ cheetah prints.  Like the set I purchased the boots from Shein. If you want to read my full review on these boots click here. I know it warm outside and the toes need to come. Between you and me, my feet look like a horror story so with that being said, y’all will get a boot today. HAHA.

Anyway, putting this look together was a lot fun and you can’t beat the price point of this set. Also, you have fun mixing this set with other fit. I thinking about pairing the cami with a distressed jeans. If y’all want to see more ways to style each piece, let me know in the comment section.



“Orange is a color of liberation, from the pains of hurtful love and inner insecurities. To ‘Channel Orange’ is to truly be free, to be you.” 

-Frank Ocean

Location: Downtown Detroit

Photographer: My Mother | Editing: Me Myself & I

Have you shopped on Shein? If so what do you think about it? If you have not, what is stopping you from doing so?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis! Let me know what you think of this look?

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Chapter 6…. June Plan and Goals

Chapter 6…. June Plan and Goals

First day of June. I feel so good this morning. Summer is loading. I have so many things to look forward to this month and I am excited to share them with you. May was a great month. My eyes open and I got hip to a lot of things.  I am so grateful for May. Now we are walking through the month June. So on today’s post I will be sharing my personal goals,  what is coming to FashionLayn, and a brief fashion report

Fashion Note

Finally the weather is consistent. In Detroit, the weather for the last couple of days has been sunny, with rain showers. It has been 75 degrees or lower, I know how to dress that. I am so happy I am able to ditch my little jacket and be free. “Less is more”, my motto for the summer when it comes to styling

FASHION REPORT:  Beachy , and bohemian theme, patterns, and prints is something you can still explore this summer. Natural patterns, fishnet and crochet look can also migrate into this summers look as well . According to June’s issue of InStyle Magazine tie-dye is still a big hit. A Tie-dye shirts is one on those inexpensive trends that you can pull off with any look. When you think of summer, I know island vibes comes to mind. Bold in color floral tops, tie dye, flowing skirts , or tie up skirts are all pieces you can try if you want to explore an island look.  Lastly, what has been showing up on the red carpet and other celebrity events are two-toned snakeskins. Leopard print is not the look, there is a new king of jungle and it is snakeskin. You can try out the snakeskin with a dress, pencil skirt, or a suit. Also long cascades of pleats are giving us a romantic vibe.

Last month I join in a swimsuit challenge called #JustWearTheSuit, if you want to read click here. Anyway, it took me 14 years to get to comfortable point to wear a swimsuit. So, with that being said make sure you get a nice swimsuit for the summer. If you to see inexpensive swimsuits for  different body types,  let me know in the comment section. So yes, there is so much fashion other things to look forward to coming to the blog!

Blog Note

I have a lot of new content brewing for this month. I feel the same way as I felt last month. My hard work, consistency, and dedication is paying off. I know it not always about the numbers but I see a nice growth in my blog and I am so thankful for it. Remember to all my content creator… Never stop reaching out to brands and pitching. “Close mouths don’t get fed”. I still pitch 2 to 3 brands each month. I have a few sponsored post coming to my blog and socials and I will share that as soon as a can. So stay tuned! Please subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with everything that is coming to FashionLayn

Personal Note

My personal wellness has definitely been on my mind, in a good way. My team lead told me at work that I need to take at least two 15 minute breaks without my phone. Find a spot and just be in that moment. Last Thursday, I was so overwhelmed with information and commotion that I almost had a small breakdown. My anxiety was on my head. That when my leader told me I should get away from my desk. Since it warmer now I can do just that and people watch.  The same day of my fresco, I came across this 30 day Soul Reset Challenge.  This detox require you  drink water, mediate/ exercise for 15 minutes a day,  get 7 hours of sleep, and nightly journaling. It started today and I  already failed at not looking at my phone the first hour of day. That’s okay, it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I think this just what I need and hope I able to apply this in July. Anyway,I learn that it is okay to just walk away from your desk and be present in that moment. This month I going to focus on cleaninsing my mind, body, and soul. Here are my personal goals this month:

  1. Complete each task in the Soul Reset Challenge.
  2. Drink 64 oz of water every day
  3. Pitch 2 to 3 brands each month
  4. Get comfortable with saying no
  5. Take 10-20 minutes just for myself only. No blog, No social media, just me !
  6. Finishing up my secret project. Will share in July!


Location: Detroit Michigan

Photographer: FashionLayn/ Me, Myself & I/ Alayna

What are you looking forward to in June? What are your plans and wellness goals this month?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis

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OOTD Spring Time Wear| Taupe Plaid Capri Pants x Light Denim Shirt

OOTD Spring Time Wear| Taupe Plaid Capri Pants x Light Denim Shirt

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own. 

So I realize I have not worn a true spring time wear on my blog.  Old school light denim shirt and plaid cropped capri pants was the ootd, last Sunday. Literally I married two different brands together and came up with a fun light look featuring my favorite brand Not Sorry Apparel. To be honest, I did not know this outfit was going to come out so cute.

I have to admit I was jumping all over the place with my wardrobe. Summer time fine looks, then I was back to transitional pieces… idk I was so confused.  It is super hard to wear a true spring time outfit in Michigan. Michigan weather has been know to be very bipolar in the transitional seasons.  On today’s post I will be showing off my true spring time look.

Taupe Plaid Cropped Capri from Target made this outfit !

Honestly, I was not sure where I was going with this outfit. I had two different pieces that I did not consider to put together at all. First, I purchase these taupe plaid cropped capri pants from Target. They have a fairly new brand called Who What Wear, who had really stylish chic pieces. I ran across these cropped pants in a size 16, available in plus size. my first initial glance I was not sure that they would fit. When I tried them on in the fitting I fell madly in love with the fit. It is so had to find structure pants to fit my wide hips and small waist properly. Another pro to these pants is that they stretch and feature discreet zipper on the side. At Target the pants retail for $29.99! Target has been my jam for quite some time! Coming through with that fire!

Light Vintage Denim Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

Lastly, I completed this look with a light denim top. You can say this was someone’s granny shirt. It definitely had a vintage feel to it. It featured pearl accents, very reminiscent of a country day. On the back of the shirt “Detroit Not Sorry” is print. Again I love this shirt because I carrying my city in my back! Denim shirt was upcyle by Not Sorry Apparel. If you want to know more about upcycling fashion, check my post out here.

Sidenote: Have fun with my accessories with this outfit. I played with a lot of different metals: gold, pearl, and silver accents

Light Denim Shirt// Not Sorry Apparel

Who What Wear Mid Rise Cropped Cropped Pants// Target (Plus Size)

Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford// Nordstrom


“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”


Location: Dearborn, Michigan- Random Office Space 🙂

Photographer: My mom took the photos and I did the editing. Sheesh I think my mom and I are a great team. She always come through for me!

What do you like to wear in the spring time? Is your weather all over the place where your from? How do you dress yourself in transitional seasons?

Share with me in the comment section.Join the (1)

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Weekend OOTD | My Easy Casual Street Style

Weekend OOTD | My Easy Casual Street Style

It was so beautiful this weekend. It was warm, bright, and sunny outside. One thing to know about me is that the weather dictate my mood. When it is sunny outside, I am in such good spirits. So of course I took to the city streets show off my threads. I like to keep it simple and casual when I walking up down the streets of Detroit.  In today’s post we will explore some of my favorite spring essential and how I put this casual wear together.

If you know me than you know I am a cool girl, nothing said cool more than distressed denim. So I reached for my favorite high waist denim jeans from Forever 21. Y all should already know that store is my “bread and butter”, and when I say that I mean it is affordable. These jeans are super comfy, just what I need for walking right?  If you are looking for distressed denim I would say to start looking at Forever 21, they have various of style and it is super affordable. If you want to invest in denim, then I would say take a Kut from the Kloth, and or Nordstrom to find a nice pair of quality jeans. Denim is such a staple in spring essential casual look.

Next, to the essential is striped top. You can never go wrong with this! You can dress it up or down. This shirt can take you a long way. I do ride a lot of trends but, I find it super important to have classic pieces in your wardrobe. I like to have pieces that can take me all year round. Trendy clothes live out it purpose for a moment. To save money I invest more in classic pieces. So this weekend I added a clean cut, crew neck striped top to my look. The shirt adds that classic affect to my look. Timeless.

Lastly, to compliment my classic striped shirt is an Olive Utility Jacket. This is another spring time essential to add to your closet. It also a timeless piece that you can wear in transitional seasons, like Spring or Fall. This olive jacket is my all time favorite, especially when the weather is bipolar. Growing up in the city, we all about industrial, hard work and such. This jacket speaks to all those things. It is tough and classic.  To keep this look casual and classic I add a utility jacket. If you are looking for Utility jacket, make your way over to Old Navy. The utility jacket I share is currently on sale and it goes all the way up to XXL.

Olive Utility Jacket// TjMaxx (old)

Black and White Stripe Shirt// Burlington (old)

High Waist Distressed Denim Jeans// Forever21 (old)


New Shoe Alert!! 

(** Dj Khaled voice**)

So I guess you can stay I am getting back into gym shoes. I use to be all into to gym shoes when I was teenager in high school. I always wanted the latest and greatest sneaks, but I never could afford them at that time. So when I started working I was finally able to get my hands on the shoes I liked. Of course I had to get my priorities straight so I decided it was best to put my love for gym shoes on the back burner.

Anyway at the tender age of 29 my love for sneakers have been resurrected. So my heart rejoice when I saw these pink Nautica shoes at Marshalls. First of all these shoes were so comfortable when I first tried them on.  My feet are able to breathe and the shoe work well for my wide feet. Of course the color got me, who can say no to millennial pink. These shoes retail for $30 bucks at Marshalls. There was no way I was going to leave them.

To conclude my look I always like to bring a pop of color to any look. This was brought my look home to me. The pink gym shoes brought my personality back to my look!

Nautica Women’s Steam Shoes // Marshalls


“Fashion fades only style remains”.

-Coco Chanel

Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: My Mommy 🙂

What are you favorite casual wear? What do you go for, for a everyday look? Why?

Share with me in the comment section.

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