For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

For the Love of Gold featuring Trinkets and Such

This post was done in collaboration with Trinkets and Such – but trust, all opinions are my own. #trinketsandsuch™ #sponsored

Do you love jewelry? Lately, I have had my eyes focused on jewelry and accessories. Those little dainty pieces alone can add so much class and flavor to a look.  Did you know I am a big fan of gold jewelry?!  I was exposed to gold jewelry at a young age. I was once allergic to costume jewelry so the only thing I could wear was 14kt gold. Since then I have grown out of my allergy and I can wear whatever I want. However, my love of gold jewelry never went anywhere.  It increased over the years because the selection has expanded.  Anklets, bracelets, earrings, and chains. So I almost lost my mind when I was given a chance to collaborate with Trinkets and Such, that has so many beautiful GOLD pieces and more that I admire.

Trinkets and Such is a gift shop for taste makers based in the city of Detroit! Curated by Daisha, a Detroit native, prides her brand on giving shoppers quality collections, and effortless essentials. What really make them stand out from the rest are their hand stamp semi fine jewelry and the complimenting pieces. On today’s blog post I will be sharing my love of gold through these super cute statements from Trinkets!


I guess you can say I am the millennial version of  Austin Power’s Goldmember. Does anyone remember that movie? LOL Gold represent so much to me… success, elegance, and confidences. I love it! Also,  gold jewelry really complement my complexion.  It add warmth and completes all my looks. So is not surprise how easily I fell in love with the bamboo pendant.  This necklace can stand on it’s one or you can layer it up with other simplistic necklaces or a hand stamped bar necklace. I am thinking about layer this necklace with other. Do you want to see how I layers my necklaces? Let me know in the comment section below. I really love this necklace because it is not super heavy on my neck. Also the pendant comes with adjustable chain which is a plus.  You can get any letter of your choice. Of course I went with the letter “A” for Alayna, my name. 🙂   You can get this necklace for $22. Not bad at all! My favorite!

Lastly, I love earrings.  These linked earrings are an edgy and cool addition to my everyday street style fashion. I feel like this earrings can bring value to white shirt and jeans kinda day.  Maybe you can add them to a polish look. You know! Anyway these earrings definitely stand alone.The earrings are super lightweight and they come with disc earrings backs. You can get these earrings for $12 dollars!

Olivia Bamboo Pendant// Trinkets and Such

Rashida Link Earrings// Trinkets and Such

Make sure you check out Trinkets and Such website and take a look at their cute trinkets and compliment pieces. Sidenote: A little birdy told me that she will have some new products are coming soon. Make sure you follow @trinketsandsuch_ on Instagram to get the latest updates on products and more.


” Jewelry is like the perfect spice- 

it always complements what’s already there.”

-Diane Von Furstenberg


Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Myself/ Alayna aka FashionLayn

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Daisha, for collaborating with me and being so kind! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this post.

So I hope you all enjoyed my mini review of these products. So thankful that I am able to align myself with a brand that wants to give their shoppers a great experience. That what I want for y’all, as the readers.

Do you where jewelry? What kind of jewelry/ accessories do you love? Do you like statement or simplistic pieces? Do you love gold or silver jewelry? 

Let me know in the comment section. Lets have a conversation about it.

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OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

Finally, I got a chance to show off  my legs with a denim mini skirt and a matching cropped jacket from Missguided. Spring has sprung in the city and I do not know how to act.  The forecast hit the city with 68 degrees and sunny weather. The sun definitely boosted my energy and put me in a good mood all weekend. I finally felt comfortable to stripped off some of my layers and hit the city. If you know anything about Michigan weather, it can be very wishy-washy during the transitional season. When we get beautiful weather we hit the streets and have a good time.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

Source: Pantone

So one day I was at my desk and I was watching a video of Youtuber having a try on haul of all the clothing she bought from Missguided. Well I felt compel to check it out myself and they also had a plus size section. Missguided is online based retailer, located in the United Kingdom. Price points ranging from $10-$70 dollars.

I was finishing up on website when I came across this super cute cream denim set both pieces featuring silver metal details and contrast stitching. I just love distress hem on both pieces. What I really love the most is the color. It reminded me of  “Sweet corn”, a 2019 Pantone Spring/ Summer Fashion colors.

I caught both pieces on sale,  $14 for the mini skirt and $17 for the cropped jacket.  OMG what a steal.  On top of it I did not have to pay for shipping. BOOM!

COUPON CODE !!!  Each peace has return to its original price. The mini skirt is $33 and the jacket is $52.  Make sure you apply the code “heynew”  to get 40% off your purchase.

Now I have to admit I was going in blind when I order from Missguided. I have heard anything about this brand. I order the denim skirt in a UK size 20, equivalent to size 16 US. In addition order the cropped denim jacket in UK size 1, equivalent to a size 14 US.  I love how the cropped jacket fit however the denim mini skirt was pretty tight around my hips and lose around my waist line.  No stretch material so I would suggest to go a size up for a better fit. In addition, if you have small waist the mini skirt comes with belt loops… So belt can help.

On the flip size I was trying to have some fun this weekend. I decided to wear this denim set and pair it with some bright pieces. First, I got this tie dye shirt from a little business woman name Sydni of Silly Kid Shirt. She designs tie dye shirts using many different patterns and colors.  Prices range for $5 and $7 dollars piece. Can you believe is she is only 6 years with an awesome business. You go girl! Lastly, I added my new favorite shoes. They are silver platform oxfords from Chinese Laundry. If you want me to do a review on these shoes, let me know in the comment section below.


Jacket: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Cropped Jacket// Missguided

Skirt: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Mini Skirt// Missguided

Shoes: Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford// Nordstrom

Shirt: Tie Dye Shirt// Silly Kid Shirts (local own business)



Location: West Side Detroit, MI

Photographer: Mom

How was your weekend? What was weather like? Have you shopped from Missguided? What are your thoughts about this brand? What are you thoughts on this outfit? 

Let me know in the comment section

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Chapter 4… Its April

Chapter 4… Its April

Seriously, the month of March left me completely zapped out. I was working crazy hours at work. Like full on 12 hours days of work. On top of that finding time to take pictures. Post content. Doing so many things at once will have anyone completely drained. Also to mention I got into a minor car accident. Now this post was supposed to go up yesterday but my feelings were still hurt from the accident I had.  I was just not feeling it and it was so important for me to reflect and just relax.

Well the March Madness contest at work is over and now I can get a bit of my “normal” back. My head is back in the game and I ready to tackle April on the second day.

Fashion Note

No new fashion trends to report this month. However, I am came across an interesting article in April’s issue of InStyle Magazine. It is titled “Does My Closet Make Me Look Fat?” by Eric Wilson. Now the title alone is interesting to me. I was looking at my closet yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I need to go on a “shopping diet”. The article was discussing different ways to going on shopping diet. “Buying Nothing” Diet or Fiver Pierce French Wardrobe Challange.

I mean why do we buy certain clothing anyway? Are we depressed when we buy things? These article made think. I regularly reach for the same thing over and over. So I need to declutter and reorganize my closet. You should check that article out. Also, if you want to see post on how I declutter my closest, comment done below and let me know.

Blog Note

On the blog side of things, I must pat myself on the back! A girl got the courage to reach out to 3 different brands last month about collaborating. I actually felt confident enough to ask for compensation too. So a sis pitched herself. I took a big leap of faith.

I was so tired of waiting for brands to come to me. On Instagram I share a quote with my followers. “Close Mouths Don’t get Fed”. There is so much truth to this statement. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and speak up and out. Believe in yourself and up sell yourself. I encourage all my social media entrepreneurs out there to speak up and reach out. Pitch yourself. It is a skill and you have to develop it. I guarantee that somebody will bite.

Personal Note

March left me completely dehydrate. I was sucked dry and left in shambles.  April I want to focus on having a clear head. I need more balance in my life. I never realized how hard it can be. Either I am working crazy hours or not being productive with my blog (my passion). Or I am literally running up miles on my truck. So starting today I am going to make a conscious decision to be more balance.  I doing to deep clean some important areas in my life. My personal goals for the month are:

  1. Making a conscious decision to be balance
  2. Drink more water
  3. Reach out to 2 to 3 brands a month
  4. Continue to keep going with blogging plans & stay organize
  5. Learn to sell myself when pitching brands
  6. Read more to improve my writing skills
  7. Continue to believe in myself

What are you looking forward to in April?

Share with me in the comment section.

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OOTD | How To Wear Neon Colors?

OOTD | How To Wear Neon Colors?

Over the weekend I decided to make a statement by exploring my fun side using neon colors. According to the NYFW and varies magazines, neon colors are on trend for spring 2019.  I was so excited to hear that neons were making a comeback. As a fashion blogger is was super important to me to play around with this trend. So I took to the street of Downtown Detroit and strut my stuff.  Bright bold orange was certainly my muse this weekend. Can you tell a sis was feeling herself ?

Orange is the happiest color! 

-Frank Sinatra

Now before you go “the brighter the better” there is a few questions you need to ask yourself before tackling neon.  Ask yourself how big you want to go? Are you a more subtle or bold? Are you a risk taker when it comes to fashion? Let me tell you I am more of a “subtle sis” when it comes to neons. Less is more.  When I wear clothes I like to make a statement however I don’t want to over do it.  I like for my outfit to be versatile. I want to be able to wear this wherever.

So I picked one neon piece and paired it with neutral colors and prints rather than mixing neon colors. Light brown, beige, or white are great colors to use to pair with neons, if you are going for a more subtle look.  In addition, adding a neon accessory to your wardrobe is another way to go subtle and standout and the same time. This is tip is for my minimalist sis. Now if you know me I quite quirky so I like to have fun with my fashion trends. I am not for all the rules in fashion. My personality has to reflect in my clothes.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

I came across this high neck neon orange top from Shein. I had to get it because the shirt was on sale for $9. Can’t beat the price. I also thought the loose high neck was flattery.  The material of this shirt is soft and lightweight with a bit of stretch.  I purchase this shirt in 0XL which is equivalent to sizes 12. It fit to my liking.

Saving Note: When it comes to trends I do not like to spend top dollar. It is trend and it not meant to last. Why would I spend all my coins on something that is temporary?

Anyway I decided to pair this neon orange with my deep black jeans from Burlington. When I initially looked in the mirror all I saw was pumpkin LOL. I had to figure out a way to mute it down. As I was saying before you can mute neon colors down with neutral colors. Light browns, beige, and/ or white.  So, I decided to mute this down with my lightweight light color camouflage jacket from Forever 21. I love camo. The outfit was perfect! Since I am a girl of fashion that does not like following the rules I added my snake skin ankle boots to the mix. These boots are my favorite and they have been on my site nonstop. Who going to check me? lol just kidding.

Sidenote: Now if you are not a big fan of camouflage  like I am, you can pair your vibrant orange shirt with a jean jacket, or olive-green jacket. Also have fun with canvas or cargo like material. 

Neon Orange Plus High Neck Solid Top// Shein

Faux Snakeskin Pointed Toe Ankle// Shein

Lightweight Camouflage Jacket// Forever 21 Old* (Similar)

Black Denim Jeans// Burlington

Solid Oval Sunglasses// Forever 21



Blooper Shot: I was doing the “Harlem Shake” after looking at how bomb the pictures were going out

Location: Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Photographer: Momma. I finally got a new lens for my Canon Rebel T6. The nifty fifty is best lens ever! These pictures came out so clear !

Would you wear neon colors?

If so what color would you try? 

Join the conversation and share with me your thoughts in the comment section.

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