You Better Slay with yo Single Self

You Better Slay with yo Single Self

Love Letter to my Readers 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m going to keep this post simple and straight to the point. Love yourself. I use to dread Valentine’s Day. Nobody special to share it with …. oh and look all the gifts on the timeline.. logs off. I learn over time that I should not be bitter. I can celebrate too. What I take from Valentine’s Day is love. Not love for a lover or a significant other. Simply love for myself. I love me and everything that makes me … me! I have stated countless time before you can’t expect to love someone else when you don’t love yourself. It’s the  truth sis ! It not easy. I have bad days sometimes but I don’t let my bad days define Alayna ! So don’t speak down on you.  Love you and everything that makes you…you! Had to say it a second time. So slay the day hun ! Love on yourself . Hug yourself . Tell yourself your beautiful ! Change the narrative on yourself ! Speak kind words to yourself! Shower yourself with Valentines today and everyday because you are a gem that can’t be replace.

“The way you speak to yourself matters”.

On the Fashion tip

As always I stick with a casual look. You know me and I have to say how I am feeling on my graphic tees. I swear I going to put this look to rest. Graphic tees are my favorite with a skirt!.

I really want to highlight the mini skirt. The skirt was my favorite piece out of the whole outfit. The plaid print is a step in the right directions for spring. I can’t wait for the weather to break !

Of course to complete the look I had to add my heart crossover to the mix.

Glen Plaid Mini Skirt//Forever21 SHOP NOW

Future is for Girl Graphic Tee// Forever21 SHOP NOW

Heart shape crossover// Forever21 SIMILAR


So with all that being said love yourself. You do not need to wait around to receive love when all you have to do is show yourself some love.

love you.


Location: Northville, MI

Special Thanks to Richelle, the photograher, she is amazing ! Always come through for me !

**Feature Photos Credit- Richelle Marie Photography IG: @richellemariephoto


Weekend Getaway: How to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway?

Weekend Getaway: How to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway?

It’s a road trip time ! Time to escape from the cold weather… NOT.!!.. I am going to another cold city. Chicago ! . Chic town, my home away from home. No this is not a romantic getaway but it a GIRLS TRIP!!

Related image

I am so happy to get away for a minute. Over the weekend we have a tremendous amount of snow. On the last day dealing with the snow,I had to go to work. Here comes the bad news. The car port that shields my car from the weather, fell on top of my car. It was pinned by a huge carport. So I need this get away smh to cope with this bad news.  ISH certainly does happens !

Let get on topic !

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip…… IN THE WINTER ?!

So how do you pack for the winter? It sounds like a chore! Not gonna lie to you! Packing is a chore. I know I know. We over pack! We forget! So much to pack for a 1 trip. However I enjoy packing! So I am going to give yall some tips and trick and maybe even a checklist. Who knows just keep reading…

Image result for packing gif

1: Remember that you only staying for 2 nights at the most for the weekend. You do not need to bring your whole closet.  This how you over pack, thinking you need everything. You can live without that special blanket for a weekend sis. LOL You need to pack what you need.

Remember to  JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE ! Only stick too the essentials. I have listed all the Winter essentials below. Just keep reading.!!!

2: Classic Clothes should make up your outfits.  Remember to keep it simple. Maybe work with a color scheme.  Classic clothes never go out of style and easy to style up or down. Sidenote: Make sure each outfit flow with one another.Make it easier to change up your look with what you already have

What are classic clothes?

These are those pieces that will never go out of style. Timeless. and they look good on everyone.

Ex. Denim Jacket is consider a classic. You can dress it up our down.

Or a pair of comfy denim jeans… dark wash goes a long way

If you want to spice it up put a pair of distress jeans in you bag. or a graphic tee

Other: Classic pieces: Little black dress, simple white tee, knee high boots, etc

3: I need my toiletries.  You know toothbrush, shower gel, etc. I say pack your travel size items. Take up less space in your weekender bag. Remember Pack for your JIC moments(just in case moment; “Aunt Flo” sometimes comes up unexpected.

4 Don’t forget that makeup girl. Do not bring you whole makeup catalog.  Bring your everyday makeup . Foundation, powder, and lip gloss with and one eye shadow palette that can fit in a small travel size pouch. FYI: Don’t forget about the hair care. Bring that bonnet, hair clips, and edge control LOL !

5: One going out dress! I say a little black dress. Black is easy and fitting on everyone.

6: 3 pair of shoes only RULE.  *1Boots/Booties(wear)/ 1 pair of Sneaker/ 1 Going out shoe. I say stick to 3 shoes only because winter shoes are big and bulky. Not like in the summer when you focus only on sandals. Remember You only going to pack 2 pairs of shoes in you weekender bag. ***The other shoe is the shoe that your going to wear. Your everyday shoe. So keep that shoe comfy sis!

7: Don’t forget your medicine, headphones, phone, money, and charger!!!

8: Remember its winter don’t forget a small thing of tissue and hand sanitizer.



1: Pack your small items (ex. jewelry) inside of a little purse. Wrap them up in tissue paper

2: Roll you clothes. I found rolling my clothes creates more room than laying them flat and on top of each other. In addition, I roll my outfits that are set up with the underwear together. Helps keep me organize.

3: Place your heavy stuff at the bottom of you bag (ex. shoes)

4: Bring 1 carry on item.  Pack the most important things in this bag. Like you phone, money etc.

List below are all the essential items that you need to consider taking with you on your winter trip.

Chicago Packing List


There we have cover packing for the winter getaways. I hope these tips serve you well. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to leave me comment!

Thank you so much for reading.

don’t keep your vacation waiting.


Define Your Personal Style ?

Define Your Personal Style ?

How do I define my personal style ? Lol if you coming to me for the answer I don’t have it. But I found a great site that can help you do it yourself, easy ! Listen I believe we all have an idea of what our personal style is but how do we put it into words. Really define it ! IDK ! All I know is that I am not your typical fashionista. I wear what I want to wear. I let my creativity take over when it comes to my personal style. Keep reading…..

  Anywho,  I found myself on google trying to figure it out.  There are so many ways to define your style and the most helpful one I came across was Style Bee.  The story: I am a frequent listener to podcasts they help me generate my topic in today’s millennial time. So while I was listening to Gettin’ Grown by Jade and Keia,  the topic of discussion was Personal Style. They provided Style Bee’s link in their description box of course I clicked it. “Define Your Style in 5 Easy Step”.So I am gonna let you take the wheel and visit StyleBee site on your own. Download her workbook and figure it all out. I put on my thinking cap and bam !! I defined my personal style.

Why do I recommend this? I recommend figuring out your personal style because I feel like we have too many clothes and put to many of our clothes in the graveyard.  Graveyard , Clothes. What you talking about sis? You know those the clothes we never wear. We know is not for us but we still buy it. It been countless of time that I tried a style that I knew it was not for me. But I bought it anyway. Fail ! We know  what we love. But what we like?… What we like  might not be for us.  I believe understanding and know your personal style will  help save your coins.  I want you to know exactly what you want out of outfits.

So after finishing the workbook….  I will suggest to you to do this with your friends…lol you could be lying to yourself sis or you just can’t come up with the right words. LOL … i guarantee its fun. Maybe turn this into a vision board party…. I got the wine !!

My Personal Style is ( defined in  5 words)

Cool     Fun    Unique   City    Confident 


Do’s of My Style:

(The things that I love that make up my personal style)

Bodycon Dresses

Bright Colors

Textures and Prints


Graphic Tees

Tight Skirts



Distress Jeans

Comfy boots

Thigh high boots

Moto jackets


Black jeggings

Back packs


“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”

-Anne Klein


What I learn from Style Bee’s workbook was how to define my style. Put it  all into words that make sense.  See the pictures that I have on this blog post? This is absolutely my style and what I love to wear. I am not your typical go by the book style blogger. I have a hard time keep up with the typical looks for the month anyway. I miss the whole mark LOL. So my look defines be as a cool confident unique kinda girl. I march to my own beat.

How did I come up with this outfit? I absolutely love graphic tees and anything that shows off my curves. I love graphic tees because say exactly what I want to say at that time. I live through my graphic tees literally. Oh yes I love bright colors too. Idk but yellow on black skin is just amazing . So I got this cute skirt from Eloquii. I was in Chicago for the Dream Big Curvy Conference. While I was there for the conference I visited the Eloquii Store on the Magnificent Mile.  Check out FashionLayn goes to Eloquii about my experience at Eloquii.  Anywho this skirt is so curvylicious and the fabric is amazing and really easy to clean.

I got the graphic tees because it literally scream “Girl Power”.  I know that the world is going to be ran by women and I stand for it LOL. So because the shirt had a red rose in it I decided to pair it with a color that was close to it on  the color wheel.  RED, ORANGE, YELLOW .. get it !!! 🙂  Sidenote: SIS go out and get you a leather jacket for next winter season.. I see a lot of jackets are on sale !! The moto jacket I threw it in at the last minute. I think it completed the fit perfectly. Then the triple buckle action with the shoes ! I absolutely love these shoes. So comfy now. I must say you have to break these shoes in because they were tight at first.

Neoprane Pencil Skirt in Spicy Mustard// Eloquii SHOPNOW

Plus Size “Girl Power” graphic tee// Forever21 Sold out  SIMILAR

Black and Red Faux Leather Jacket // Forever21 Sold out SIMILAR , SIMILAR

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever 21 SHOPNOWSIMILAR


Location: Eastern Market Detroit, MI

Photographer: Reem Eissa Photography

special shoutout to Reem. lol she is wonderful spirit!! she is such an amazing photographer. check out her portfolio.


FB:Reem Eissa Photography


walk like i talk it.

push forward.


Throw the Whole Closet Away

Throw the Whole Closet Away

Do you need a new wardrobe?.. I know I do. I have been struggling. My goal this month was to upgrade my fashion. Project Fashion Style Up. But I don’t have any extra money to spend on my wardrobe. Overtime has been cut sooo I have wear what I already got hun…..  So what do I do ? What do we do friend lol.

I could give up SHOPPING,  but I’m not a quitter


Tips for Fashion fam with the small pockets. My money ain’t long sis.. Im broke man!

What are the secrets to looking look fashion forward with a budget. The struggle is real.  So here are some the tips that I think can help my sisters with short pockets and extend their coins.  You ready.. take a look.


money asks GIF

  • Set a Budget: Like your everyday finance you have to set a budget. Clothes is not up high on the list. So first figure how much money you have to spend on clothes. What you have left over.  So figure out what need. Get 100 buck in cash if that what you have to spend extra and stick to your list of clothes that you need. Happy Spending !


work hard so you can shop harder

  • sex and the city fashion GIFShop you closet: We have some many clothes that we just don’t wear and remember you ain’t got no money. SIMPLY SHOP YOUR CLOSET!  Pull out some things and see what you can do with them. Put some new buttons on your sweater. Refurbish your outfits if you need to. Just try to see what you have in your closet. I have came across so many fits that I was like … why didn’t I wear this ? Just confused! NO WIRE HANGER !!! random
  • Sell your clothes you don’t wear: Those clothes that you just don’t like anymore or never wear sell them to resale shop, donate/giveaway, or toss. Make three piles for sell, donate/giveaway, and toss clothes and go to town in your clothes. Make some room for you soon to be new wardrobe.
Image result for black girl gif
Love my trends tho !
  • Classic vs Trendy Fashion: Try to go for classic pieces versus trendy. I am a trendy girl I love to buy clothes that are super trendy. But like all trends they die hard. So yes it okay to love trendy clothes but focus on getting more classic pieces. Those pieces will last you a bit longer and less trips to the mall
    • Investment Pieces: This is the only time you can splurge. Do I get 5 things on trend or less expensive pieces or do you get something that will last you awhile?  It is okay to buy one expensive piece that you know can last you a lot of times.
    • GOTTA HAVE (Staple pieces) Figure out what wear you need and absolutely love. ex. Jean jacket. My staple piece is jean jacket and I have to keep this in my closet to might. I consider this my classic wear.
no way GIF by Girls Trip
  • I love coupon codes!!: Use coupons and codes… download RetailMeNot app so codes can be at yo finger tips.
  • Outlet & Discount Stores are you friends. Save a few coins and get some cool designer clothes… win win !
  • Thrift shopping: You also can get a lot of cool things from the thrift store. You can be really creative or you can find so dope vintage wear. Be open to this!
  • Take a peek in the Menswear: I heard through the grapevine that their clothes are cheaper
Image result for janelle monae gif
  • Follow Budget Friendly Blogger: Like Me :). Lol yes!  but really follow budget friendly bloggers, they can give you deets on the fits on a budget.
  • My favorite magazine is PeopleStyle (fka People Stylewatch) and they always have affordable fashion finds, coupon codes, and dupes.





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push forward and be fierce with your new threads!!


 **Feature Picture: Photo Credit- Richelle Marie Photography IG: @richellemariephoto