Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

New Hair, New Sweater, New Look… who is this ?I am feeling myself.  Lol I decided to take the casual approach last weekend. I enjoy being creative when it comes to fashion but somethings I appreciate my simple looks. To be honest this really how I dress all the time.  Everyday look !! Finally it is chilly enough in Detroit to rock a sweater. This weekend it was about 53 degrees… so me and mom took to the street of Downtown Detroit and walk up and down Gratiot Ave. We check out the local stores, and the record shop and enjoyed each others company.  Sidenote: If you are ever in Detroit, you have to visit Eastern Market to see all the local vendors and shops, and dope murals. It is IG worthy lol. Days like this I really cherish the most. Days that I get to have fun with my mom. My mom is real MVP because she definitely believes and me and all my dreams This will be day I will always remember !!


FashionLayn Outfit Deets..

Again, I was going for the casual look. This outfit is literally what I wear every weekend. It is my everyday look.  While my mom was looking in Burlington, her favorite store. She came across this cute sweater. She texted me and ask if I dig this sweater. Of course I said yes and the next thing I know she told me this is your only Christmas gift. LOL This sweater is from Burlington.  Last weekend look was all about being comfy and casual. Once I put on the sweater, I paired it with some jeans, and some thigh high boots and hit the town. This look can really be worn up and down. This sweater ran my mom $22 bucks, and I think that is definitely a deal. You really do not need to spend a lot of money to stay warm you just have to know how to shop around. So don’t hesitate to check out Burlington. !!

Know I am aware that Burlington does not carry all the same stuff so I took the liberty to show cases a few sweaters that I am digging.  They listed below

A few sweaters I am digging ! 

00279073-02    15103105895855672538_thumbnail_600x

We’ve officially reached that annoying time of the year where its sweater weather in the  morning, but by midday you die from heatstroke. LOL


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little sidenote: 

i just want to tell you all to stop being so hard on yourself. we can beat ourselves up mercilessly. so i briefly want to say to fill your head with positive thoughts. say a positive affirmations in your head through out the day to keep you. surround yourself with positive friends. do what you need to do


Location: Downtown Detroit – Gratiot Ave

Photographer: My Mom- Shoutout to you mom !!!


What are you favorite things to wear during the fall ?

I love wearing sweaters and boots in the fall. That is my favorite combination.

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push forward.



It’s August

It’s August

August has to be the busiest month for me personally. I have my vacation already booked to Atlanta ! On The Run Tour II  and everything else under the sun.  I am so ready for this vacation. I need a break from it all. That brings me to the subject of  “de-stressing” . While I am on vacation I plan to leave every behind that has been bothering me or holding back to the side and focus on having another fun filled trip in ATL !  This month we are going to focus de-stress our lives while bring dope fashions to blog!


Can you smell Fall.. nah I can’t lol. I am having to much fun enjoying the summer. However, you know the fall fashions pieces are going to start showing up in the stores. I am ready for the deep, bold colors. So how can we bring bit of fall fashion while we still soaking up the summer sun?  Well I am going to test this out this month. I want to try out more brands like Pretty Little Things, Shein, and SimplyBe.


Launch of the self care planner is here. It will be launch in the middle of this month. I have been saying for a couple of months about launching it. Well its coming ! Last I had so much fun going to different events. I want to focus this month on going to more events and networking with other bloggers in city. Femology Blogger Bash was so much for.  I did not realize how big our community of bloggers and influencers were in the city. Lastly I want to get really serious about reaching out brands. I have been terrified but I keep telling myself that close months dont get feed. So I have to focus on putting myself out there!


Last month I really successful with achieving my goals and now I want to put in some effort in keeping myself calm and less stress.

  1. Blog 3 times a week consistently
  2. Focus on stress free lifestyle
  3. Bring my lunch to work 5 days a week
  4. Reach out to brands and pitch ideas
  5. Focus on living life to the fullest


Calmness is the Cradle of Power.


So what are you going to bring calmness and less stress to your life ?

Let me know below in the comment section.

It’s July

It’s July

Just like this month issue of Essence.. “Take Back Your Joy.”  I was super inspired by the tune of magazine. Black women celebrating ways they found happiness and joy in there life and I think I need to focus my concentration. I need more joy, peace, and smiles. When I think of the month of July, I see celebration and happiness.

Fashion Note

This month I want to still focus on bring lots and lots of color. I still want to get into a bathing suit before we switch are attention to fall clothing.. You know it coming.  Also I want to try out 2 different brands that I never brought to the blog. Shein and Pretty Little Things.com. These online stores have plus size items that I heard a lot of good things about . I am so ready to try these stores !

Blog Note

This month I want to still focus on being a student. Focus my attention on learning more about blogging and bettering my platform. I also want to launch of few self care templates  this month. So stay tuned for self care templates they are coming this month for sure !! Lastly I am really excited for this event coming this month. Femology Detroit is having a event for bloggers ! Can’t wait to take pictures and network with people. Lol the business cards are packed !

Personal Note/ Goals 

Last month I really successful with achieving my goals. I create that extra savings account that I was telling yall about.

  1. Schedule my wellness screening. Detox with lemon and ginger
  2. Focus on joy and happiness! And finding ways to keep my joy
  3. Bring my lunch to work 5 days a week
  4. Read Chimamanda Ngozi Aich book called Americanah
  5. Finish This Will be My Undoing by Morgan Jerkins. So far this book is compiled by 6 essays that deal with being black , a women, colorism, and race ! Super easy to read. I am on essay 3 !


Live Beyond “What if.” Find Joy In “What is.”



So yes the focus is joy this month. Finding and keeping our joy.

What brings you joy ?

Let me know in the comment section 

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push forward.


Michigan Central Station: A Photo Tour

Michigan Central Station: A Photo Tour

Since the day I was born til yesterday I have never seen so many people in front of the historic Michigan Central Station. Its closed back in 1988. This building has been abandon for years. Now, I always admire architectural style of the building however I never been this close until Friday. Friday was the day that old station enter into its new phase.  If you haven’t heard Ford Motor Company is now the new owners of  old train station.  Ford has as plans to turn this building into a mobility focused lab. I can see new housing, retail shops coming to Corktown . So great to see this building be used after standing vacant for year.. Lets bring some jobs to the city, I am for it !

So on Friday I got the chances to take a self tour of the old train station. Take a glimpse into the past.

Little history

This building was built : June 1912 -December 1913

Architect: Warren and Wetmore

Style: Beaux-Arts

Location Corktown, Detroit MI

Take a look at a few of my pictures I capture….. Practicing a bit with camera this past weekend!


Waiting in line …..
Familiar Face – J. Millhouse – Local photographer





DSC00513Small Selfie Break





Location: 2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48216