Beauty Talk: FashionLayn Must Haves !!! ** Fall Edition**

Hello Beauties, I am back with another Beauty Talk. I am so excited to be doing this again! I decided to bring Beauty Talk  back because this one of the most successful blog post I ever did on my blog.  Inside of showing y’all my favorite products, I thought it would be cool to show y’all my favorite products for the FALL SEASON ! So, let’s have a little Beauty Talk on the blog. Remember makeup is simply a enhancer to all the beauty that your already have !

Favorite Skin Care Products

Fall season leaves my skin super dry I need my skin to feel like a baby’s bottom


(left to right)

  1. Upper Canada Green Tea “Detoxification” Face Sheet Mask : 5 pack $11.50 Upper Canada
  2. Pearlessence Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum : $5.99 TJMaxx
  3. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator: Starting Price $12 Sephora **Trying the tester size
  4. Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray: $25.50 Sephora  ** Tying the tester size

If you read my last Beauty Talk post you already know about my hostile dry skin !! It can be really combative in the fall. So first I have been trying out these tester size Clinique hydrator  and the face spray to bring back the moisture to my face . I got them out of Beauty Insider Clinique Box from Sephora. I use it morning and night and  I like using this product under my eye. My under eye area is very sensitive and it gets very dry. It been working really well and help change the texture of my skin in that area.  Next, I am in love with hyaluronic acid  and vitamin C facial serum from Pearlessence! Jackie Ania one of my favorite YouTuber got me hip to hyaluronic acid. So yes I love hyaluronic acid because it improve the skin texture, adds brightness and moisture to your skin. Also the drops come with vitamin c that packs that extra brightness that I am looking to bring to dull dry skin !  I am near 30 and I feel my skin getting a little loose lol. Lastly, have you ever had your makeup on for too long or have you make that mistake and slept with your makeup on. Yes I have done both of these. So when that happen it has my skin feeling dry and it looks dull. It is officially time to detox my skin. So I bought these green tea face sheet mask from Upper Canada. Omg these masks leave my skin feeling like it got all the things it need to bring it back to life. It really has your skin soft and it also states that it reduced inflammation , and simulates circulation to your face. I love how it gives my skin a nice glow after I use it ! After treating my face with what it needs it is time to enhance my already beautiful face with makeup !

Favorite Beat Products

In other words my favorite makeup products for my face 🙂


(left to right)

  1. Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable Medium-To-Full Coverage Foundation (Chai): $39 at Ulta
  2. Clinique High Impact Mascara: $19 at Sephora 
  3. Clinique Lash Building Primer: $17 at Sephora **Tying the tester size
  4. Morphe Continuous Setting Mist: $15 at Ulta 
  5. Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer (Chestnut): $29 at Ulta

Did I tell Jackie Ania is my favorite YouTuber…. LOL I think I did. Well on her YouTube channel she told us about her partnership Too Faced and how she was able to extend their shade ranges to their foundation collections. She added 9 more shades in the medium to deep dark range. Shout out to you sis. Since doing so I decided to try out Too Faced Born This Way foundation and I also heard great things about. So I got the foundation shade in Chai. So to complete the family I also go the TooFaced Born This Way concealer in the color chestnut. I absolutely  love the formula of both products. They both don’t leave my fave feeling extra heavy. Also it last long and doesn’t look like a totally mess at the end of the day. The two products work well together and both have some wonderful benefits in the bottle. Coconut water, alpine rose, and hyaluronic acid !!! Also the Clinique lash primer with the mascara is great together. The primer gives my lash extra length and the mascara takes my lash up a notch. Great combo together. Lastly, I am in love with this Morphe setting spray. I love that it doesn’t leave my face after spraying super-duper wet. It really sets my makeup into my skin flawlessly !

Favorite Eye Products

Ooou your eyes are so pretty ! 


  1. Colourpop “Take Me Home” Shadow Palette: $12 at Ulta

Can we all agree that Colourpop is bomb!.  I got introduce to Colourpop maybe 3 years ago when I got into makeup tutorials. Their eye shadows and lippies are so bomb. The “Take Me Home” palette is just for all the ladies that want to keep their eyes basic but also want to give a little glam. This palette makes it super easy to create looks for everyday and the colors are so bomb for the fall ! Also easy to blind and super pigmented Sidenote: Colourpop is super affordable brand so definitely check them out !

Favorite Lip Products

Lips need love too! Pucker Up ! 


(top to bottom)

  1. The Lip Bar Lip Gloss in the Color ” Class Act”: $14 at The Lip Bar
  2. Clinique Chubby Stick in the color ” Woppin Watermelon: $18.50 at Sephora
  3. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the color “Club Hopper”: $6.99 at Ulta

Last but certainly not least. I decided to show y’all my favorite fall color, lip balm, and gloss. So first I had to show love to the Black Women owned business that hit the scene. Melissa Butler, the owner of The Lip Bar, is Detroit Made entrepreneur so we have to show love to her and the city. Yes, this lip gloss called “Class Act” is so bomb. It glides on very smoothly and the color is so beautiful on my brown girls.  Next, we have this Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm that gives my lips a cute tint. I love this lip balm because it is super moisturizing for lips in these dry months. I think I am going to try other colors because I really enjoyed the formula. Lastly my favorite lip color is NYX Lip Suede in the color “Club Hopper”. It is a perfect bold purple mauve color. Also I enjoy the formula because not so matte that it leaves your lips super dry. It is also brown girl friendly too !

So these are some of the products that I have been reaching for pretty much every day.  They are my must have and I quick to run to the store when I am running low or run out.

What are some of your beauty must have products ?

Let me know in the comments !

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Remember beauty is when you can appreciate yourself.



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