Weekend Getaway: How to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway?

Weekend Getaway: How to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway?

It’s a road trip time ! Time to escape from the cold weather… NOT.!!.. I am going to another cold city. Chicago ! . Chic town, my home away from home. No this is not a romantic getaway but it a GIRLS TRIP!!

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I am so happy to get away for a minute. Over the weekend we have a tremendous amount of snow. On the last day dealing with the snow,I had to go to work. Here comes the bad news. The car port that shields my car from the weather, fell on top of my car. It was pinned by a huge carport. So I need this get away smh to cope with this bad news.  ISH certainly does happens !

Let get on topic !

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip…… IN THE WINTER ?!

So how do you pack for the winter? It sounds like a chore! Not gonna lie to you! Packing is a chore. I know I know. We over pack! We forget! So much to pack for a 1 trip. However I enjoy packing! So I am going to give yall some tips and trick and maybe even a checklist. Who knows just keep reading…

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1: Remember that you only staying for 2 nights at the most for the weekend. You do not need to bring your whole closet.  This how you over pack, thinking you need everything. You can live without that special blanket for a weekend sis. LOL You need to pack what you need.

Remember to  JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE ! Only stick too the essentials. I have listed all the Winter essentials below. Just keep reading.!!!

2: Classic Clothes should make up your outfits.  Remember to keep it simple. Maybe work with a color scheme.  Classic clothes never go out of style and easy to style up or down. Sidenote: Make sure each outfit flow with one another.Make it easier to change up your look with what you already have

What are classic clothes?

These are those pieces that will never go out of style. Timeless. and they look good on everyone.

Ex. Denim Jacket is consider a classic. You can dress it up our down.

Or a pair of comfy denim jeans… dark wash goes a long way

If you want to spice it up put a pair of distress jeans in you bag. or a graphic tee

Other: Classic pieces: Little black dress, simple white tee, knee high boots, etc

3: I need my toiletries.  You know toothbrush, shower gel, etc. I say pack your travel size items. Take up less space in your weekender bag. Remember Pack for your JIC moments(just in case moment; “Aunt Flo” sometimes comes up unexpected.

4 Don’t forget that makeup girl. Do not bring you whole makeup catalog.  Bring your everyday makeup . Foundation, powder, and lip gloss with and one eye shadow palette that can fit in a small travel size pouch. FYI: Don’t forget about the hair care. Bring that bonnet, hair clips, and edge control LOL !

5: One going out dress! I say a little black dress. Black is easy and fitting on everyone.

6: 3 pair of shoes only RULE.  *1Boots/Booties(wear)/ 1 pair of Sneaker/ 1 Going out shoe. I say stick to 3 shoes only because winter shoes are big and bulky. Not like in the summer when you focus only on sandals. Remember You only going to pack 2 pairs of shoes in you weekender bag. ***The other shoe is the shoe that your going to wear. Your everyday shoe. So keep that shoe comfy sis!

7: Don’t forget your medicine, headphones, phone, money, and charger!!!

8: Remember its winter don’t forget a small thing of tissue and hand sanitizer.



1: Pack your small items (ex. jewelry) inside of a little purse. Wrap them up in tissue paper

2: Roll you clothes. I found rolling my clothes creates more room than laying them flat and on top of each other. In addition, I roll my outfits that are set up with the underwear together. Helps keep me organize.

3: Place your heavy stuff at the bottom of you bag (ex. shoes)

4: Bring 1 carry on item.  Pack the most important things in this bag. Like you phone, money etc.

List below are all the essential items that you need to consider taking with you on your winter trip.

Chicago Packing List


There we have cover packing for the winter getaways. I hope these tips serve you well. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to leave me comment!

Thank you so much for reading.

don’t keep your vacation waiting.


FashionLayn takes on Curvy Girl Conference

FashionLayn takes on Curvy Girl Conference

Dream Big CurvyGirl & Beauty Conference

Chicago, IL


Hey yall!

I am back from Chi town ! I had such a great time at the Curvy Girl Conference last weekend.  It was one day conference  at Morgan’s on Fulton. It was a newly develop area of Chicago. A Lyft driver told me the area used to be the old meat packing area. Anywho, I learn so many things at the conference. First, this one of the first Midwest Conference for top bloggers and influences so that was plus. It was put together my Natasha E. Williams, the owner of The Curvy Express. The purpose of the conference was to educate new bloggers like me, in addition inspiring models and beauty bloggers. It was a time that curvy girls of the Midwest could come together empower, build relationships, and network.  The first conference I ever attended  as a blogger and it was amazing. SO Amazing !!

Hayet Rida and myself taking a Selfie :). So geeked!

Since I was prestige attendee I had a few perks. The best perk out of them all was the Rooftop Panel Discussion with Hayet Rida,  a successful blogger, influencer and brand ambassador in Chicago.  Alongside her was Qiana Allen (CEO Curve Culture), Vunzai Yeazel (CEO Gorgeous Within), Yvonne Wallace( Make artist and Hair Stylist) and David Sanchez (10 Management Model Agency). They all spoke so well and took from them all is to not get caught up in the numbers. Yes the number of followers is currency but are you really making a impact, are people really listening to your voice. I also learn to improve my “hustle muscle strength”. You have to learn how to hustle hard when you are building your own brand. Don’t wait for other to confirm just get out and do it. That what I can say about me. I did know much about blogging at all but I’ve learned and definitely seen growth. Be secure with your self.

Fashion Blogger droppin gems and facts

We also had a class on 10 ways to branding yourself successfully. I learn that you should list a least five things that your passionate about. I listed ❤ Detroit, Favorite Color Blue, Fashion, sunglasses, and self care. In addition, make sure you try to tell a story.

Erica Watson giving us some facts while being super funny

Making it Big was another fun presentation. She gave some great example how to make in big and how to get agent. In addition, she gave us the real deal facts. She was raw but awesome person.

Beauty Bloggers and MakeUp Artists tacking questions


Natasha (Founder) & Me ❤

Special Thanks, to Natasha who brought us in the Midwest together to celebrate and learn.

“I’ve never been small, so why do my dreams have to be? –  NATASHA M WILLIAMS