OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

OOTD| Neutral Denim Set x Tie Dye Shirt |Missguided

Finally, I got a chance to show off  my legs with a denim mini skirt and a matching cropped jacket from Missguided. Spring has sprung in the city and I do not know how to act.  The forecast hit the city with 68 degrees and sunny weather. The sun definitely boosted my energy and put me in a good mood all weekend. I finally felt comfortable to stripped off some of my layers and hit the city. If you know anything about Michigan weather, it can be very wishy-washy during the transitional season. When we get beautiful weather we hit the streets and have a good time.


FashionLayn Outfit Deets…

Source: Pantone

So one day I was at my desk and I was watching a video of Youtuber having a try on haul of all the clothing she bought from Missguided. Well I felt compel to check it out myself and they also had a plus size section. Missguided is online based retailer, located in the United Kingdom. Price points ranging from $10-$70 dollars.

I was finishing up on website when I came across this super cute cream denim set both pieces featuring silver metal details and contrast stitching. I just love distress hem on both pieces. What I really love the most is the color. It reminded me of  “Sweet corn”, a 2019 Pantone Spring/ Summer Fashion colors.

I caught both pieces on sale,  $14 for the mini skirt and $17 for the cropped jacket.  OMG what a steal.  On top of it I did not have to pay for shipping. BOOM!

COUPON CODE !!!  Each peace has return to its original price. The mini skirt is $33 and the jacket is $52.  Make sure you apply the code “heynew”  to get 40% off your purchase.

Now I have to admit I was going in blind when I order from Missguided. I have heard anything about this brand. I order the denim skirt in a UK size 20, equivalent to size 16 US. In addition order the cropped denim jacket in UK size 1, equivalent to a size 14 US.  I love how the cropped jacket fit however the denim mini skirt was pretty tight around my hips and lose around my waist line.  No stretch material so I would suggest to go a size up for a better fit. In addition, if you have small waist the mini skirt comes with belt loops… So belt can help.

On the flip size I was trying to have some fun this weekend. I decided to wear this denim set and pair it with some bright pieces. First, I got this tie dye shirt from a little business woman name Sydni of Silly Kid Shirt. She designs tie dye shirts using many different patterns and colors.  Prices range for $5 and $7 dollars piece. Can you believe is she is only 6 years with an awesome business. You go girl! Lastly, I added my new favorite shoes. They are silver platform oxfords from Chinese Laundry. If you want me to do a review on these shoes, let me know in the comment section below.


Jacket: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Cropped Jacket// Missguided

Skirt: Cream Co Ord Contrast Stitch Mini Skirt// Missguided

Shoes: Chinese Laundry Cecilia Platform Oxford// Nordstrom

Shirt: Tie Dye Shirt// Silly Kid Shirts (local own business)



Location: West Side Detroit, MI

Photographer: Mom

How was your weekend? What was weather like? Have you shopped from Missguided? What are your thoughts about this brand? What are you thoughts on this outfit? 

Let me know in the comment section

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push forward.



Striped Denim Jacket

Striped Denim Jacket

Tomorrow is when my vacation…  and I need to get away from all the stressful things that going on in my life. I am so happy and thankful for this time! So it is only right that I post before my trip. Of course I can not leave y’all hanging.

I have been so overwhelmed and I know why… I am super unbalanced lol.  Unbalanced what you talking about sis ?  I am doing to much of one thing and not doing enough of the other.  How am I am going to get it together? Well first I am going to start by taking a well needed vacation. So yes tomorrow I am going to focus on having fun with my girls and be a bit more care free. Simply enjoy my life in my opinion is a good start to living my stress free life. Just like this outfit. Carefree and fun !

This look I am going for is all about the multi-striped denim jacket.  I got a hold of this jacket at Forever21. I was walking around in the store and stumble on this jacket randomly. Now this jacket is on the smaller side of the spectrum. Anyway I tried on a size large in the store and fit really real. Now for my sister with a curvier frame I have linked a couple of denim jackets that are similar with color. Sidenote: if you want to go for oversized look take a look in the mens section.

Anyway I was going for a super fun, colorful, maybe been seen at the carnival look. I paired the denim jacket with the golden yellow pants to match the gold yellow pen stripe in the jacket. I just know this outfit came together so nicely !

Mid Rise Pixie Ankle Pants // Old Navy **old** (Similar)

Multi Color Striped Denim Jacket // Forever21  (Similar) (Similar) (Similar)


That is a denim of a different color!

-Sounds familiar right ….


little sidenote…

i am watching a docu-series about 8 people who are plagued with different illness that can not really be explained. they look healthy on the outside but then they have a lot of health challenges.  not all the time does people believe them. some may say it all in there head. so the documentary is called Afflicted and you can catch it on Netflix. anyway it had me thinking about taking simple things for granted.  what if you couldn’t eat, or what if you couldn’t breathe, or everything that you appreciate the most went way.  have you ever just sat back and thought about. well this documentary definitely had me thinking…. like how much we complain about our circumstances in life. life can be so much worst and the simplest thing can be taken away. so we should be grateful for where we at and what we have. if you are not satisfy with something then change it. so take some time and think about all the things that you grateful for. i know that once you sit back and think you will develop a better appreciation for those people or things. 

a few things i am grateful for is …

  1. waking up in the morning
  2. the breathe that i take 
  3. those mother and daughter conversations that i have with my mom 
  4. my job 
  5. that i get to work on something that i am passionate about 
  6. growth
  7. health 


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, and stranger into a friend

-melody beattie


Location: Eastern Market

Photographer: Reese | IG: @city.vision.rc | FB: @city.vision.rc

Special shoutout to Reese for taking these bomb pictures. !!

So what are you grateful for ?

I grateful for  a lot things sis. I listed few however I just want to spread some positivity. 

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