Taste of Summer| Hawaiian Shirt from Not Sorry Apparel

This shirt was given in collaboration with Not Sorry Apparel. All opinions are my own. Festival season is in full swing. If I was at Coachella right now I would be wearing this Hawaiian shirt, representing my city, and being unapologetic about. I love to look at all the fun outfits and colorful look that are inspired from Coachella and all the other festivals to come. Now when I initially went to the Not Sorry Apparel’s shop, a festival inspired look was not on my mind. I was clueless… I had not the slightest idea on what I wanted to do. So I started flipping through the racks and there it was.  I stop right at this Hawaiian, tropical print shirt. The light went off in my head and my inspirational juices started to flow. PARADISE! “Find paradise wherever I go” -Unknown So with this look  I decided to skip over spring and jumping straight into to warm summer vibes. This over sized Hawaiian shirt from Not Sorry Apparel is just want I need to put me back in my fun-loving spirit.  Definitely having a tropical state of mind!! Yo So this weekend my mom and I went downtown to …

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