Glitz+Glamour New Years Inspired Outfit

Glitz+Glamour  New Years Inspired Outfit

Are you going out for New Years?  I know for myself this year has been a tough for me. I want to end this year off on a good note.  I want to celebrate and bring it in with a chic outfit too.

Before I tell you about this outfit lets get into the back story. A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in New Years glamour photo shoot with a bunch of local bloggers, and influencers. I was super excited to link up with these ladies. I was really looking forward to building a relationship with them. Anyway I had to be on point for this shoot. Now to be honest I didn’t have any extra cash to run out to get a new outfit. If you know me  you know I shopped my closet. I was so pumped for the shoot however, it was cancelled due to photographer flight being delayed. I have to be honest I was super disappointed. However I was not going to let a cancelled photo shoot ruin my day. So I called my mom, told her what was going on, and we headed downtown. My mom is so awesome.


FashionLayn’s Outfit Deets..

So when I think about an outfit for New Years Eve my mind automatically thinks about glitz and glamour. Sequins, velvet, and faux fur, were the inspirations behind the photo shoot. The pressure was on.  The first thing I did was I took a look in my closet to see what I already had.  First I came across this cute rose gold sequins slip dress by Xhilaration from Target. It was sitting in my closet, never worn with the tag still attached. I had a purpose for this dress but I just did not get chance to wear. You know how life can me be. Anyway, this mini cami style slip dress is super comfortable. Since it was not form fitting I was able to get away with not wearing my SPANX. I would describe this dress as cami style sequins mesh with dusty pink slip underneath it . This dress ran me $25. Not bad for one night.

Waiting on my Uber like …

Next I paired this dress with my favorite mauve faux fur coat. This coat  also came out of my closet. Faux fur is such a cute statement piece when you are trying to glamour up your look for NYE.  I thought it matched very with the sequin slip.  Super cute right? Faux fur are so on trend for the holidays. Since it is a trend I always say don’t spend all you money on fur. I would suggest to stop at Forever 21, where I purchase the featuring coat from, to get an inexpensive faux fur from. Boohoo is another good place to start.


Lastly for the accessories, my favorite part. When I was trying this outfit on in the mirror, I still felt like I was not popping enough. I felt like everything was blending together. I need another color to add. Since the accessories that I had in my closet wasn’t working I decided to head over to Target. What will match with a dusty pink? First I ran into this turquoise velvet cross body by Wild Fable. Next thing I know I found these turquoise and pink earring from SugarFix. They match so well together. Once I put the whole look together it was perfect. So for NYE add some popping accessories to you look. Chandelier earrings, or a cute clutch with bring your whole outfit together. If you ask me take a look in Target first for accessories. Target is coming through with the fashionable accessories.

Dusty Pink Faux Fur Jacket// Forever 21 (Old)  Similar:(FashionNova) (ASOS)

Xhilaration Women’s Sequin Slip Dress// Target (Old) Similar: (ASOS) (ASOS) (ASOS)

Vinyl Open Toe Lucite Heel Bootie// Burlington (Old) Similar:(JET) (GO JANE)

SugarFix Resin Hoop Earrings with Crystal Studs // Target

Wild Fable Velvet Pouch Cross body// Target

Overall I am so satisfied with this look. It has all the great elements for New Years Eve look. Velvet, Sequins, and Faux Fur! All I need is a glass of champagne, LOL !

Girl! It’s going to be fun night !

Location: Woodward Ave, Downtown Detroit

Photographer: My Mom

How do you bring in the New Years?

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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push forward.


It’s December

It’s December

We are in the home-stretch now, right at the end of the year. We have less than 31 days to the New Years. Time has flown and I do not know where it went. It always seems like as soon as we enter into December, time is on auto speed. Wooah!   Can we all just say 2018 was super crazy? 2018 has been on an up and down roller coaster. One moment I was having a good time and everything was going great for me. Then the next thing I know it was a total shit show. (Side note: Excuse my language…. I had no other words to use to express how I feel about the lows)

December is always a love-hate time for me. I love that it is near the end where I can start over and reinvent, however I feel like I am under a lot of pressure. Some times it take me out of the holiday cheer, I do not like that at all. Instead of being caught up in the rat race of hectic behavior, I decided I am going to focus on calm. Calmly, I am going to take all the things on my to do list for the month of December one day at a time. I refuse to stress myself out. Whatever gets done, it gets done! And if  it doesn’t , then it doesn’t. Simply this month is going to full of joy, excitement, glitz , glam, and celebration. 

Fashion Note:

Speaking of celebration, I have a lot of Holiday event on my schedule. I know you are wondering what to wear? Pop the champagne, December is the time for glitz and glamour.  Velvet, sequins, faux fur, and more!  I got my hands on the December’s issue of InStyle Magazine, Jennifer Lopez is serving looks on the cover. What I got from the issue, that the drama is dial up. At the the holiday party sis, we should come to slay with poppy reds, emerald green, gold applique, and dark velvets. This month I am going to being giving y’all all the tea on how I style myself without spending all my money. I am still doing a lot of shopping for the holiday. If you want to stay update with my fashion post this month, feel free and subscribed to my blog. It can be located on the right hand under the search engine.


Blog Note

On another note, ever since I started going to local events, blogging has been booming for me. I am so thankful for the many opportunities that have came my way. I am super excited or the opportunities I have in December. Recently, I was invited to participate in NYE Glamour photo shoot. I wish I had a GIF of my face when I got the email. Total shock and happiness. I haven’t taken the pictures yet, but I already know it going to be so lit. Photo shoots are fun, however hanging with my Femology Family is funnier. This month Femology is putting on another event for the New Years. You already know I going to blog about it, maybe I might take a courage pill and start vlogging! I just know that it is going to be another banger.

Personal Note/ Goals:

Lastly, on a personal note I had a revelation. I came to conclusion, while talking to friends, that I am going to stop doing things that leads me to stress out. For example, remembering to stick to my budget. When I do not stick my budget overspend, which causes me stress out because I can’t do what I need to do. To maintain my happiness, I  am going to stop putting myself in stressful situations, and to protect my energy.

  1. Stay organize- create to-do list, and maintain my planner.
  2. Drink more water!!
  3. Finalize my ideas for YouTube
  4. Finish reading Becoming, by Michelle Obama
  5. Create another savings account for traveling.

What are you looking forward to this month? 

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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push forward.