Beauty Talk | How To Get Glowing Skin?

Happy Tuesday everyone. Let talk about skincare today. Have you been wearing a full face of makeup during the pandemic? For myself I have been going “au naturale”. No makeup, no bold eyebrows…just my bare face. Wearing makeup has not been necessary. Where am I am going? Who is going to see it. When I wear my mask when I go int, it simple defeat the purpose of having a flawless face full of makeup. So I stop wasting my make, and rely on my natural beauty.  Having a a good skincare routine is super important to me, especially during this pandemic . So on today’s post I sharing a few easy tips and product I use to help my skin glow. I have dry, dull, and sensitive skin all year round. Very rarely am I oily.  My skin sucks at time because I have tons of dead skin cells, stress, unhealthy environment, and dehydration. I made an appoint to really ramp up my skin care routine, since I have more time at home.  I wear little to no makeup now, and I need my skin to be on point. Here are a few tips on how I get radiant …

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