Repurpose My Mom’s Sweater to A Sweater Dress

How to give your old clothes new meaning through repurposing. Check out how I transform my mother’s old sweater to a sweater dress.

6 Valentines Day Gifts to Myself

Gift Guide for my Single Ladies for Valentines Day So Valentines Day is around the corner.   I already know the struggle being a single woman I’ve been there. So don’t get in your feelings because you don’t have anyone special to share it with. Please don’t get jealous of the our Twitter and Instagram feed of all the V-day gifts that get posted ladies.  I am a firm believer that you do not need to wait for someone to love you to enjoy Valentines Day. Love yourself hunny. Now  somebody told me that buying a gift for yourself  for Valentines is  pretty pathetic. Hmmmmmm so buying myself a gift and loving myself is pathetic.. Don’t get me to speculate. LOL. To my single hunnies and my ladies that are taken if you want to buy yourself something for Valentines Day go for it.  Self-Love is the best love. We can’t expect to love somebody fully if we don’t love ourselves first. 1: Thigh High Boots: If you want to feeel extra sexy get some sexy thigh high boots. I know when I put my thigh highs on…. girl I walk a little taller. I feel like a “bad gyal”. …

I’m Over it !!

ITS BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS… EVERYWHEREEEE YOUUU GOOOOO !!! LOL AND DAMN I AM SO OVER THE HOLIDAYS … Sounds like a big contradiction. Happy Holidays everyone! We are in  the last stretch y’all and I am so ready for this year to be over with. I am so over this year I believe I have gotten all that I needed out of it, and yess the last quarter of this year romped my ass. Lets keep it real all the things  that I had under control earlier on this year has knock me down hard.  Face plank.  2 weeks before Christmas and I still have not gotten a single thing for my family and my job constantly ask for us to donate to every cause.  I’ve been broke and I’m still broke, my blood pressure is bs, my anxiety will never leave me alone., and Sallie Mae can get these hands lol Why !!!!!  breathe !!!  No more giving up all of my energy. Whatever happened over this past year, be thankful for where it brought you. Where you are is where you’re meant to be. – Mandy Hale So 2018 is the year of the …

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