I’m 30! 30 Thoughts On Turning 30

Today is the Big 3-0! Happy birthday to me! I am especially thankful to see another year. Today I celebrate my birthday, my life, and very big milestone. Just this time last year, I was writing that I was afraid to get older. Nothing like a young person telling you, 30 is old. Sheesh I would believe them. I was in this weird place about it because the world tells you by 30 you should have all together and figured out, or you hit expiration date on a personal level. What kinda of bs is that? Anyway, I told myself that I was going to embrace my new life, and not get caught up in premature thoughts on being a 30 year old. It is just another great day for me! 30s are definitely the new twenties. Life is going to get better at this point. On today’s post I am sharing 30 thoughts on being a 30 year old! I’m not getting older, I’m getting better! 30 Thoughts On Turning 30 1. Age is a state of mind. I am thirty but that does not make me old. If you believe and tell people you are old… inevitably you …

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