Chapter 4: April Plan and Goals

Seriously, the month of March left me completely zapped out. I was working crazy hours at work. Like full on 12 hours days of work. On top of that finding time to take pictures. Post content. Doing so many things at once will have anyone completely drained. Also to mention I got into a minor car accident. Now this post was supposed to go up yesterday but my feelings were still hurt from the accident I had.  I was just not feeling it and it was so important for me to reflect and just relax. Well the March Madness contest at work is over and now I can get a bit of my “normal” back. My head is back in the game and I ready to tackle April on the second day. Fashion Note No new fashion trends to report this month. However, I am came across an interesting article in April’s issue of InStyle Magazine. It is titled “Does My Closet Make Me Look Fat?” by Eric Wilson. Now the title alone is interesting to me. I was looking at my closet yesterday and I came to the conclusion that I need to go on a “shopping diet”. The …

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