Repurpose My Mom’s Sweater to A Sweater Dress

Repurpose My Mom’s Sweater to A Sweater Dress

Last Friday I was over my parent’s house to visit. You can find me over there every weekend lol. Anyway, my mom walks into the kitchen and ask me try on something.  She always has something for me trying on, why?! Most of time I not willing to try on anything. Something about just makes me so tired. For some reason my mom always have a few things for me try on when I come over. It starts off by her showing me the clothes she bought from her beloved Burlington, the store.  Next thing I know she is making me trying on a top or three lol. I think this has become a tradition between us girls, maybe this how we bond idk.  If it something that she doesn’t like or think it would look nice on me, she will have me try it on. If I like/ love it then I take it home.


FashionLayn’s Outfit Deets..

So I tried on this long sleeve zip front sweater.  I was in love. The way it hugged my body, the color, and the “femme” graphics around the sleeves and the hem was everything. I decided that this sweater was no longer going to be sweater, but for me it was going to be bomb sweater dress.  I gave it a new PURPOSE, granted my mom had this sitting in her closet for awhile now. It is giving me sass, class, and lots fun. My mom started smiling and patting herself on the back. She stated, ” I can be your new stylist…You owe me $20 bucks for the sweater.  SMH oh mom! Gotta love her.

This sweater worked so well for me because of my height.  I am on the short side so it was able to pull over my butt. Now on the pictures it might appear short, however I am able to bend down without giving everyone a peep show for free. Because this dress was serving all the sass, I could not help but think I was Parisian girl. (Side note: this is not Parisian fashion at all) I’ll be honest because it said “femme”, origin French word for woman or wife, had me feeling like I was French. It led me to add my beret. So I pair this sweater with my red beret from H&M and red circle cross body. I love to add pop of color to all my black and white outfits. Since it is the holiday day season why not add red to mix. Red, white, and black compliment each other so.

For the sweater it ran my mother $20 bucks. It came off the clearance rack at Burlington, so this is a steal for this On Twelfth brand. If you want you can wear this sweater with opaque tights, or faux leather leggings. The other thing I love about this sweater that you can take it from noon to night. It is just that versatile.

So go through you closet. Take out some of things that you don’t wear and see how you can repurpose it, or give away to someone that can give it new PURPOSE like I did.


On Twelfth “Femme” Long Sleeve Front Zipper Sweater// Burlington (Similar) (Similar) (Similar Length) (Similar Length)

Red Wool Beret// H&M (Similar)

Black Over the Knee Boot// Lane Bryant (Similar)

Red Circle Bag with Black Tassel // Mpulse Boutique (Similar)


Location: Detroit MI

Photographer: My Mom

What are some of your ways to repurpose  your wardrobe

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Plus Size Fashion for Budget Friendly Woman

Plus Size Fashion for Budget Friendly Woman

When I go shopping I like to have $100 dollars to spend. At the end of a nice shopping day I want to come out with a lot of bags ! I want my $100 to stretch. Do you feel me ! Like getting 1 or 2 items with $100 is good but I really don’t feel successful. I want to see the fruits of hard shopping day. So how can we make our money stretch for us. Now I am aware that plus size clothing can be somewhat expensive. I like to say the more material they use the more expensive the item is. So yes it makes hard for my curvy girls to find affordable clothing! 

So I decided to compile list of few places that I think my curvy sis would appreciate. A few places they can find classic or trendy clothes without BREAKING THE BANK. Facts! I know for a fact that we do not to need to buy expensive things for validation or just to feel at your best. In all honesty I am a broke and being a blogger does not go hand and hand. It hard trying to maintain my bills, work and and full time blog. So I have to find ways to make my dollar work for me! I know I am not the only one trying save money.

Inexpensive Plus Size Fashion


Is one of my favorite go to places when I am looking for inexpensive trendy clothes. There price point stop at $50 dollars and they have a sale going on all the time ! Size stop at a size 20


I feel like Shein has just pop up on the map and taking the plus size industry by storm . This is another shop that inexpensive place to get trendy pieces from. This site serves up beach babe vibes to city girl vibes. Literally the price point stops at $30. This is another store that stays with the sale. Size go all the way up to size 3X

Rainbow Stores

Rainbow has definitely came through for me a few times. You ever want to try a trend however you did not want to spend arm a leg. Yes Rainbow has came through in that department. Just about everything is under $25 and the sizes go up to a 3X!


Do I need to say anything….. Come on now you should already know this is my favorite store every ! I love Forever21 because I can get a full outfit at $60. Shirt, Jeans, a Dress, sunglasses, and earrings. And have you shop the clearance rack ?? I telling you sis you can win. Forever21 is serving up cute styles starting around $10.

Charlotte Russe

This another store that comes through and they are at the mall. I try it on at the store!


This is one of my favorite dress shop.  Almost everything is or under $50 bucks This store you can definitely make out with a lot of trendy items

Old Navy

Everybody is not all about trends. I understand that and why I feel Old Navy is winner. Always a good sale and have awesome classic pieces


Other stores you can tryout Rebdoll, Pretty Little Things, Amazon, and Gsloves ! Go ahead and check out a few more of my budget friendly tips !

I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got 20 dollars in my pocket.

-Macklemore  “Thrift Shop

Face you make when you only spend $20 buck on outfit! Warrior


Loving yourself is inexpensive medicine

little sidenote:

be comfortable in your skin. it is a struggle however i get better at this the older i get. being comfortable with yourself and not in search of validation. this summer i want my curvy ladies to focus on being comfortable in there own skin and not looking for someone to tell you how you should feel. Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.  You are enough ! 

even if it makes other uncomfortable.. I will love who I am !

-Janelle Monae



Okay lets get into the outfit. So I was coming back from Mexican town with my mom. She wanted to stop at this store called Simply10.  **sideeye** Simply10 is not everywhere however this store will remind you of Dots or Rainbow. Now this store is in the hood and I hate stopping at the strip mall because it not really the safest places on the planet. Anywho we stop and I was super guarded. Also, I felt like man I already got my cheap store that I shop in and this is not going to work for my body.  Sis I was wrong, I went in the store I had a bunch of stuff in my hand including this set. I tried on this set and I went into to orbit. Matching sets are so in this summer. I have such a hard time finding a set because a lot of store like to sell the pieces together. I small at the top so I would need a 1X for the top and 2X for the bottom. I got to the counter and the cashier told that will be $21.20. I was like YESSSSSSS. I love to get larger amount of change back! Anywho this places doesn’t have a specific site where you can get this exact however all the places are listed are selling inexpensive matching sets together and separately.

So my whole point for this post is to express that you do not need to spend lots of money on your curvy clothes. If you have sense of style and know how to hook your stuff up you will always be fashionable. Its nothing wrong with being frugal with your money and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


 Location: Belle Isle Park

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography | IG: @richellemariephoto


If you have any other places that you know of to get inexpensive plus size clothing from let me know below in the comment section 

Thank you so much for reading. 

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Shop wisely sis ! 

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Throw the Whole Closet Away

Throw the Whole Closet Away

Do you need a new wardrobe?.. I know I do. I have been struggling. My goal this month was to upgrade my fashion. Project Fashion Style Up. But I don’t have any extra money to spend on my wardrobe. Overtime has been cut sooo I have wear what I already got hun…..  So what do I do ? What do we do friend lol.

I could give up SHOPPING,  but I’m not a quitter


Tips for Fashion fam with the small pockets. My money ain’t long sis.. Im broke man!

What are the secrets to looking look fashion forward with a budget. The struggle is real.  So here are some the tips that I think can help my sisters with short pockets and extend their coins.  You ready.. take a look.


money asks GIF

  • Set a Budget: Like your everyday finance you have to set a budget. Clothes is not up high on the list. So first figure how much money you have to spend on clothes. What you have left over.  So figure out what need. Get 100 buck in cash if that what you have to spend extra and stick to your list of clothes that you need. Happy Spending !


work hard so you can shop harder

  • sex and the city fashion GIFShop you closet: We have some many clothes that we just don’t wear and remember you ain’t got no money. SIMPLY SHOP YOUR CLOSET!  Pull out some things and see what you can do with them. Put some new buttons on your sweater. Refurbish your outfits if you need to. Just try to see what you have in your closet. I have came across so many fits that I was like … why didn’t I wear this ? Just confused! NO WIRE HANGER !!! random
  • Sell your clothes you don’t wear: Those clothes that you just don’t like anymore or never wear sell them to resale shop, donate/giveaway, or toss. Make three piles for sell, donate/giveaway, and toss clothes and go to town in your clothes. Make some room for you soon to be new wardrobe.
Image result for black girl gif
Love my trends tho !
  • Classic vs Trendy Fashion: Try to go for classic pieces versus trendy. I am a trendy girl I love to buy clothes that are super trendy. But like all trends they die hard. So yes it okay to love trendy clothes but focus on getting more classic pieces. Those pieces will last you a bit longer and less trips to the mall
    • Investment Pieces: This is the only time you can splurge. Do I get 5 things on trend or less expensive pieces or do you get something that will last you awhile?  It is okay to buy one expensive piece that you know can last you a lot of times.
    • GOTTA HAVE (Staple pieces) Figure out what wear you need and absolutely love. ex. Jean jacket. My staple piece is jean jacket and I have to keep this in my closet to might. I consider this my classic wear.
no way GIF by Girls Trip
  • I love coupon codes!!: Use coupons and codes… download RetailMeNot app so codes can be at yo finger tips.
  • Outlet & Discount Stores are you friends. Save a few coins and get some cool designer clothes… win win !
  • Thrift shopping: You also can get a lot of cool things from the thrift store. You can be really creative or you can find so dope vintage wear. Be open to this!
  • Take a peek in the Menswear: I heard through the grapevine that their clothes are cheaper
Image result for janelle monae gif
  • Follow Budget Friendly Blogger: Like Me :). Lol yes!  but really follow budget friendly bloggers, they can give you deets on the fits on a budget.
  • My favorite magazine is PeopleStyle (fka People Stylewatch) and they always have affordable fashion finds, coupon codes, and dupes.





Image result for danielle brooks gif


push forward and be fierce with your new threads!!


 **Feature Picture: Photo Credit- Richelle Marie Photography IG: @richellemariephoto