7 Things I Learned Dealing With the Loss of A Loved One

(Disclosure: This post maybe triggering to some people.  I am not a license physiologist, therapist, or counselor. If you are having a hard time processing  please reach out to someone that can help you navigate through the fear, guilt, and anxiety that is associated with the death of a loved one. Please know that these are just a few things I learn over the years to cope with my grievances. I am not saying my way is the right way however, I am sharing this in the intentions to help myself and someone else.)  People process grief very differently. The death of a loved one is a very sensitive time for anyone going through it.  It is something that you take day by day, minute by minute. There is NO RIGHT way to deal with it at. I am aware that everyone process death very differently and that it is okay. With that being said you are allow to feel whatever way, do whatever you need to do to get to a place of healing. This post was was not planned however, created to help me heal and hopefully start the healing process for someone else. Most don’t know this however, my family and myself has lost …

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