5 Reasons Why You Need Basic Invite| Business Cards

This postย was done in collaboration with Basic Invite โ€“ but trust, all opinions are my own. Basic Invite, a custom wedding invitation company, is far from basic! Basic Invite started in 2006 and very well know for their custom invitations. They also make announcements, stationary, and other business products; such as business cards. ย When I started off blogging I remember going to an event without any business cards. I was so embarrassed. I would tell people I left them at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ Basic Invite allows any blogger or entrepreneur to create business cardsย very easily. Today I will share 5 reasons why you should use Basic Invite to create your business cards now. 5 Reasons Why You Choose Basic Inviteย  Almost Unlimited Colorsย – Basic Invite allows customers to choose from over 180 different colors options. Once you select the design you can choose the color of each element on your business card.ย  Instant Preview – You can see an instant preview of the design business cards. Basic Invite allows customers to see a preview of the colors, fonts, and templates they choose. Custom Samplesย -Printed sample of actual business card can be order customers can see exactly how it will print as …

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