Throw the Whole Closet Away

Do you need a new wardrobe?.. I know I do. I have been struggling. My goal this month was to upgrade my fashion. Project Fashion Style Up. But I don’t have any extra money to spend on my wardrobe. Overtime has been cut sooo I have wear what I already got hun…..  So what do I do ? What do we do friend lol. I could give up SHOPPING,  but I’m not a quitter FASHION ON A BUDGET TIPS Tips for Fashion fam with the small pockets. My money ain’t long sis.. Im broke man! What are the secrets to looking look fashion forward with a budget. The struggle is real.  So here are some the tips that I think can help my sisters with short pockets and extend their coins.  You ready.. take a look.   Set a Budget: Like your everyday finance you have to set a budget. Clothes is not up high on the list. So first figure how much money you have to spend on clothes. What you have left over.  So figure out what need. Get 100 buck in cash if that what you have to spend extra and stick to your list of clothes that you …

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