Glitz+Glamour New Years Inspired Outfit

Glitz+Glamour  New Years Inspired Outfit

Are you going out for New Years?  I know for myself this year has been a tough for me. I want to end this year off on a good note.  I want to celebrate and bring it in with a chic outfit too.

Before I tell you about this outfit lets get into the back story. A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in New Years glamour photo shoot with a bunch of local bloggers, and influencers. I was super excited to link up with these ladies. I was really looking forward to building a relationship with them. Anyway I had to be on point for this shoot. Now to be honest I didn’t have any extra cash to run out to get a new outfit. If you know me  you know I shopped my closet. I was so pumped for the shoot however, it was cancelled due to photographer flight being delayed. I have to be honest I was super disappointed. However I was not going to let a cancelled photo shoot ruin my day. So I called my mom, told her what was going on, and we headed downtown. My mom is so awesome.


FashionLayn’s Outfit Deets..

So when I think about an outfit for New Years Eve my mind automatically thinks about glitz and glamour. Sequins, velvet, and faux fur, were the inspirations behind the photo shoot. The pressure was on.  The first thing I did was I took a look in my closet to see what I already had.  First I came across this cute rose gold sequins slip dress by Xhilaration from Target. It was sitting in my closet, never worn with the tag still attached. I had a purpose for this dress but I just did not get chance to wear. You know how life can me be. Anyway, this mini cami style slip dress is super comfortable. Since it was not form fitting I was able to get away with not wearing my SPANX. I would describe this dress as cami style sequins mesh with dusty pink slip underneath it . This dress ran me $25. Not bad for one night.

Waiting on my Uber like …

Next I paired this dress with my favorite mauve faux fur coat. This coat  also came out of my closet. Faux fur is such a cute statement piece when you are trying to glamour up your look for NYE.  I thought it matched very with the sequin slip.  Super cute right? Faux fur are so on trend for the holidays. Since it is a trend I always say don’t spend all you money on fur. I would suggest to stop at Forever 21, where I purchase the featuring coat from, to get an inexpensive faux fur from. Boohoo is another good place to start.


Lastly for the accessories, my favorite part. When I was trying this outfit on in the mirror, I still felt like I was not popping enough. I felt like everything was blending together. I need another color to add. Since the accessories that I had in my closet wasn’t working I decided to head over to Target. What will match with a dusty pink? First I ran into this turquoise velvet cross body by Wild Fable. Next thing I know I found these turquoise and pink earring from SugarFix. They match so well together. Once I put the whole look together it was perfect. So for NYE add some popping accessories to you look. Chandelier earrings, or a cute clutch with bring your whole outfit together. If you ask me take a look in Target first for accessories. Target is coming through with the fashionable accessories.

Dusty Pink Faux Fur Jacket// Forever 21 (Old)  Similar:(FashionNova) (ASOS)

Xhilaration Women’s Sequin Slip Dress// Target (Old) Similar: (ASOS) (ASOS) (ASOS)

Vinyl Open Toe Lucite Heel Bootie// Burlington (Old) Similar:(JET) (GO JANE)

SugarFix Resin Hoop Earrings with Crystal Studs // Target

Wild Fable Velvet Pouch Cross body// Target

Overall I am so satisfied with this look. It has all the great elements for New Years Eve look. Velvet, Sequins, and Faux Fur! All I need is a glass of champagne, LOL !

Girl! It’s going to be fun night !

Location: Woodward Ave, Downtown Detroit

Photographer: My Mom

How do you bring in the New Years?

Share with me in the comment section. Let me know what I could add to this list.

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push forward.


Lavender Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from Forever21

Lavender Shaggy Faux Fur Coat from Forever21

Omg I have been away from the blog for like whole week! AHHH  I am back and I am NOT suffering from writers block anymore. So lets get back on the fashion train.  Before I do that , let me tell you a bit about my weekend. I found myself networking and shopping at Ferne Boutique with Femology. You can find this store in the New Center area in Detroit ! Omg this boutique is now my new favorite store….but let me save all the details. I had a great time at the event! I got a chance to  meet the owner, hanging out, and SHOP! I can’t wait to show sis all the pieces I bought!

Lets get into this outfit sis ! This by far one of my all time favorite looks!  Wanna know a secret….. come close…  I did not plan to where to this at all. I came up with this outfit 30 minutes before the event.  LOL!



FashionLayn Outfit Deets….

I was so excited to wear this Shaggy faux fur Coat in the color Lavender. This was the statement piece of the year  ! I was giving you fall flavor with hint of  lavender unicorn glam. I was gifted this item from Forever21 after collaborating with them. When I tried on this jacket I had to have it ! This faux fur coat features a hood, open front,  and patch pockets.  I tried on a size large.  It did , in my opinion, run big enough for me. So keep that in mine when you are looking at this type of coat.. (sidenote: below I linked a bigger size for my more curvier women) DSC00904

Faux Fur and the teddy bear faux fur effect are on trend for the fall. I feel like for trendy looks you should not pay top knot dollar. Keep that mind . Do you really want to invest all your coins into something that is only going to be in style for season? With that being said this faux fur cost $43 at Forever 21.

So in order to compliment the jacket I wore a  mustard ribbed jersey top from H&M. To finish the look I added a  mustard color bucket bag, black legging with my over the knee boots. Its a look ! Done !  Oops almost forgot. I tied a cute little color block scarf  to help tied all the colors together!

So yes I decided to be daring and play with colors.  It paid off sis I got so many compliments on the coat and the colors.  It was Eye Catching ! Popping ! Fun! Had so much fun with your looks ! Don’t be afraid to bring bright or bold colors to your wardrobe! Have Fun !

Lavender Fuzzy Faux Fur Coat// Forever21 (Similar)

Ribbed Jersey Top// H&M

Colorblock Square Scarf// Forever21

Mustard Bucket Bag// Francesca’s  (Similiar)

Have you ever had to come up with a outfit 30 minutes before an event ? If so, what did you do ?

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push forward.


This jacket was gifted by Forever21. All opinions are my own.




Who are you before you started doing whatever to impress that crowd? Who were you before he got all up in your head? Do you even remember who you are ? 

Girl I know the struggle I’m trying to put all my pieces back together. Lost in the sauce I’ve been there. When they say be yourself its easier said then done. I am here to say it possible. That what I am currently doing. I’m finding myself again. Reason why I was so lost because I taught myself at a young age how to be like other people. Since I was young girl I wanted to be in the “in” crowd. With the popular girls, being the girl that all the guys liked. I really just wanted everyone to like me. My fashion sense always changed and my mind set was all over the place. No matter how hard I tried I was still that weird, awkward, cute, silly, crazy girl that I tried to hide. However all the constant change and trying to stay up on everything left me so confuse. Who am I ? Lord I don’t know. Can you answer it confidently?  Im trying to find Alayna.

Worry about loving yourself, instead go loving the idea of other people loving you.


I have been trying to be more open, authentic, transparent, and honest with myself and others.  My mission is to stop hiding behind the tough, nothing bothers me girl and be the strong girl that have issues but knows how to deal and can be happy.  Once we figure out how to let go of all the judgement, doubt, issues, and the bull shit we can finally be our self, our true self.  Let me say take it day by day. Be conscious of what you are doing. Practice on being yourself confidently. Soon you will learn it will come natural again.


Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.


So to start, take some time and learn yourself. I say have some quiet time. Take some control of yourself. Listen to your self. Analyze your negative thoughts and/ or list all the positive things about your self. Once you get handle on the negative thoughts and praise what you like about yourself then you start embracing your confidences.

Being yourself and walking tall 🙂 

Think Positive and Act Positive.

Smile: You have a beautiful SMILE  ! Your smile is apart of what makes you you. When you smile it a feel good. Feeling good sparks your confidences.

Have some fun be carefree ! Get in touch with that inner kid in you and be free

Let go of who you think you and embrace who you really are. So get honest with yourself and be honest with other people. So stop being so fake with yourself.

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” – Alan Watts

On the Fashion Tip


Girl !! In these pictures and this outfit I had too much sauce! I was feeling myself and it was all because of the leather jacket. Let me tell y’all I found this jacket originally at Forever21 store in Somerset Mall. Somerset is consider a high end mall in the suburbs. However the Forever21 in this mall doesn’t have a plus size section. I found that to be strange. I guess there are no curvy women in the suburbs. Anywho I had my rant on Twitter. I saw this jacket and I was so mad. I wanted it so bad. Well the tables had turnt. When I was Chicago a couple of weeks I found the jacket and it was in the plus size section . It was at the Forever21 Store off the Magnificent Mile **Queue the music trap lord !! I started voguing and I rip the imaginary runway.

I’m not really a red person. The only time I wear red is on my lips but the red faux fur contrasting with the black leather. Please have mercy! Then my mom found the studded rose jeans. She grabbed a pair for herself however when she show me the jeans I had to have them too ! Feeling a little daring. I found this top at the new Zara store at the Somerset Mall (sidenote: I still like Somerset Mall just that Forever21 makes me mad). I am always waiting for friday! SO the shirt was all me ! I grabbed that and put the outfit.


Man oh man you couldn’t tell me nothing. Bomb outfit always builds my confidence.





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