Who are you before you started doing whatever to impress that crowd? Who were you before he got all up in your head? Do you even remember who you are ? 

Girl I know the struggle I’m trying to put all my pieces back together. Lost in the sauce I’ve been there. When they say be yourself its easier said then done. I am here to say it possible. That what I am currently doing. I’m finding myself again. Reason why I was so lost because I taught myself at a young age how to be like other people. Since I was young girl I wanted to be in the “in” crowd. With the popular girls, being the girl that all the guys liked. I really just wanted everyone to like me. My fashion sense always changed and my mind set was all over the place. No matter how hard I tried I was still that weird, awkward, cute, silly, crazy girl that I tried to hide. However all the constant change and trying to stay up on everything left me so confuse. Who am I ? Lord I don’t know. Can you answer it confidently?  Im trying to find Alayna.

Worry about loving yourself, instead go loving the idea of other people loving you.


I have been trying to be more open, authentic, transparent, and honest with myself and others.  My mission is to stop hiding behind the tough, nothing bothers me girl and be the strong girl that have issues but knows how to deal and can be happy.  Once we figure out how to let go of all the judgement, doubt, issues, and the bull shit we can finally be our self, our true self.  Let me say take it day by day. Be conscious of what you are doing. Practice on being yourself confidently. Soon you will learn it will come natural again.


Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.


So to start, take some time and learn yourself. I say have some quiet time. Take some control of yourself. Listen to your self. Analyze your negative thoughts and/ or list all the positive things about your self. Once you get handle on the negative thoughts and praise what you like about yourself then you start embracing your confidences.

Being yourself and walking tall 🙂 

Think Positive and Act Positive.

Smile: You have a beautiful SMILE  ! Your smile is apart of what makes you you. When you smile it a feel good. Feeling good sparks your confidences.

Have some fun be carefree ! Get in touch with that inner kid in you and be free

Let go of who you think you and embrace who you really are. So get honest with yourself and be honest with other people. So stop being so fake with yourself.

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” – Alan Watts

On the Fashion Tip


Girl !! In these pictures and this outfit I had too much sauce! I was feeling myself and it was all because of the leather jacket. Let me tell y’all I found this jacket originally at Forever21 store in Somerset Mall. Somerset is consider a high end mall in the suburbs. However the Forever21 in this mall doesn’t have a plus size section. I found that to be strange. I guess there are no curvy women in the suburbs. Anywho I had my rant on Twitter. I saw this jacket and I was so mad. I wanted it so bad. Well the tables had turnt. When I was Chicago a couple of weeks I found the jacket and it was in the plus size section . It was at the Forever21 Store off the Magnificent Mile **Queue the music trap lord !! I started voguing and I rip the imaginary runway.

I’m not really a red person. The only time I wear red is on my lips but the red faux fur contrasting with the black leather. Please have mercy! Then my mom found the studded rose jeans. She grabbed a pair for herself however when she show me the jeans I had to have them too ! Feeling a little daring. I found this top at the new Zara store at the Somerset Mall (sidenote: I still like Somerset Mall just that Forever21 makes me mad). I am always waiting for friday! SO the shirt was all me ! I grabbed that and put the outfit.


Man oh man you couldn’t tell me nothing. Bomb outfit always builds my confidence.





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