Burgundy Striped Pants

Burgundy Striped Pants

In light of New York Fashion Week, we are in full swing of the new fall fashion trends and style. I have to say I am little sad because yet again I miss out on the fun filled weekend ! The CURVYcon and the NYFW! Man my feed on Instagram was going nuts! However when life gives you lemons make lemonade. So I decided to have a little curvy and NYFW fun on my own on budget. So let dive right into this this fit.

Everyday is Fashion Show and the World is your Runway

-Coco Chanel

My outfit alone cost me only $20 bucks… wanna know how ?So first, put into practice shopping my closet. My funds were a bit low so I started looking for fall inspire fashion in my closest.  I found a few things but not a lot of things that I though that were blog worthy. Gotta get creative! So next…You already know I went to my favorite store to see if I can score a win. I also took some time out to visit the local Goodwill. I got a few cool purses !


My Outfit Deets….

While I was in Forever21  I came across these Belted Burgundy striped pants featured in the pictures. I would describe these jeans, all over stripe design high rise pants. These pants have a concealed side zip closure and my favorite of the pants is the removable faux leather belt.  The kick out of it is that these pants only cost me $17.  Such a good deal ! If you know me I am fan of clothes that can be worn up and down. If you want you can casual where these pants with a graphic tees and gym shoes. If you want you can where these pants at work or wear them out on the town. I absolutely love the fit of pants. They fit my frame very well and have nice woven feel to them.

So I paired these striped pants with grey structured sweater with flare sleeves. I also got this $4 studded fanny pack from the Goodwill . This fanny pack went really well with my triple buckle ankle boots. Silver is another know fall fashion trend so I guess you can say I was testing out

Grey High Neck  StructuredSweater **Old**

Burgundy Striped High Rise Pants// Forever21  **On Sale* (Similar)

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever21 **old** (Similar)

Studded Belted Fanny Pack // Goodwill


little sidenote:

there is light always at the end of the tunnel. sometimes we dig ourselves a hole that we do not know how we are gonna get out.  or sometimes other things can be to hard to bare. i am experiencing this currently i am not sure what to do as of now. but i am here to say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. whatever it is that your going through.. the best way to get past it something is to go through it.  yes it is so hard but you have to do what you feel is right. when your going through something my mom always told me to have a clear head when making tough decisions. i also said that you should talk to someone that you trust. whatever it that you may be going through is that you are going to make it. also don’t beat yourself up with whatever decision you make, a good friend told me that. 

Grow Through What You Go Through



Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: My mom is the best !!

What are you enjoying so far about NYFW ?

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Plus Size Fashion for Budget Friendly Woman

Plus Size Fashion for Budget Friendly Woman

When I go shopping I like to have $100 dollars to spend. At the end of a nice shopping day I want to come out with a lot of bags ! I want my $100 to stretch. Do you feel me ! Like getting 1 or 2 items with $100 is good but I really don’t feel successful. I want to see the fruits of hard shopping day. So how can we make our money stretch for us. Now I am aware that plus size clothing can be somewhat expensive. I like to say the more material they use the more expensive the item is. So yes it makes hard for my curvy girls to find affordable clothing! 

So I decided to compile list of few places that I think my curvy sis would appreciate. A few places they can find classic or trendy clothes without BREAKING THE BANK. Facts! I know for a fact that we do not to need to buy expensive things for validation or just to feel at your best. In all honesty I am a broke and being a blogger does not go hand and hand. It hard trying to maintain my bills, work and and full time blog. So I have to find ways to make my dollar work for me! I know I am not the only one trying save money.

Inexpensive Plus Size Fashion


Is one of my favorite go to places when I am looking for inexpensive trendy clothes. There price point stop at $50 dollars and they have a sale going on all the time ! Size stop at a size 20


I feel like Shein has just pop up on the map and taking the plus size industry by storm . This is another shop that inexpensive place to get trendy pieces from. This site serves up beach babe vibes to city girl vibes. Literally the price point stops at $30. This is another store that stays with the sale. Size go all the way up to size 3X

Rainbow Stores

Rainbow has definitely came through for me a few times. You ever want to try a trend however you did not want to spend arm a leg. Yes Rainbow has came through in that department. Just about everything is under $25 and the sizes go up to a 3X!


Do I need to say anything….. Come on now you should already know this is my favorite store every ! I love Forever21 because I can get a full outfit at $60. Shirt, Jeans, a Dress, sunglasses, and earrings. And have you shop the clearance rack ?? I telling you sis you can win. Forever21 is serving up cute styles starting around $10.

Charlotte Russe

This another store that comes through and they are at the mall. I try it on at the store!


This is one of my favorite dress shop.  Almost everything is or under $50 bucks This store you can definitely make out with a lot of trendy items

Old Navy

Everybody is not all about trends. I understand that and why I feel Old Navy is winner. Always a good sale and have awesome classic pieces


Other stores you can tryout Rebdoll, Pretty Little Things, Amazon, and Gsloves ! Go ahead and check out a few more of my budget friendly tips !

I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got 20 dollars in my pocket.

-Macklemore  “Thrift Shop

Face you make when you only spend $20 buck on outfit! Warrior


Loving yourself is inexpensive medicine

little sidenote:

be comfortable in your skin. it is a struggle however i get better at this the older i get. being comfortable with yourself and not in search of validation. this summer i want my curvy ladies to focus on being comfortable in there own skin and not looking for someone to tell you how you should feel. Don’t trade your authenticity for approval.  You are enough ! 

even if it makes other uncomfortable.. I will love who I am !

-Janelle Monae



Okay lets get into the outfit. So I was coming back from Mexican town with my mom. She wanted to stop at this store called Simply10.  **sideeye** Simply10 is not everywhere however this store will remind you of Dots or Rainbow. Now this store is in the hood and I hate stopping at the strip mall because it not really the safest places on the planet. Anywho we stop and I was super guarded. Also, I felt like man I already got my cheap store that I shop in and this is not going to work for my body.  Sis I was wrong, I went in the store I had a bunch of stuff in my hand including this set. I tried on this set and I went into to orbit. Matching sets are so in this summer. I have such a hard time finding a set because a lot of store like to sell the pieces together. I small at the top so I would need a 1X for the top and 2X for the bottom. I got to the counter and the cashier told that will be $21.20. I was like YESSSSSSS. I love to get larger amount of change back! Anywho this places doesn’t have a specific site where you can get this exact however all the places are listed are selling inexpensive matching sets together and separately.

So my whole point for this post is to express that you do not need to spend lots of money on your curvy clothes. If you have sense of style and know how to hook your stuff up you will always be fashionable. Its nothing wrong with being frugal with your money and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


 Location: Belle Isle Park

Photographer: Richelle Marie Photography | IG: @richellemariephoto


If you have any other places that you know of to get inexpensive plus size clothing from let me know below in the comment section 

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Shop wisely sis ! 

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A little Island Gyal with Forever21

A little Island Gyal with Forever21

Can you believe it… Its the first day of summer ! Wow I can say this so many times , this year is going by so fast !  woMAN! So if I could be anywhere right now I would love to be on somebody’s island enjoying a nice pineapple beverage with the sun warming my skin with a nice tropical breeze.  Let me stop day dreaming … since the island can’t come to me I will bring it to me. Guess I will post up in the city  until  the day comes I get the chance to sip a drink by the pool .


I wish yall could have seen me in Forever21 trying to put this outfit together. LOL I walked around the plus size section about 20 times to get the right outfit to match the headband. Mad woman on the loose !   Before I even started looking I came across this leaf inspired headband. Now if you been reading my blog you will know that I love floral aesthetics. Anyway, my braids were freshly done and I wanted to rock a cute headband… so lets the finding of an outfit commence! First, I ran across an eyelet off the shoulder crop top. The color had me sold!  You would also know that I have outright relationship with the color yellow. It has been dub my color !  Back to the outfit, I don’t know what it is but a nice off the shoulder top to show off my shoulder does something to me. It  so subtle and seductive at the same time when my shoulders are out and exposed.  Also I love the fact that it has the elastic band at the bomb to hold the crop top in place. While I was in the store I found these linen shorts that I thought match well with this fit. I could have bought these shorts in a 1x but I stuck with 2x because I wanted to fit a little baggy.  Linen blend fabrics are super comfy to the touch for me. Lastly, the gold Monsetra leaf earring in my opinion sent this outfit out of orbit ! Man on man it was sooooo bomb . It was complete. (Sidenote: Let me say that Forever21 need go ahead a partner up with me because I spend so much time in the store it crazy !)  I feel like this outfit can be worn up or down.  It has slight of city vibes mix in with a island glow!  City Boho …. hmmm. I am picturing  this outfit at a island theme night party with drinks with a umbrella in them and awesome pool decoration and globe lights nestle around the fences !

never stop chasing your summer 

Monstera Leaf Drop Earring// Forever21

Little sidetone:

Go out and enjoy your life. We never know how many summers we have left so make each summer you have on this earth a good one. Enjoy time with your family and your closest friends. I just want to stress how important it is to enjoy your life to the fullest. We do not have time to just focus all on the serious stuff. Have some fun and smile ! 


when you sprinkle city vibes with a little island gyal vibes 

Leaf Headband// Forever21

Monstera Leaf Drop Earrings // Forever21 (LINK)

Mustard Eyelet Off the Shoulder Top // Forever21 (LINK)

Linen Blend Strip Shorts// Forever21 (LINK)

Bamboo Purse// UrbanOutfitter

Freya Peeptoe Cut Work Shoe Boot// BooHoo (old)

Location: Mexicantown -Southwest Detroit

Photographer: Mom – Always a special shout to my mom always being down and available to take my pictures. You are and always will be the real MVP !


So what are you looking forward to this summer ?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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Define Your Personal Style ?

Define Your Personal Style ?

How do I define my personal style ? Lol if you coming to me for the answer I don’t have it. But I found a great site that can help you do it yourself, easy ! Listen I believe we all have an idea of what our personal style is but how do we put it into words. Really define it ! IDK ! All I know is that I am not your typical fashionista. I wear what I want to wear. I let my creativity take over when it comes to my personal style. Keep reading…..

  Anywho,  I found myself on google trying to figure it out.  There are so many ways to define your style and the most helpful one I came across was Style Bee.  The story: I am a frequent listener to podcasts they help me generate my topic in today’s millennial time. So while I was listening to Gettin’ Grown by Jade and Keia,  the topic of discussion was Personal Style. They provided Style Bee’s link in their description box of course I clicked it. “Define Your Style in 5 Easy Step”.So I am gonna let you take the wheel and visit StyleBee site on your own. Download her workbook and figure it all out. I put on my thinking cap and bam !! I defined my personal style.

Why do I recommend this? I recommend figuring out your personal style because I feel like we have too many clothes and put to many of our clothes in the graveyard.  Graveyard , Clothes. What you talking about sis? You know those the clothes we never wear. We know is not for us but we still buy it. It been countless of time that I tried a style that I knew it was not for me. But I bought it anyway. Fail ! We know  what we love. But what we like?… What we like  might not be for us.  I believe understanding and know your personal style will  help save your coins.  I want you to know exactly what you want out of outfits.

So after finishing the workbook….  I will suggest to you to do this with your friends…lol you could be lying to yourself sis or you just can’t come up with the right words. LOL … i guarantee its fun. Maybe turn this into a vision board party…. I got the wine !!

My Personal Style is ( defined in  5 words)

Cool     Fun    Unique   City    Confident 


Do’s of My Style:

(The things that I love that make up my personal style)

Bodycon Dresses

Bright Colors

Textures and Prints


Graphic Tees

Tight Skirts



Distress Jeans

Comfy boots

Thigh high boots

Moto jackets


Black jeggings

Back packs


“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”

-Anne Klein


What I learn from Style Bee’s workbook was how to define my style. Put it  all into words that make sense.  See the pictures that I have on this blog post? This is absolutely my style and what I love to wear. I am not your typical go by the book style blogger. I have a hard time keep up with the typical looks for the month anyway. I miss the whole mark LOL. So my look defines be as a cool confident unique kinda girl. I march to my own beat.

How did I come up with this outfit? I absolutely love graphic tees and anything that shows off my curves. I love graphic tees because say exactly what I want to say at that time. I live through my graphic tees literally. Oh yes I love bright colors too. Idk but yellow on black skin is just amazing . So I got this cute skirt from Eloquii. I was in Chicago for the Dream Big Curvy Conference. While I was there for the conference I visited the Eloquii Store on the Magnificent Mile.  Check out FashionLayn goes to Eloquii about my experience at Eloquii.  Anywho this skirt is so curvylicious and the fabric is amazing and really easy to clean.

I got the graphic tees because it literally scream “Girl Power”.  I know that the world is going to be ran by women and I stand for it LOL. So because the shirt had a red rose in it I decided to pair it with a color that was close to it on  the color wheel.  RED, ORANGE, YELLOW .. get it !!! 🙂  Sidenote: SIS go out and get you a leather jacket for next winter season.. I see a lot of jackets are on sale !! The moto jacket I threw it in at the last minute. I think it completed the fit perfectly. Then the triple buckle action with the shoes ! I absolutely love these shoes. So comfy now. I must say you have to break these shoes in because they were tight at first.

Neoprane Pencil Skirt in Spicy Mustard// Eloquii SHOPNOW

Plus Size “Girl Power” graphic tee// Forever21 Sold out  SIMILAR

Black and Red Faux Leather Jacket // Forever21 Sold out SIMILAR , SIMILAR

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever 21 SHOPNOWSIMILAR


Location: Eastern Market Detroit, MI

Photographer: Reem Eissa Photography

special shoutout to Reem. lol she is wonderful spirit!! she is such an amazing photographer. check out her portfolio.

IG: @reem.eissa.photo

FB:Reem Eissa Photography


walk like i talk it.

push forward.