Burgundy Striped Pants

In light of New York Fashion Week, we are in full swing of the new fall fashion trends and style. I have to say I am little sad because yet again I miss out on the fun filled weekend ! The CURVYcon and the NYFW! Man my feed on Instagram was going nuts! However when life gives you lemons make lemonade. So I decided to have a little curvy and NYFW fun on my own on budget. So let dive right into this this fit.

Everyday is Fashion Show and the World is your Runway

-Coco Chanel

My outfit alone cost me only $20 bucks… wanna know how ?So first, put into practice shopping my closet. My funds were a bit low so I started looking for fall inspire fashion in my closest.  I found a few things but not a lot of things that I though that were blog worthy. Gotta get creative! So next…You already know I went to my favorite store to see if I can score a win. I also took some time out to visit the local Goodwill. I got a few cool purses !


My Outfit Deets….

While I was in Forever21  I came across these Belted Burgundy striped pants featured in the pictures. I would describe these jeans, all over stripe design high rise pants. These pants have a concealed side zip closure and my favorite of the pants is the removable faux leather belt.  The kick out of it is that these pants only cost me $17.  Such a good deal ! If you know me I am fan of clothes that can be worn up and down. If you want you can casual where these pants with a graphic tees and gym shoes. If you want you can where these pants at work or wear them out on the town. I absolutely love the fit of pants. They fit my frame very well and have nice woven feel to them.

So I paired these striped pants with grey structured sweater with flare sleeves. I also got this $4 studded fanny pack from the Goodwill . This fanny pack went really well with my triple buckle ankle boots. Silver is another know fall fashion trend so I guess you can say I was testing out

Grey High Neck  StructuredSweater **Old**

Burgundy Striped High Rise Pants// Forever21  **On Sale* (Similar)

Triple Buckle Ankle Boots// Forever21 **old** (Similar)

Studded Belted Fanny Pack // Goodwill


little sidenote:

there is light always at the end of the tunnel. sometimes we dig ourselves a hole that we do not know how we are gonna get out.  or sometimes other things can be to hard to bare. i am experiencing this currently i am not sure what to do as of now. but i am here to say that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. whatever it is that your going through.. the best way to get past it something is to go through it.  yes it is so hard but you have to do what you feel is right. when your going through something my mom always told me to have a clear head when making tough decisions. i also said that you should talk to someone that you trust. whatever it that you may be going through is that you are going to make it. also don’t beat yourself up with whatever decision you make, a good friend told me that. 

Grow Through What You Go Through



Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: My mom is the best !!

What are you enjoying so far about NYFW ?

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push forward.



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