What’s In My Make Up Bag? | Béis Travel Cosmetic Case

So few weeks ago I finally splurged on a Beis Travel cosmetic case. I’ve been considering purchasing this for quite some time- finally I have it in my possession and I am obsessed with it. The beige color is beautiful however the best features of this makeup bag are the compact mirror, detachable double sided brush holders, and it is spill-proof ! This case is perfect, OKAY! I’ve became very obsessed with makeup when I started my blog. My collection grew and became very chaotic over past 4 years of blogging. I learn very fast, as blogger I have to learn to do a lot of things on my own, such as makeup. I could not, and still can not afford a makeup artist for my shoots. So my makeup collection is huge from watching makeup tutorials and many trial and errors! This cosmetic case helps me organize my collection for everyday use and travel. Everything I use on daily basis is in my case and everything is organize nicely on my vanity. On today’s post I am going to share my essentials, my holy grails, and all the makeup go-to. WHAT’S IN MY MAKEUP BAG PRIMER This is newbie to …

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