Chapter 3… March Goals

Chapter 3… March Goals

It is that time again, a new month… time to start fresh. I always feel so much joy when a new month starts. February went very well. I met a lot of great people,  stuck to my blog goals, and finally I was able to participate in group photo shoot. Call this Cardi B growth! I got the ball rolling and cross thing off my to-do list.  Honestly, I feel like February was the month were a lot of doors open up for me. So thankful!!

So yes it is March and I am ready to get this party started right. Yes more daylight and sunny days !! Good mood approved.  I like to say that March is the month for women.  International Women Days is on it way, so I feel it right that this month we focus on well-being for the working women. More self-care, more fashion tips… all those good things that have us at out best. I stress time and time again,  that women do so much for other people however we have nothing left for ourselves. So we need to change that. How can we be more whole? Overall I just want us sis, to be better.

On the flip side, I am thrilled to announce the brand new ”The Gals Club” Podcast! We have been doing so well that I have to share it on my platform.  I am 1 out 4 co-host and we go live every Thursday at 7pm. If you want to listen to the last 4 episodes you can check us out on  In addition download the SMD Live app to listen as well. You also can click the The Gals Club avatar on the right had side of my website, underneath the Quote of the Week!

Fashion Note

I love March because the stores start swapping out winter clothes for spring fashions. Yes honey, put away all your dark colors. It time to trade them in for bright neon colors, or dusty pastels & neutrals, yellows, and different hues of pink. I am all for it. Finally the magazines are giving the full tea on Spring time fashion. According to March issue of Harper Bazaar & Instyle magazines the spring fashion styles to keep an eye on are pleated midi skirts, beyond basic trench coats, tie dye, belted purses,  statement pendents,  and straw bags.

To spruce up your spring fashion get confident with playing with different textiles and textures. Crochet, fish net, fringes, and cascading ruffles were all up and down the New York Fashion Week runway! If you are a trendy girl then you might like the  minimalist safari cargo looks , short and sweet dresses,  or saved by the bell themes. All on the trend report according to Instyle Mag.

For myself I want to play with bright neon color, and light dusty pastel color. I am not sure how I am going to do but it doing to be done. Just keep an eye on my different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter I always showcase a lot of outfits first on those platforms.

Blog Note

Like I was saying before. I have dubbed March for the ladies.  This month I want to focus tailor my focus on the well-being for woman. Making sure we treat ourselves kind, living a stress free life, being intentional and happy. So this month is for you sis!

I am so excited announce that I am a new brand ambassador for Not Sorry Apparel. I was so happy when they reached out to me letting me know that my application was accepted. So keep an eye out, I will definitely share more about the brand.  Also I have a lot a great content planned for this month ladies. I am so excited to share!

Personal Note/ Goal

February was a great vibe however I want to elevate! I want to come out at the end even better. So this month I want to focus on calm. I have remember to speak to myself and tell me that I am okay. My anxiety makes me so anxious something to the point that I am super squirrelly. So I have to remind myself to CALM down! Mediate and vibrate on high frequency. If I am not at my best then everything around me,  falls.  So my personal goals are:

  1. Keep Calm
  2. Drink more water
  3. Building more relationships Reach out and nurture those relationships
  4. Continue to keep going with blogging plans & stay organize
  5. Deep clean my apartment
  6. Think positive


What are you looking forward too in March? What fashion styles are you here for? What trends do you want to go away?

Share with me in the comment section.

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push forward.


The Year of the Woman & Spring Fashion- Its March !

The Year of the Woman & Spring Fashion- Its March !

I made it yall February was definitely a month that really tested my faith, my patience, all of it.  I had a lot of plans last month and really nothing went the way I wanted it to. So many plans things that I wanted to do but it just did not happen…. and it happens. For March I plan to be really on it ! Positive side to February  I’ve been fasting and I have been doing consistently. Drinking more water ! Also an awesome achievement that I will discuss later on in the month… 

March we have so much to look forward too. Like its Women’s History Month! Definitely going to give you Black Girl Magic this month ! This month I want to focus on getting my home together. Cleaning, Organizing, making my space likable again. So this is definitely going to help me with self care. Nutrition is key. I want to literally feel good this month.  Super excited for…………………………..SPRING TIME FASHION! 

timelapse spring GIF
Credit: Giphy


You got your magazines for the spring fashion! I got all my magazines for the spring fashion and I am all the way here for it. I want to be a bit more daring when it comes to fashun! . Yes InStyle, Essence, Harper Bazaar got me all the way right.  I am so ready to try out some new styles that I normally don’t do. Of course I have to stay true to me but spicy things up never hurt anybody.

Mixed Prints, Transparent looks, Bright colors, pastels ! This is what I want to bring to FashionLayn this month. So I am going to be committed to bring this to you girl ! Also, I think I want to splurge a bit this month. In January I talk about in investment pieces.   I want to invest in a nice pair of jeans that I know are going to last me for a while.

Stay tuned I got a lot of stuff I want to offer and lot of growing up I want to do when it comes to fashion sense. I can not wait to show you how I styled these checker pants in the picture!



This month on the blog I really want to focus on spring fashion and it being women’s history month.  So yes womanhood it is…. that going to be the topic of the discuss for the month. So really I need to reach out to my blogger friend and we need to get some collaborations going.  Lol how do my ovaries make you uncomfortable…. LOL no but serious! Since February was so hectic I still plan to highlight black women. In addition, maybe showcase women own business in the city. That always cool to. SO yes that the plan this month and I’m sticking to it.



Personally this month I want to clean up my space. Clean space represents a clear mind and my mind is running all over the place. As I blog more and get more into fashion I learn that having a clean space is key to feeling at home. I haven’t felt like my apartment is my home. So with self care, we are going to discuss cleaning up our shit !  We have to do it sis.  Its one of my goals.

  1. Yes goal one is to clean up my shit.  My shit meaning my home space
  2. Follow through on my actually plan.
  3. Continue my intermittent fast
  4. Continue to patronize black businesses
  5. Apply for a new job.


So yes I have a lot of stuff that I want to accomplish this month when it comes myself, fashion, and the blog. I definitely not going to beat myself this month if I do not accomplish everything I set my mind on but I have to hold myself accountable. However, I learned at the end of February that I need to follow through with my plan. No more shortcuts. So lets stay focus and execute on our plan ladies.

push forward and you will see me in my next post.



Location: Detroit, MI

Photographer: Alayna– ME 🙂