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March First…

Happy Monday everyone! How was the month of February for you? Did you enjoy your extra day? Well the month of February treated me pretty good. On today’s post I am reflecting, sharing my personal goals, latest fashion style & trends, and a brief blog note for the month of March.

For me, February seem like it was the longest month ever. It was good but certainly long. Fashion wise I tried some new brands; those pieces were great. On the blog tip, it was the one of the most successful blog months I had.  And personally, I was a social butterfly. I went on date. Hehe lol. Overall it was a great month and I was not sweating over the small stuff, just living life. 

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So the month of March  is going to be lit. I am being intentional and speaking positivity into the universe. To add to the “lituation” it is Women’s History Month.  Yass sis. What a time to be a woman;  a black woman at that.  Let the month of March commence. Yet again, I have some great content plan, and fashion on the horizon. Let’s go March.

Fashion Note

It is time to usher in the spring season. (If the weather will let us be great). The weather is trying to break and I am so ready to dive in deeper into spring fashion.

For the month of March I want to try out some styles I never tried before. The goal is the elevate my look. I want to try this month, the safari like khaki trend or full ensemble of leather goods. These looks have been definitely showing up in the magazines. What style or trends are you looking forward to trying?

Since I don’t like to spend a lot on trends, I will be give my coins to Shein, online store full of inexpensive trends. Hmm, I might try out another new brand. Stay tune I will definitely share.

Fashion Report

According to March issues of InStyle & Harper’s Bazaar

  • Head to toe pastel
  • Dramatic floral print dress featuring puff sleeves
  • White sneakers
  • Polka dot or Houndstooth prints
  • Trench Coats- try to play with different textures or colors
  • High shine fabrics: satin skirts, blouses, or shorts
  • Leathers: tailored jackets, or day to night leather dresses
  • Safari inspired glam
  • short set suits

What trends or styles are you looking forward to?

Blog Note

Out of all the months and years of me blogging, this February has certainly been a good month. I had so many views, likes, and shares. The overwhelming support and love has my heart so full. Thank you so much. I truly love what I do. Anyway the goal is get back to pitching brands, and reworking my strategies.

Speaking of what I do, on the blog this month I plan to share more spring fashion trends and style. Alongside fashion, I want to share bit of home lifestyle. March is the time I do a lot of redecorating, and organizing.  Let me know if you want to see in regards to home organizing? Of course it is Women’s History Month, I want to touch on more personal topic in regards to being a black women and such. Being a women in general is tough, however to be black woman….. you catch my drift.

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Personal Note/ Goals

On the personal side of things, ……hmm I can’t complain. For the most of February I have been in good mood. I can say things have been going my way. If things were not going my way, I did not have too much to say about it.

I have rejoin a new dating app. So far it has been good. Quite funny and entertaining at the same time. To be honest, it has been a bit of confidence booster for me social. I don’t really do well with communication, especially with men. During this time I work on how I speak to men. I learning to not be on the defense all the time. Over all my skill level has definitely been tested. Socially I am doing pretty good. Casual dating, simply just enjoying the company of others. Have you tried a dating app? If so which one. Let me know.

This month I want to keep positivity flowing and going. Earlier, I touched on being more intentional. It is something I struggle bit, because I am such a go with the flow for the day. It is kind of hard for me to be discipline when it comes to being intentional. Well the plan is to improve. Get a good start on my day, by having a mourning routine.  If you want to learn more about my mourning routine let me know? This leads me to my monthly goals

In March my goals are…
  1. Commit to my morning routine I set aside for myself by waking up by 5:00am
  2. Each 2 serving of fruit everyday, especially in the morning.
  3. Drink 64oz of water everyday
  4. Continue to commit to my celibacy journey
  5. Read “Hood Feminism” by Mikki Kendall from cover to cover.

What are some of your March goals?

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Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk about sis!! I hope the month of March is an amazing month for you.

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push forward.


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