Summer Monochromatic Style

“We on da River wit it”…. LOL just a little Detroit humor.  Recently I was on the Detroit Riverfront  soaking up the sun. Omg the weather was amazing this day I was so happy that I was able to shot. This moment was so full circle for tMalaika (photographer) and myself. A few months back we were taking  pictures on the riverfront, however it was kinda cold, the lake was frozen over, and it was a muddy mess. We finally made it back around to riverfront to capture these amazing photos. This time around we were shooting for my new website launch. I came up with this cute monochromatic look that went so well with the riverfront. On today’s post I will be sharing with you all, how I put together this monochromatic outfit for the summer. August is near and it time to make the last of summer weather count. I am giving y’all timeless classic pieces hear.  Okay ! So proud of this look that I put together. Most of yall know I really don’t have a plan when in mind when I come up with my looks. I just do it.  Well this time I had a …

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