How To Stop Taking Things Personally? |For the Highly Sensitive Person

Most people know that I am highly sensitive/empath.  So you would not be surprise that I often take things PERSONALLY , even the small things.  Let me tell you I dealt with some triggering stuff and took it straight to heart. How can I stop taking things so personally? Those that have strong personalities can make me feel bad in an instant. Sometimes I misread into a joke and take it as an insults.  A simple critique can make me feel worthless. I rush to conclusions and the next thing I know I am a sobbing mess. I am highly sensitive and those that are highly sensitive process information very deeply and intensely. If you want to hear more about me being a highly sensitive person click here. Know this words really matter to us. This is a part of me however over the years I  have been working with my emotional response and how I process information. Taking things personally is often times left me emotionally drained and constantly seeking out  for reassurance. Does this sound like you? Do you take things personally? On today’s blog post I am going to being sharing a few tips on how now …

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