How To Stop Taking Things Personally? |For the Highly Sensitive Person

Most people know that I am highly sensitive/empath.  So you would not be surprise that I often take things PERSONALLY , even the small things.  Let me tell you I dealt with some triggering stuff and took it straight to heart. How can I stop taking things so personally?

Those that have strong personalities can make me feel bad in an instant. Sometimes I misread into a joke and take it as an insults.  A simple critique can make me feel worthless. I rush to conclusions and the next thing I know I am a sobbing mess. I am highly sensitive and those that are highly sensitive process information very deeply and intensely. If you want to hear more about me being a highly sensitive person click here. Know this words really matter to us. This is a part of me however over the years I  have been working with my emotional response and how I process information.

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Taking things personally is often times left me emotionally drained and constantly seeking out  for reassurance. Does this sound like you? Do you take things personally? On today’s blog post I am going to being sharing a few tips on how now to take things so personally!

(Disclaimer: Please understand this is coming from my very own perspective. I am not an expert, however I am just sharing a few tips that I learn over the years. )

  • Stop Worrying About What Others Think: You can not control how others think. PERIOD! Also take this note with you: One person opinions should not stop your growth. Value and care about your own opinion of yourself and that should stop your worrying.
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  • Get to the root of your reaction: Writing out your feelings. Dump them all out on paper can help you under what is going on and your feelings better. Ask yourself “Why do I take things so personally“? Let it all go on the paper
  • Self Confidence/ Know Your Worth: Stop being so judgmental of yourself! Remember who you are and all the things that you are good! You are awesome and don’t let anyone’s opinion reduce/ tear you down.
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  • Don’t jump to conclusion so quickly: Take a step back and reset.  Those that are highly sensitive tend to make small situations into a big drama. Before you reaction take a  few minutes to cool down. In some scenario I take a day to process and come back to the table. That time allows me to talk to my mom or others that are not so emotionally as me.
    • Try not to follow the “knee jerk” reaction: Before you reach take a step back and reset. Try not to lead with your first reaction: which often times is defense, crying, anger… emotional mess. Remember you are in control of your self and your emotions. Try to come from a place of understanding.
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  • Speak up or ask for clarifications: As a highly sensitive person, I have the tendency to make up a whole drama in my head just off how someone respond to me, differently. For example, my friends my be happy one day and totally respond to me differently the next day. I automatically ask, in my head, “Did I do something wrong?”  So that leads me to say, get comfortable and speak up. If you feel negatively about something try and gain some clarification on the situation at hand. Remember to come from a place of caring and understand, not accusing !
  • Understand that everyone has triggers too: People react based off their own experiences.  Note: Everything is not always about you, personally. We all get triggers by something that can make us reaction in a certain way.

“Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.”

  • LET IT GO! When you have taken all these thing into consideration… please breathe and let it go.
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Do you take things personally? Why? If so, how do you cope with taking things personally?

Share with me in the comment section. Let’s talk sis! Let me know your thoughts on taking things personally!

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  • Excellent article. I agree. When I was younger I would take things personally. When I got older I realized that things just happen. Overthinking can really have you super emotional. I just learned to breathe deeply. It’s not always about you. If someone didn’t speak to you today, maybe they were busy or maybe they don’t want to speak. It is what it is. Like you said, know your self worth and you will be fine 🙂

  • I am a sensitive person as well and have my daughter tell it, I can dish it out but cannot take it! Anyway, from one highly-sensitive woman to another, great for you to find ways to deal and handle properly.

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